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Pandemic anniversary: Jim Gaffigan marks one year of lockdown

Jim Gaffigan marks one year of lockdown
Jim Gaffigan marks one year of lockdown 02:32

My anniversary is coming up, and I still haven't gotten my wife anything. I know, I know, I'm horrible! But how do you celebrate a full year of living with the Coronavirus

Comedian Jim Gaffigan ponders the perfect anniversary gift, to mark the passing of a year in which time did NOT fly by. CBS News

I guess inviting friends for a party is not a good idea. 

Should I give my wife a mask? Sweatpants? Bleach?

Can you believe we've all been living in a pandemic for a whole year? That's right, only 12 months ago we used to do strange things with friends like shake hands, or hug, or meet them for dinner without the fear of causing people to die.

Just one year. It's amazing how time really doesn't fly by.

It may have been a grueling 12 months, but I'd like to focus on the positives for a moment. 

Okay, enough of that. 

No, really, the last 12 months have been interesting, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit I've learned a couple of things:

  • I've found that cooking for my family on a nightly basis over the past year has resulted in me being still not a good cook.
  • I discovered if I don't eat a huge block of cheese and drink a half a bottle of bourbon at midnight, I won't wake up feeling horrible the next morning. I find that I have to keep discovering that lesson.
  • I've discovered that getting online groceries delivered takes longer than actually shopping for groceries in person.
  • I learned that using talk-to-text is the most efficient way to get on someone's nerves.
  • And finally, and most importantly, after spending just about every moment of every day of the past 12 months with my five children, I've learned I no longer fear that Harry Chapin song, "Cat's in the Cradle":

"When you comin' home, dad?"
"I don't know when
But we'll get together then
You know you'll have a good time then." 

Happy Anniversary, everyone!

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Story produced by Julie Kracov. Editor: Chad Cardin. Illustrations: Mitch Butler. 

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