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A macabre example of Frances Glessner Lee's dollhouse dioramas of unexplained deaths.

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Last Updated Jan 14, 2018 11:03 AM EST

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HEADLINES: False missile warning panics Hawaiians (Video)
For 38 agonizing minutes, people in Hawaii believed the unthinkable was happening Saturday morning, when an alert about an incoming ballistic missile was broadcast across the state. It was an error, but one that caused widespread panic and confusion. David Begnaud reports.

Drawing the lines on gerrymandering | Watch Video
Mo Rocca reports on the history and controversy surrounding the re-drawing of political boundaries for partisan gain.

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 "Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite" | Watch Video
On January 14, 1973, the world's first live satellite concert by a solo artist, featuring The King, was broadcast from Honolulu. Jane Pauley reports.

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A bloody bedroom scene, one diorama in Frances Glessner Lee's Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death.

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ART: Dollhouse crime scenes | Watch Video
Determining the cause of death is never child's play - even with these dollhouse-like training tools. Erin Moriarty reports on the intricate dioramas of death created by Frances Glessner Lee, a woman intrigued by unsolved murders, who assembled tiny laboratories of forensic investigation, now on display at the Smithsonian in Washington.

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Actress Sharon Stone.

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TELEVISION: Sharon Stone's second chance | Watch Video
Lee Cowan profiles the actress, who has bounced back from a near-fatal brain hemorrhage to star in a new HBO mini-series, "Mosaic."

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 This week's non-fiction bestsellers


Just to the west of the International Date Line is Wake Atoll. 

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ISLAND-HOPPING: Wake Island | Watch Video
The dawn's earliest light -- the first rays of sun on U.S. soil -- shine upon Wake Island. Conor Knighton reports from the Pacific atoll where America's day REALLY begins.

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 A second honeymoon (Video)
Sixty years ago, Reverend Gilbert Caldwell and his wife, Grace, were confronted with an ugly example of racism on their honeymoon, when they were prevented from staying at a resort in the Poconos. Today Rev. Caldwell speaks about the civil rights movement, and his personal story touched a group of New Jersey schoolchildren, who set about making things right. Steve Hartman reports. 

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Oprah Winfrey moderates a panel discussing the Time's Up campaign, including (clockwise from top left) attorney Nina Shaw, actresses Tracee Ellis Ross and Reese Witherspoon, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, producer Shonda Rhimes, and actresses America Ferrera and Natalie Portman.

CBS News

#METOO:  Oprah Winfrey on the Time's Up movement | Watch Video
Earlier this week Oprah Winfrey, a special contributing correspondent for CBS' "Sunday Morning," moderated a panel of Hollywood luminaries to discuss the Time's Up movement. She hosted a discussion featuring actresses Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman, Tracee Ellis Ross and American Ferrera; Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy; "Scandal" producer Shonda Rhimes; and entertainment attorney Nina Shaw.

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Nancy Giles has a plethora of exercise and weight-loss gizmos. 

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NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS: Nancy Giles on exercise gizmos (Video)
It's that time of year when many of us resolve to get in better shape. "Sunday Morning" contributor Nancy Giles is one such hopeful, and she has a closet full of exercise and weight-loss gizmos hawked on TV to try to get her there. How helpful are they? Well, they're all packed in the closet…

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COMMENTARY: Faith Salie on when POTUS uses "$#!?hole" language | Watch Video
Faith Salie on what happens when the President of the United States uses language best scrawled on a bathroom stall.

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 Week of January 15 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports.

 Volcanoes National Park (Extended Video)
We leave you this Sunday Morning far from the winter cold, at Volcanoes National Park on the big island of Hawaii. Videographer: Jamie McDonald.  



Christmas Bird Count

Birders in Vermont take part in the National Audubon Society's annual Christmas Bird Count.

Toby Talbot/AP

NATURE UP CLOSE: The Christmas Bird Count
Begun in 1900 by the National Audubon Society, the longest-running community science project in the U.S. conducts an annual census of bird species.



 Measuring Colorado's "great experiment" with marijuana | Watch Video
In 2012, when Colorado voters passed Amendment 64, legalizing pot for recreational use was called "The Great Experiment." Five years later, recreational pot is now legal in eight states plus the District of Columbia, while 22 other states now allow sales of marijuana for medical use. But anti-marijuana advocates -- including U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions -- are pushing back against more permissive state laws. Barry Petersen looks at how that "Great Experiment" is working out.  

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 Fannie Farmer | Watch Video
On January 7, 1896, her "Boston Cooking-School Cook Book" was published, inspiring generations of cooks. Jane Pauley reports. 

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Detail from "The Lacemaker" (c. 1670-71) by Johannes Vermeer. Oil on canvas on panel.

Musée du Louvre, Département des Peintures, Paris

ART: Vermeer and the Dutch Masters who influenced him | Watch Video
Rita Braver tours an exhibition at Washington's National Gallery of Art featuring works by Vermeer and other Dutch Masters.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: From 1996: A landmark Vermeer exhibition (Video)
"Sunday Morning" visited the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., to view a rare showing of paintings by Johannes Vermeer - approximately two-thirds of the 17th century artist's surviving works. Curator Arthur Wheelock explained his long fascination with Vermeer and the Dutch Master's stylistic innovations. Host Charles Osgood reports. (Originally broadcast on January 10, 1996.)

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Greta Gerwig on directing: "It's the best feeling in the world" | Watch Video
Tony Dokoupil profiles the actress, whose new film as writer-director, "Lady Bird," is one of the most critically-acclaimed of the year.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Greta Gerwig on facing rejection, and realizing films
Writer-director Greta Gerwig ("Lady Bird") talks with correspondent Tony Dokoupil about the rejections she faced when she applied to school and universities, and how she maintains a sense of purpose in her filmmaking.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Greta Gerwig on why she fell in love with Barnard College
Writer-director Greta Gerwig ("Lady Bird") describes to correspondent Tony Dokoupil how she found the school she wanted to attend, Barnard College in New York City.

To watch a trailer for "Lady Bird" click on the video player below.

Lady Bird | Official Trailer HD | A24 by A24 on YouTube

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The freezing "bomb cyclone" (Video)
The meteorological term for the East's misery this past week -- "Bombogenesis" -- brought ice-cold weather, fiercely-blowing snow and misery to air travelers from Georgia to Maine. (Happy New Year!) Jane Pauley reports. 


Examples of Barbour's coats, suitable for English weather, wherever.

CBS News

FASHION: Coat tales: A tradition of Barbour outerwear | Watch Video
They're a British tradition, as common as soggy weather -- raincoats fit for a Queen, or for 007. Martha Teichner visits the Barbour factory in Northern England and their "museum" of classic rainwear.

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HARTMAN: Teacher's life-saving gift to a student (Video)
A good teacher will do almost anything for a student, but few have gone so far as Donna Hoagland, a teacher at Marsh Pointe Elementary in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., who helped one student's family by giving of herself in the most unselfish way. Steve Hartman reports. 


Correspondent Lee Cowan joins actor John Lithgow on the New York stage.

CBS News

STAGE: John Lithgow on the love that was basis for "Stories By Heart" | Watch Video
Lee Cowan interviews the Emmy-, Tony- and Golden Globe-winning actor, now on Broadway in "John Lithgow: Stories By Heart."

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NEWS: The Golden Gate Bridge to get a suicide net | Watch Video
The Golden Gate Bridge, a beautiful landmark in San Francisco Bay, has an ugly side. Nearly 1,700 have committed suicide from the bridge since its opening in 1938. Last year, 39 people jumped.  But that toll may be coming to an end.  Families and loved ones of those who took their own lives -- as well as those who tried to commit suicide but survived -- have won their fight to have a safety net erected on the bridge. John Blackstone reports.

(If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please call a trained counselor at National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK [8255].)  

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OPINION: Vivian Howard on the goodness of broths | Watch Video
Vivian Howard, star of PBS' "A Chef's Life," says every culture has a recipe with curative powers.

RECIPE: Vivian Howard's Black Silkie Chicken Soup
The host of PBS' "A Chef's Life" offers her take on a traditional curative broth.

RECIPE: Stewed Collards with Ham Hock in Potlikker
Chef Vivian Howard offers a family favorite that nourishes and satisfies, slurp for slurp.

RECIPE: Benny's Matzo Ball Soup
A favorite recipe for a traditional dish, courtesy of chef and restaurateur Vivian Howard, star of PBS' "A Chef's Life."

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 Week of January 8 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports.

 Birds in Pennsylvania (Video)

We leave you this Sunday Morning outside Erie, Pennsylvania, where birds of a feather are riding out the storm. Videographer: Carl Mrozek.


A look ahead at 2018
CBS News correspondents around the world look at what we can expect in 2018, and how the events of 2017 have shaped what is to come.

What's next in Washington? | Watch Video
CBS News National Correspondent Chip Reid on the challenges President Trump and Republicans face in the coming year.

What's next for Russia and the U.K.? | Watch Video
CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer on Putin's upcoming election, and Britain's troublesome "Brexit."

What's next for the Middle East and Europe? | Watch Video
CBS News correspondent Seth Doane on the prospects for diplomacy, and the rise of populist, far-right and separatist movements.

What's next for Asia? | Watch Video
CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy on the North Korean nuclear crisis that looms on the horizon.

Top news stories of 2017, month-by-month | Watch Video
Jane Pauley has a recap of some of the year's biggest news stories.


The makers of Hangar 1's Fog Point Vodka literally coax water out of thin air.

CBS News

SPIRITS: Distilling vodka from San Francisco's fog | Watch Video
Just in time for a New Year's toast, Lee Cowan tells us about vodka made from fog. Here's to you, San Francisco!

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The top books of 2017 | Watch Video


James Franco with correspondent Tony Dokoupil.

CBS News

SUNDAY PROFILE: "Disaster Artist" star James Franco on finding a work-life balance | Watch Video
Correspondent Tony Dokoupil catches up with the actor, currently starring in the film "The Disaster Artist."

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The top music of 2017 | Watch Video

HEALTH: The rise of "gaming disorder" (Video)
The World Health Organization is poised to list "gaming disorder" - the point at which playing video games takes precedence over other life interests and daily activities - as an official human malady. Jane Pauley reports.     

The top online stats of 2017 | Watch Video

CBS News

THE YEAR IN REVIEWHail and farewell to those we lost in 2017 | Watch VideoJane Pauley looks back at the lives and accomplishments of the people we lost in the year gone by.

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The top movies of 2017 | Watch Video

 Faith Salie on how art can help shape our New Year's resolutions | Watch Video
At the end of another breathless year, the "Sunday Morning" contributor takes stock in the meaning of mistakes and repairing one's self.

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The top TV of 2017 | Watch Video

Sequoias (Video)
We leave you this last Sunday Morning of 2017 in King's Canyon National Park in California ... among towering sequoias many hundreds of years old. Videographer: Jamie McDonald.



A Piney Woods Christmas
In southeast Texas, species diversity makes up for lack of a snow at the holidays.  

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