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COVER STORY: A lost girl's diary: The hidden anguish of Alexandra Valoras | Watch Video
Teen suicide is now at a 40-year high for young women, and is the second-leading cause of death for 15- to 24-year-olds of both sexes. High school junior Alexandra Valoras, a straight-A student, class officer and robotics whiz, nonetheless felt she wasn't ever good enough; hiding her despair behind a sunny disposition to the outside world, she ended her life before her 18th birthday. Jim Axelrod talks with the young woman's parents, friends and teachers about the signs that were missed; the private journals in which the girl wrote down strikingly uncharacteristic words of pain; and how Alexandra's mom and dad are bringing a message of awareness to other students.  

If you are in crisis: Please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741.

 Nat King Cole | Watch Video
On March 17, 1919, the singer with an "unforgettable" voice was born. Jane Pauley reports. 

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Hudson Yards Vessel
The Vessel, a 150-foot-tall structure of climbable interlocking staircases, the centerpiece of the $25 billion Hudson Yards Redevelopment, is pictured on March 5, 2019 in New York. Ted Shaffrey/AP

DESIGN: Hudson Yards' Vessel: Like a park, but vertical | Watch Video
It's the centerpiece of the largest and most expensive private real estate development in American history: "Vessel," the sculpture in the middle of Hudson Yards, a new 16-building complex on the West Side of Manhattan. The honeycombed flight of fancy, made of 154 flights of stairs, was conceived by 49-year-old British designer Thomas Heatherwick, who has put his stamp on some of the most provocative buildings and public projects around the world. Anthony Mason reports.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Thomas Heatherwick's brand of provocation (5/22/16)

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"Danny Boy" by the Choral Scholars of University College, Dublin

MUSIC: Choral performance: "Danny Boy" (Video)
For St. Patrick's Day we are graced in the studio with a performance by the Choral Scholars of University College, Dublin. 

And an encore: The group performs the folk song "Bó na Leathadhairce."

"Bó na Leathadhairce" by the Choral Scholars of University College, Dublin

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 An eccentric millionaire's home that plays its own tune Watch Video
Charles Brown III left behind a mansion that was museum-worthy, from its secret passages to the more than 140 antique music-making machines that turn the 19,000-sq.-ft. Pennsylvania home into a veritable orchestra. Conor Knighton reports.

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Uhm, I think we better test these cookies. And these ... and these ... CBS News

FOOD: Behind the scenes at America's Test Kitchen | Watch Video
It's an empire built on testing new dishes and putting kitchen gadgets through their paces, using both staff chefs and food stylists, as well as 17,000 volunteer cooks from around the country to test recipes. America's Test Kitchen, based in Boston, is featured in two TV shows, magazines and books, and has built its success one meal at a time. It's paid a visit by Martha Teichner who, like their ravenous viewers, truly eats up their advice.

RECIPE: Roasted Carrots and Shallots with Chermoula, from America's Test Kitchen

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 WWII vet runs across America, again (Video)
Ernie Andrus, who served in the Navy in World War II, was celebrated back in 2016 when, at the age of 93, he became the oldest person ever to run across America, making the trip from San Diego, California all the way to St. Simons Island, Georgia. But he recently got so bored, he decided to do something even more remarkable: make the same trip again, in the other direction. Steve Hartman reports. 

  Julia Louis-Dreyfus on her final term in HBO's "Veep" | Watch Video
The HBO comedy starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the one-time Veep and accidental president enters its seventh and final season, and if there is one lesson to take from the hit show, it's that in comedy, as in life, nothing good ever comes easy. Tracy Smith talks with Louis-Dreyfus, Tony Hale, Timothy Simons, Anna Chlumsky, and show runner David Mandel about going the extra mile for laughs, even in the midst of the star's successful battle with breast cancer.

To watch a trailer for the final season of "Veep" click on the video player below. 

Veep (2019) Final Season | Official Trailer | HBO by HBO on YouTube

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  • "Veep" (HBO) returns March 31

New Zealand mass shooting (Video)
Ben Tracy has the latest on Friday's attack on two mosques in Christchurch, in which a gunman espousing white nationalist rhetoric shot dozens of Muslim men, women and children, killing at least 50 and wounding dozens more.

Delia Owens with correspondent Lee Cowan, at the author's home in Idaho. CBS News

BOOKS: Delia Owens on "Where the Crawdads Sing" | Watch Video
For the last six months "Where the Crawdads Sing" has been a fixture on The New York Times' Bestsellers List. The novel by Delia Owens is a love story, murder mystery, courtroom drama, and ode to the outdoors all in one. Lee Cowan paid a visit to Owens at her home in Idaho, and in the wilderness she loves.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Delia Owens on the inspiration for "Where the Crawdads Sing"
Novelist and animal behaviorist Delia Owens explains to correspondent Lee Owens how the inspiration for her book came from the savannas of Africa.

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 Week of March 18 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead.

 Cardinals in the snow (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes us to Loganville, Pennsylvania, where cardinals prove to be true standouts. Videographer: Brad Markel.


A view of the Grand Canyon's south side.

NATURE UP CLOSE: A Grand Canyon geology lesson
Trekking through the natural wonder is a walk through two billion years of geological history.




 No survivors in Ethiopian Airlines plane crash (VIDEO)
An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-8 Max jetliner crashed after take-off from the country's capital Sunday morning, with 157 people on board, including eight Americans. Deborah Patta reports that no one survived.  

 The crisis of rural medical care | Watch Video
Since 2010, 99 rural hospitals in the United States have closed, leaving residents in isolated communities without access to proper medical or emergency room care. The effects can be deadly, as Lee Cowan discovered meeting with residents in Nevada and Oklahoma who have witnessed their towns' only hospital close. He also visited a hospital in Kansas that took an unusual approach to profitability, and a charity whose international outreach to provide medical care in remote locations has taken a domestic turn.

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 The dot-com bubble | Watch Video
On March 10, 2000, newly-formed online companies reached stratospheric heights on the stock market, setting the stage for an Icarus-like fall. Mo Rocca reports.

Furniture maker Gavin Munro shows correspondent Liz Palmer some of the chairs he has grown. CBS News

DESIGN: Harvesting chairs: How an English craftsman shapes furniture from the ground up | Watch Video
Furniture maker Gavin Munro gently and lovingly bends Mother Nature into shape – growing, grafting and pruning trees into chairs and other decorative pieces. Elizabeth Palmer reports.

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 The Paul Manafort sentence

 The Auburn University tree killer speaks | Watch Video
In Mo Rocca's latest podcast, Harvey Updyke, Jr., a die-hard Crimson Tide fan, opens up about why he poisoned the beloved 80-year-old Toomer's oak trees on the campus of his school's rival

You can download the episode on Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayMegaphoneStitcher, or Spotify

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The Food Network star and bestselling cookbook author tells "Sunday Morning," "I'm not a famous type. CBS News

FOOD: The Pioneer Woman: Ree Drummond on food, fame and family | Watch Video
One of the most popular figures on the Food Network is Ree Drummond, who loves butter, basset hounds and Ethel Merman. The bestselling cookbook author and the figure behind the top-rated cooking show, not to mention "Pioneer Woman" magazine, tells Alina Cho, "I'm not a trained  chef … I am not a famous actress. I'm not the famous type. I really am a mom who cooks for her family." We also meet Ree's cattle-herding husband, Ladd Drummond, with whom she transformed the small town of Pawhuska, Okla., into a tourist destination.

RECIPE: Ree Drummond's Perfect Pot Roast

RECIPE: Knock-You-Naked Brownies

RECIPE: Ree Drummond's Baked Ziti

RECIPE: Cajun Chicken Pasta

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 Luke Perry and Carmine Persico (Video)
"Sunday Morning" notes the deaths of two figures this past week: actor Luke Perry, star of the fondly remembered teen TV series, "Beverly Hills, 90210"; and mob boss Carmine "The Snake" Persico, of the infamous Colombo crime family.   

 A pathogen is destroying Italy's olive trees | Watch Video
For thousands of years olive trees have sustained the Puglia region of Italy, producing 40 percent of the nation's olive oil. But now a pathogen from the New World is threatening to destroy this plant and the livelihoods of olive farmers. Seth Doane reports on efforts to halt the spread of xylella fastidiosa, which is killing olive trees by the millions.

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 Accidental encounter (Video)
In Buffalo, New York, college senior Andrew Sipowicz discovered his Ford Mustang has been damaged by a hit-and-run. But then he found a note from an 11-year-old witness who decided to make a difference. Steve Hartman reports on how a child standing up to injustice was no accident.

"Ain't Too Proud: The Life and Times of The Temptations" is a new Broadway musical that recreates the era of the legendary Motown group.  "Ain't That Proud"

MUSIC: "Ain't Too Proud": Bringing The Temptations' sounds to Broadway | Watch Video
Tracy Smith visits the cast and creators behind the new musical "Ain't Too Proud: The Life and Times of The Temptations," which recreates the music of the legendary Motown group, and talks with Otis Williams, one of the founding members of The Temptations. 

GALLERY: Fabulous portraits of the cast of "Ain't Too Proud: The Life and Times of The Temptations"
A new jukebox musical debuts on Broadway, recreating the era of the legendary Motown group. Featuring photographs by Jenny Anderson.

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"My Girl," a capalla, from "Ain't Too Proud"

WEB EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: "My Girl," a capalla, from "Ain't Too Proud"
"Ain't Too Proud: The Life and Times of The Temptations" is a new musical bringing the story of the Motown group to Broadway. In this exclusive video ahead of the wide release of the show's cast album on April 19, Jeremy Pope, James Harkness, Jawan M. Jackson, Derrick Baskin and Ephraim Sykes perform a smooth a capella version of the Temptations classic, "My Girl." 

 Confessions of a news junkie | Watch Video
Comedian Jim Gaffigan admits he is addicted to the news. But how could anyone deny the all-consuming nature of the drama, the mystery, the indictments?

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 Handcrafting books: Labors of love | Watch Video
In an age of mass-produced titles, the care with which artisans create beautiful books by hand speaks volumes. Barry Petersen reports.

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 Week of March 11 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Mo Rocca reports.

WEB EXTRA: Pie recipes for π Day!
No one is diametrically opposed to a delicious slice of pie, especially on March 14, the day celebrating pi.

 Frozen Niagara Falls (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes us to an icy Niagara Falls. 




 The Golden Age of documentary filmmaking | Watch Video
Documentary films were once treated as celluloid spinach – films that were good for you, but not considered "entertaining." But documentary filmmakers have transformed the genre with great storytelling and cinematic techniques; more documentaries are playing in mainstream theaters than ever before, and are gaining wider audiences thanks to cable and streaming services, like Netflix. Correspondent David Pogue talks with filmmakers Dan Cogan and Joe Berlinger, film programmer Thom Powers, and professor Jacqueline Reich about how recent films like "Finding Neverland" and "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" show the documentary is coming of age.

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 Schemer Charles Ponzi | Watch Video
The founding father of financial hijinks, who trapped his investors in a "musical chairs" of fraud, was born on March 3, 1882.

  Scientists prove bees can do math
A new study finds that bees can do basic arithmetic. So can monkeys, parrots and spiders.

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A hefty cheese wheel, at the World Championship Cheese Contest in Madison, Wis. CBS News

FOOD: The big cheeses come out at the World Championship Cheese Contest | Watch Video
Marieke and Rolf Penterman are Wisconsin dairy farmers who had a dream: produce a world-class gouda cheese. Beginning in 2006, their award-winning cheeses have brought them to the pinnacle of competition: The World Championship Cheese Contest in Madison, Wis., where more than 3,400 entrants from 27 countries competed in 121 categories. Martha Teichner got a tasting.

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 "Saint Judy": The story of a tireless immigration lawyer's crusade for justice | Watch Video
Judy Wood is the crusading immigration lawyer who almost single-handedly changed U.S. law, to make it easier for women to seek asylum. And yet, she denies the saintly title – "Saint Judy" – that some have bestowed on her. Correspondent Lee Cowan talks with Wood about her more than 30 years practicing immigration law in Los Angeles, and with Golden Globe-nominated actress Michelle Monaghan, who is playing Wood in a new movie, "Saint Judy."

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 André Previn | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" looks back at the life of the Oscar- and Grammy-winning composer, soloist and conductor, whose musical career stretched from the recording stages of Hollywood to jazz clubs to concert halls across the globe.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: André Previn, from classical to jazz (VIDEO)
Not many musicians can make the transition from Bach to Basie gracefully. But André Previn, a child prodigy who escaped Nazi Germany and found a home in Hollywood musicals and jazz clubs, before spending decades as an orchestra conductor and musical director, returned to playing the cool, cerebral jazz that first made him famous. In this "Sunday Morning" profile that aired on February 7, 1993, Previn talked with correspondent Terence Smith about a career of boundless, and boundary-less, music.    

V0029573 Chang and Eng, conjoined twins, seated. P
Chang and Eng Bunker. in his latest "Mobituaries" podcast, Mo Rocca shares a story of grit and courage featuring the conjoined twins who became a public sensation touring America in the 19th century. Wellcome Library, London

"MOBITUARIES": Chang and Eng Bunker, the original Siamese twins | Watch Video
In his latest podcast Mo Rocca shares a story of grit and courage featuring the conjoined twins who became a public sensation touring America in the 19th century.

Listen to this week's episode of "Mobituaries." You can download the episode on Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayMegaphoneStitcher, or Spotify. New episodes are available weekly.

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 Three wishes (Video)
At a nursing home in northwest Arkansas, 11-year-old Ruby Chitsey likes to go to work with her mom, a nurse who travels to several nursing homes in the area.  And it was on one of those visits, that Ruby started going up to residents with her notepad and asking them, "If you could have any three things, what would they be?" And so started a charity called "Three Wishes for Ruby's Residents." Steve Hartman reports. 

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Actress Julianne Moore. CBS News

MOVIES:  Julianne Moore on dramatizing the immensity of a life | Watch Video
Jane Pauley profiles the Oscar-winning actress, now starring in the film "Gloria Bell," about a free-spirited divorcée who discovers romance in an L.A. dance club.

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 Taking a stand on giving up a seat | Watch Video
Humorist David Sedaris says his chivalrous attitude when offering his seat on a bus or subway has been tempered by age.

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 New York Times Bestsellers - Fiction and Non-Fiction

The mushroom cloud produced by the blast of a 25.1 kiloton nuclear test, code named Nutmeg, at Bikini Atoll in May 1958. Footage of the explosion has recently been preserved by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. LLNL

WARFARE: Nuclear explosions: Preserving images of terrifying, swift power | Watch Video
Beginning in 1945, and until atmospheric nuclear testing was banned, the United States conducted 210 above-ground nuclear tests, recorded on film. Now, footage that has survived is being preserved and studied for their scientific data, correcting the record about the physics, and destructive power, of our nuclear arsenal. David Martin reports.

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 Week of March 4 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports.

 Grand Canyon in winter (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" visits a snow-swept Grand Canyon National Park. Videographer: Phil Giriodi.


A lineup of zebras drinking from a well at Etosha National Park in northern Namibia.

NATURE UP CLOSE: Why do zebras have stripes?
Researchers try to answer an age-old question, whose answer is not exactly black-and-white.



COVER STORY: You wanna be in pictures? | Watch Video
There's perhaps never been a better time for aspiring thespians, given the demand for actors from new streaming platforms beyond movies and broadcast TV. But what does it take to become a star? Tracy Smith talks with some of Hollywood's most successful casting directors about the "It" factor they seek, and with actor-dancer George Chakiris, whose audition landed him in the cast of the film version of "West Side Story," for which he won an Academy Award.

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MOVIES: Screen tests of Hollywood legends (Video)
As long as there have been movies, there have been screen tests. "Sunday Morning" looks back at some early footage of actors who would go on to movie and TV immortality, from Charlie Chaplain giving actress Georgia Hale a tryout for his classic film "City Lights, to James Dean and Paul Newman, Marlene Dietrich and John Travolta, as well as Dustin Hoffman, testing in women's clothes for "Tootsie." 

Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury, the frontman of Queen, in "Bohemian Rhapsody." 20th Century Fox

MOVIES: "Bohemian Rhapsody": Sinking your teeth into a role | Watch Video
Given his extraordinary musical talent, it seems trite to focus on Freddie Mercury's teeth, but if you're going to make a movie about Queen's legendary frontman, that overbite can't be underestimated. Rami Malek's masterful performance in "Bohemian Rhapsody" got a lot of help from dental technician Chris Lyons, who's given actors like Meryl Streep and Tilda Swinton their chops. But when asked to re-create Mercury's formidable teeth, Lyons worried he may have bitten off more than he could chew. Lee Cowan talks with Lyons, and with make-up artist Jan Sewell and prosthetic designer Mark Coulier, about Malek's transformation.

For more info:

Karl Lagerfeld, Peter Tork and Stanley Donen | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" looks back at the careers of a giant in the fashion world, a member of the '60s band The Monkees, and a Hollywood musical master.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Karl Lagerfeld on Coco Chanel (Video)
In 1983 German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld (who died this past week at the age of 85) was given control of the label built by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel. In this "Sunday Morning" report originally aired on May 8, 2005, Lagerfeld talks with Rita Braver about the history of Chanel and her designs' "opulent simplicity," and how he sought to revive the faded brand. Braver also visits an exhibit of vintage Chanel fashions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and talks with associate curator Andrew Bolton about Coco's distinctive look. 

The Harvey Girls - wait staff at a Harvey House restaurant. Fred Harvey Company

HISTORY: How the west was won – by a restaurant chain | Watch Video
They were a staple alongside railroad lines across the United States, serving up meals to passengers in what became the first restaurant chain. Founded in 1876, Harvey Houses became renowned for the Harvey Girls, the waitresses who were said to have "tamed the American West," and which inspired a hit MGM musical starring Judy Garland and Angela Lansbury. Michelle Miller looks at the history of the Harvey Girls, whose impact was felt "On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe."

WEB EXTRA: Classic Harvey House recipes
From "The Harvey House Cookbook" come dishes served at the legendary restaurants that dotted the Atchison, Topeka and Sante Fe rail line across the American West.

For more info:

 A debt to a service dog (Video)
Christy Gardner, an Army vet, lost both her legs after an attack overseas. She got Moxie, a service dog, to help with daily tasks. But more importantly, during her darkest days, Gardner says her golden retriever was the only thing that stopped her from ending her own life. She's felt indebted to her dog ever since. And to pay back the debt she feels towards Moxie, she came up with the sweetest plan: to pay it forward. Steve Hartman reports          

 Getting houses ready for their closeup | Watch Video
Meridith Baer is a home stager, with a proven track record of taking totally empty houses on the market and dressing them up, to where they sell for far above the asking price. Alina Cho met with the home stylist whose gift is a realtor's greatest selling point.

For more info:

Workers roll out the Oscars red carpet as preparations continue for the 91st Academy Awards in Hollywood, Los Angeles
Workers roll out the Oscars' red carpet as preparations continue for the 91st Academy Awards in Hollywood, California, February 20, 2019. LUCY NICHOLSON/REUTERS

ACADEMY AWARDS:  Emcee hammered: The Oscars go on without a host | Watch Video
Comedian Jim Gaffigan has some thoughts about this year's Oscar broadcast, which will be going forth without a famous comedian or film celeb as host.

For more info: 

Actress Angie Dickinson won two Golden Globe Awards, including for her performance in the '70s crime series "Police Woman." CBS News

SUNDAY PROFILE: Frank talk with Angie Dickinson | Watch Video
Angie Dickinson's film and TV career has been a half-century-long master class in the art of seduction. Mo Rocca talked with the star of the '70s hit "Police Woman," and such classic films as "Rio Bravo" and "Dressed to Kill" about becoming an inspiration for aspiring policewomen, her relationships with such stars as Frank Sinatra and Burt Bacharach, and the #MeToo movement.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Why Angie Dickinson regrets doing "Police Woman"
For four seasons, Angie Dickinson starred as undercover cop Sgt. Pepper Anderson in the crime series "Police Woman," for which she won a Golden Globe, and inspired countless women to pursue careers in law enforcement. But as she tells correspondent Mo Rocca, she now says she regrets taking on the series.  

Ron Perlman, Everett McGill and Nicholas Kadi in the caveman epic "Quest for Fire" (1981). 20th Century Fox

"MOBITUARIES": Neanderthals, our surprising ancestors | Watch Video
New research has changed our understanding of prehistoric cavemen, who were not the brutish, howling creatures pop culture tells us they were. Preview the latest episode of Mo Rocca's podcast.

CBS News

ACADEMY AWARDS: David Edelstein's Oscar picks | Watch Video
Who will take home the gold tonight at this year's Academy Awards ceremony? Our film critic David Edelstein has his picks for who should.

ACADEMY AWARDS: Download an Oscar ballot for your office pool or party

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CALENDAR: Week of February 25 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports.

 Sea nettles in Monterey Bay (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes us to Monterey Bay in California, where Pacific sea nettles are the stars. Videographer: Lance Milbrand.


An artist with cerebral palsy

ART: An artist with cerebral palsy, and without limitations | Watch Video
With the help of facilitators, the Matheny Arts Access Program aids artists, like Ellen Kane, who live with neurological disorders that affect muscular dexterity, by bringing their artwork to life – and to the walls of Sotheby's auction house. Tom Hanson reports.

See also:

Dueling fiery-throated hummingbirds.

NATURE UP CLOSE: Hummingbirds, feathered fighters
The tiny birds have evolved to gather nectar from specific flower species, but some have also evolved bills to better attack and joust with their rivals (with video).



  The forgotten story of George Washington's love life | Watch Video
The familiar portrait of the father of our country is of the model of virtue and resolve who could not tell a lie. But author Mary Calvi says her research uncovered details about the first love of George Washington's life, the heiress Mary Philipse, one of the wealthiest women in the colonies, and how their relationship may not have ended once each of them was married to others. Jim Axelrod reports on the story behind "Dear George, Dear Mary," about the first president's first love.

READ A BOOK EXCERPT: Mary Calvi's "Dear George, Dear Mary"

For more info:

 The Armory Show | Watch Video
On February 17, 1913, a landmark New York City exhibition presented nearly 1,400 works of avant-garde art, causing a furor among critics and the public. Jane Pauley reports. 

For more info:

Don Winslow with correspondent Jeff Glor in the desert abutting the U.S.-Mexico border, an area the novelist referred to as "The Big Nowhere." CBS News

BOOKS: Don Winslow on "The Border," both literary and political | Watch Video
After two bestselling novels set along America's Southern border, author Don Winslow thought he'd exhausted the topic of the drug trafficking trade. But there is more story to tell, inspired by President Trump's controversial plan to build a wall. Winslow talks with Jeff Glor about borders – ethical, moral, political – and whether, if we cross them, we can ever cross back.

READ A BOOK EXCERPT: Don Winslow's "The Border"

For more info:

Correspondent Lee Cowan with actress Melissa McCarthy, an Oscar-nominee for the film "Can You Ever Forgive Me?," at the Iliad Bookshop in North Hollywood, Calif. CBS News

"THE ENVELOPE, PLEASE …":  Melissa McCarthy on playing a literary grifter | Watch Video
Actress Melissa McCarthy enjoys studying people, whether it's for comedic performances, riotous impersonations, or the more dramatic role for which she's been nominated for an Academy Award, playing one of the most prolific literary forgers in history in "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" Lee Cowan talked with McCarthy about her portrayal of Lee Israel, the bestselling biographer who in her later years typed her way into a life of petty crime.

For more info:

A "love nut," a product of the Coco De Mer tree, which only grows on the Seychelles Islands. CBS News

ISLAND-HOPPING: The Seychelles Islands' unique "Love Nuts" | Watch Video
The Seychelles Islands, nearly a thousand miles off the eastern coast of Africa, are known for being a honeymoon hotspot. Part of the allure is a product of the Coco De Mer tree. Called "love nuts," these seeds are rare, large (weighing up to 30 pounds), shaped like a derriere, and are said to have aphrodisiacal properties. Conor Knighton visited the Seychelles, where a love of the love nut permeates island culture.

For more info:

 A sign of the times (Video)
On Islington Road in Newton, Mass., lives two-year-old Samantha Savitz, who is deaf, but boy, does she love to talk to anyone who knows sign language. And if someone doesn't, that makes Sam just a little sad. Which led her neighbors to undertake what can only be described as a most generous community project: hiring an instructor, and fully immersing themselves in an American Sign Language class. Steve Hartman reports.

Singer Dionne Warwick. CBS News

MUSIC: Dionne Warwick: A singular voice | Watch Video
In a career spanning six decades Dionne Warwick has been a part of our lives. She still performs at 78, and has a new album coming out this year. Mo Rocca sits down with the singer famous for such classics as "Walk On By," "I'll Say a Little Prayer," "That's What Friends Are For," and "Do You Know the Way to San Jose," a song she tells Rocca she hates.

For more info:

 The unstoppable Sammy Davis Jr.
Mo Rocca's podcast explores the life and career of the man many consider the greatest entertainer of the 20th century.

You can download the episode on Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayMegaphoneStitcher, or Spotify on Friday, February 15. New episodes are available every week.

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 "Sunday Morning" remembers (Video)
"Sunday Morning" notes three intriguing figures who left us this past week: Socialite, style icon and sister of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Lee Radziwill; perennial presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche; and the Mars Opportunity Rover.

Correspondent Faith Salie with curator Valerie Steele, at a recent Fashion Institute of Technology exhibition in New York City devoted to the color pink.  CBS News

COLORS: The colorful history of pink | Watch Video
Love it or hate it, pink is the most divisive color in American society, associated with gender stereotypes that leave some seeing red. After gaining favor in Europe as the preferred color for the fashionable and aristocratic, pink became linked with notions of sugar and spice and everything nice – and that's when businesses started seeing green. Faith Salie offers a history of pink, which has actually had quite a colorful life.

For more info:

 Norman Ornstein on Trump's emergency declaration: A threat to our fundamental freedoms | Watch Video
A resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., and a contributing editor for the Atlantic, says that if the president can succeed with this voluntary state of emergency created to take funds for his border wall, he is setting the table for something much more dangerous.

For more info:

 Week of February 18 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead.

 Florida wildlife refuge (Extended Video)

"Sunday Morning" leaves us "in the pink" among the spoon bills and wood storks sharing the St. Johns National Wildlife Refuge in Florida. Videographer: Doug Jensen.WEB EXCLUSIVES: 

The head movements of birds

NATURE UP CLOSE: How birds' eyes are different from other vertebrates'
During millions of years of evolution, birds have developed many adaptations for flight, including in the avian eye.



COVER STORY: Feeling lonely? You're not alone | Watch Video
According to a recent study, nearly half of Americans now say they sometimes or always feel alone, and one in five says they rarely or never feel close to anyone. And researchers say that the more social media we use, the lonelier we are likely to be. Susan Spencer talks with a man who talked to no one for 17 years, and with doctors who say loneliness can lead to increased mortality equal to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

For more info:

They look sweet ... CBS News

LOVE STORIES: A bicycle built for two | Watch Video
Is there a secret to making a marriage go the distance? For Mel and Barbara Kornbluh, of Pittsgrove, N.J., who have been married for 47 years, there is: riding a tandem bike. 

 Rubies: The real rock stars | Watch Video
Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but blood-red gemstones are a cut above the rest. Serena Altschul examines what qualities make rubies the new gold standard for romantic gifts.

For more info:

Spike Lee on the set of "BlacKkKlansman," monitoring a dolly shot. David Lee/Focus Features

MOVIES: Spike Lee on "BlacKkKlansman," awards, and an artist's validation | Watch Video
Lesley Stahl profiles the filmmaker behind such classics as "Do the Right Thing" and "Malcolm X," whose latest film, "BlacKkKlansman," has earned him his first Oscar nomination for Best Director.

For more info:

 A boy and a dog | Watch Video
A five-year-old Oregon boy nicknamed Little Buddy and a dress-alike Australian Labradoodle named Reagan are the best of friends. Jane Pauley reports.

For more info: 

Delivery of a singing telegram.  CBS News

MUSIC: Singing telegrams | Watch Video
Singing telegrams, like from the olden days? Yes, even though the telegraph has gone the way of carbon paper, there is always a market for personal exclamations celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and congratulations, or expressing heartfelt apologies, set to music. David Pogue talks with those who deliver singing telegrams, from whom the medium is the message.

For more info:

 Remembering dad (Video)
Steve Hartman's father, George, has been featured in eight of his stories over the years, including some of his most popular. We're sad to report that, at age 92, George Hartman has passed away. His son has a tribute from the heart.

Singer Dolly Parton is being honored as the Grammys' 2019 MusiCares Person of the Year. CBS News

MUSIC: Dolly Parton: Making the most of everything | Watch Video
We've been singing along for decades with Dolly Parton, the poor girl from the Great Smoky Mountains who became the glitzy queen of country glamour. She's still at it 24/7, still writing her legacy one song at a time, without a thought for the "R" word. Tony Dokoupil talked with the entertainer, who has sold more than 100 million albums, and who is the Grammys' 2019 MusiCares Person of the Year for her charity work.

To watch Dolly Parton perform "Girl in the Movies" (from the "Dumplin'" soundtrack), click on the video player below.

Dolly Parton - Girl in the Movies (from the Dumplin' Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by DollyPartonVEVO on YouTube

For more info:

 Same-sex penguins raise a baby chick | Watch Video
True love has found a way for two male penguins at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium in Australia. Jane Pauley reports. 

For more info:

"Mobituaries": Audrey Hepburn's 1951 TV debut

PREVIEW: "Mobituaries": Mo Rocca on the enduring popularity of Audrey Hepburn | Watch Video
In her 1951 debut for American TV audiences, the actress re-enacted her wartime experience during the Nazi occupation of Holland

You can download the episode on Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayMegaphoneStitcher, or Spotify. New episodes are available every Thursday.

For more info:

Studio A at New York's Electric Lady, one of the most fabled recording studios.  Brad Stein

MUSIC: Electric Lady Studios: The "House That Hendrix Built" | Watch Video
Off 8th Street in New York's Greenwich Village, through a discreet doorway, you slip into what seems like a psychedelic space ship – a musician's Shangri-La. Only a handful of storied recording studios are left in the world. Electric Lady is one of them. On any given day, you could catch Lucius recording a new song; The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach rehearsing with his new band, The Arcs; and Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd, putting the finishing touches on his first solo album in 25 years. Anthony Mason pays a visit.

For more info:


PASSAGE: John Dingell (Video)
"Sunday Morning" remembers the longest-serving Member of Congress, Michigan Democrat John Dingell, who died this past week at age 92. Jane Pauley reports.

 Winter in New York (Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes you this winter's morning to a snow-filled landscape near Concord, New York. Videographer: Carl Mrozek. 


CBS News

CALENDAR: Week of February 11 | Watch Video
From the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show to International Childhood Cancer Day, "Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead.

Texas Parks and Wildlife fisheries biologist Margaret Stadig holds a recaptured paddlefish that was originally stocked in Caddo Lake two or three years ago. It has been implanted with an acoustic transmitter to track its movements.  Joshua DeWyse/Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.

The East Texas piney woods region is the biologically diverse home of such species as the paddlefish, the oldest animal in North America.



COVER STORY: An end to food allergies? | Watch Video
While you may have grown up without ever hearing of a food allergy, today an estimated 26 million people (including at least six million children) have one. But researchers now think they have the answer to possibly eliminating peanut allergies. How? By feeding kids peanuts early and often. Tony Dokoupil reports on a rare reversal of medical advice.

For more info:  

 Tail fins | Watch Video
On February 3, 1948, 71 years ago today, Cadillac is said to have produced its very first car featuring the tail fin. Jane Pauley reports.

A waffle iron doing what it does best at a Waffle House. CBS News

FOOD: Waffle House, the home of Southern comfort | Watch Video
Founded in 1955, the first Waffle House was just a tiny rectangular box; it has since grown to a chain of 2,000 restaurants, mostly in the South, that serve up grits, hash browns and, of course, waffles. Luke Burbank checks out the chefs who man the grill, and the customers who come at all hours, to sample the Waffle House's menu that Atlanta Magazine food critic Mara Shaloup calls "meats and starch and sugar and butter and grease and everything that's comforting and wonderful."

For more info:

Modern technology was used by Factum Arte to reproduce the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Seti I, which dates to the 13th century BC. CBS News

ART: Factum Arte, where high-tech meets timeless craft | Watch Video
In a Madrid workshop, the staff of Factum Arte uses scans of archaeological masterpieces to create exacting facsimiles that have both the look and feel of the originals. Seth Doane talks with Adam Lowe, who sees the Factum Foundation's work as crucial to the preservation of ancient treasures, such as the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Seti I.

For more info:

Hey, "Serena," how do you get to Sesame Street?  CBS News

TELEVISION: Sunny days on "Sesame Street" | Watch Video
The eyes and ears of millions of children are in good hands with the puppeteers of "Sesame Street," which will soon mark its 50th anniversary on TV. Serena Altschul shows us how to get to Sesame Street, and meets some of the people who are using the power of television to teach young children their ABCs and 123s, as well as the power of bring kinder.

For more info:

 Mister Mayor (Video)
By age 11, Jermaine Wilson, of Leavenworth, Kansas, was a drug user. He would later spend time in juvenile detention, and by 21 he was convicted of drug dealing. Wilson realized that his options at the maximum-security wing at Lansing Correctional were limited, and decided to turn his life around – in a most remarkable way. After prison, he became a community activist, paving the way for a political run. Steve Hartman talked with Mayor Jermaine Wilson, of Leavenworth, Kansas.

Character actor Sam Elliott, an Oscar nominee, finally, for "A Star Is Born." CBS News

MOVIES: It's Sam Elliott season | Watch Video
Martha Teichner interviews the veteran actor, nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in "A Star Is Born."

For more info:

Inside the control room of a CBS NFL football broadcast. CBS News

SUPER BOWL LIII: Let's go to the instant replay: A quick look behind the scenes | Watch Video
The first instant replay was broadcast by CBS during the 1963 Army-Navy game.  Since then, instant replays have transformed sports on TV, ratcheting up the drama, and giving fans a much better understanding of the games they watched (as well as letting fans second-guess officials). Correspondent Brook Silva-Braga goes behind the scenes with the team that will be bringing you all of the Super Bowl's best moments, again. 

CBS NEWS POLL: Football fans divided on use of instant replay

For more info:

 James Ingram

MOBITUARIES: "Forgotten Forerunners" (Video)
They made history. So, why don't we know their names? Mo Rocca shares the stories of trailblazers in this preview of his latest episode of the podcast "Mobituaries." 

 Linda Ronstadt: A voice from the past | Watch Video
In a revealing interview the legendary singer-songwriter opens up to Tracy Smith about her career, the loss of her singing voice, and living with Parkinson's. Linda Ronstadt talks as we see the release of her first-ever live album, "Linda Ronstadt Live in Hollywood," which presents previously unreleased recordings from her celebrated 1980 HBO special, recorded at Television Center Studios in Hollywood. 

To watch Linda Ronstadt perform "You're No Good," as heard in her new album, click on the video player below. 

Linda Ronstadt - You're No Good (Live In Hollywood 1980) by RHINO on YouTube

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Linda Ronstadt on her legacy (VIDEO)
In an interview to air on "Sunday Morning" February 3, singer Linda Ronstadt talks with Tracy Smith about her catalogue of songs, some of which she holds in less than high regard.

For more info: 

Super Bowl preview (Video)
CBS Sports' James Brown, Bill Cowher, Phil Simms, Boomer Esiason and Nate Burleson bring you their prognostications about tonight's matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots for the 2019 NFL championship. Be sure to watch Super Bowl LIII Sunday, Feb. 3 on CBS!

For more info:

 Week of February 4 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports.

 Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge | Watch Extended Video
"Sunday Morning" takes you to a refuge for migratory birds and breeding ground for other wildlife in Georgia, with footage by videographer Charles Schultz.


From 2010: Playing "Le Football" in France

FROM 2010: Playing "Le Football" in France (Video)
How far does the appeal of American football reach? Farther than you might think! Just ask "Our Man in Paris," David Turecamo, who introduces us to American college and NFL players and their Gallic counterparts bringing their A-Game to the gridiron on the outskirts of Paris. (Originally broadcast on "Sunday Morning" February 7, 2010.)

FROM 2014:
 Buffalo, birthplace of the chicken wing (Video)
You can't watch a big game without snacks, so Mo Rocca samples some chicken wings in the place that started the craze.

FROM 2014:
 Salsa: A Super Bowl delicacy (Video)
Mo Rocca continues his excursion into Super Bowl snacks with salsa, and learns the basics of preparing this favorite bar food.

The unique molecular qualities of a hydrogen-oxygen bond allow for water to exist in several different states.

NATURE UP CLOSE: Water, and life as we know it



A LOOK BACK: A history of "Sunday Morning" (Video)
Jane Pauley looks back at the very beginning of "Sunday Morning" in 1979, and how over the last four decades the broadcast has stayed true to Charles Kuralt's vision – traveling the back roads, taking our audience places and showing them things they wouldn't see anywhere else on television, to make sure "gentler subjects" get their due.

 The roads less traveled | Watch Video
For 40 years, "Sunday Morning" correspondents have meandered from exotic destinations and out-of-the-way places to our own backyards. Lee Cowan takes on a Sunday Drive through the past.

 The musicians of "Sunday Morning" (Video)
We take a moment to re-visit some of the countless musical stars that "Sunday Morning" has profiled over the years.

In 2004 trumpeter Wynton Marsalis recorded the "Sunday Morning" theme.  CBS News

MUSIC: "Abblasen" (Video)
There's no mistaking our "Sunday Morning" theme music, no matter how many different ways it's been played over the years. Nancy Giles gives the story of how 18th century German composer Gottfried Reiche's Abblasen" became our theme, and talks with musician Wynton Marsalis, whose recording has been trumpeting the start of our show every week for almost 15 years.

 The artist's vision | Watch Video
For four decades "Sunday Morning" has been a sort of art gallery on TV. Martha Teichner checks out some of the artists whose work has graced our screens.

 Stories with heart | Watch Video
Tracy Smith explores a "Sunday Morning" specialty: stories spotlighting people great and small at their best.

For 20 years associate director Jessica Frank has been handpicking every shining example of sun artwork to appear on our program - about 9,000 and counting. CBS News

ART: The "Sun Queen" | Watch Video
For 20 years associate director Jessica Frank has been handpicking every shining example of sun artwork to appear on our program – about 9,000 and counting. Serena Altschul talks to Frank about what goes into bringing sunshine into every broadcast.

A LOOK BACK: That's entertainment (Video)
"Sunday Morning" looks back at some of the stars of stage and screen that have been on our program during the past four decades.

 The bold-faced interviews | Watch Video
Over the years "Sunday Morning" has brought its viewers interviews with some of the most fascinating newsmakers. Rita Braver brings us a roll call.

In one Utah community an unusual ritual has bound residents together, to come to the aid every evening of a neighbor with MS. CBS News

HARTMAN: Good neighbors (Video)
Steve Hartman tells us about an unusual ritual in one Utah community that has bound residents together, to come to the aid every evening of a neighbor with multiple sclerosis. (Originally broadcast September 14, 2018.)

 The quirky side of life (Video)
Mo Rocca digs into some of the quirky stories that have been a "Sunday Morning" tradition since Charles Kuralt first went "on the road."  

 A poem by Ted Koppel | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" is treated to an ode by our Special Contributor.

 Disappearing sitcom characters (Video)
Mo Rocca previews the latest episode of his podcast "Mobituaries," which examines the history of TV characters who were "bumped" off their show.

For more info: 

 In memoriam (Video)
Jane Pauley remembers some of the members of our "Sunday Morning" family whom we have lost over the past 40 years.

Nature videographer Derek Reich setting up his camera to document the wilds of northwest Nevada. CBS News

NATURE: Capturing the "Sunday Morning" Moments of Nature | Watch Video
Conor Knighton meets some of our team of videographers who bring the beauty and sounds of nature to our broadcast each week.

 Caddo Lake, Texas (Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes us to Caddo Lake in Texas. Videographer: Scot Miller.


The correspondents, host and executive producer of "Sunday Morning." Michele Crowe/CBS

LIVE EVENT: An Evening with CBS Sunday Morning - Live at Town Hall (Video)
In honor of its 40-year anniversary, CBS "Sunday Morning" host Jane Pauley and the show's team of correspondents recently held a special live event at New York's historic Town Hall, "An Evening with CBS Sunday Morning." Guests included Jon Bastiste, and the subjects of one of Steve Hartman's most heartwarming profiles.

The unique molecular qualities of a hydrogen-oxygen bond allow for water to exist in several different states.

NATURE UP CLOSE: Water, and life as we know it
The unique molecular qualities of a hydrogen-oxygen bond allow for water to exist in several different states.



COVER STORY: Homelessness on campus | Watch Video
For tens of thousands of college students in America, the toughest test they face is the lack of housing, or even food. Lee Cowan reports on the trials faced by many students – young future lawyers, doctors and teachers – who are trying to succeed without a proper place to sleep, and about the efforts of homeless shelters and food banks to help.

For more info:

 The English Channel Tunnel | Watch Video
On January 20, 1986, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and French President Francois Mitterand broke new ground on the long-dreamed-of "Chunnel." Jane Pauley reports. 

For more info:

Glenstone, in Potomac, Md., is an extraordinary blend of modern and contemporary art, architecture and nature. CBS News

ART: Glenstone: Blending art, nature and contemplation | Watch Video
Mitch and Emily Rales built Glenstone to share their extraordinary collection of modern and contemporary art. But they wanted to make this a different kind of museum – a blend of art, architecture and nature. Twenty miles from Washington, in Potomac, Md., is a different kind of museum on a 230-acre estate – a blend of art, architecture and nature. Rita Braver tours Glenstone, a quiet place of contemplation that features some 1,300 works by such legends as Louise Bourgeois, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

For more info:

PASSAGE: Walter Chandoha, cat photographer (1920-2019)

Country star Marty Stuart shows correspondent Mark Strassmann a few of the 20,000 pieces of country music memorabilia he has collected. CBS News

MUSIC: Marty Stuart and his collection of holy relics of country music | Watch Video
On stage, Marty Stuart always sparkles, from the rhinestones of his cowboy clothes to his virtuosity on the guitar and mandolin. But the country star also has a side gig, as the keeper of Nashville's memories. Stuart has built one of the world's largest private collections of country music memorabilia – 20,000 pieces in all, relics of such artists as Hank Williams, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash. Mark Strassmann reports.

For more info:

There are currently more than 630,00 different podcasts available, on every conceivable topic. CBS News

AUDIO: The Golden Age of podcasts | Watch Video
David Pogue explores the world of audio podcasts, which have exploded in popularity, running the gamut from news and true crime to comedy and knitting. Pogue talks with Alex Blumberg and Matt Lieber, cofounders of podcast production house Gimlet Media; Michael Barbaro, host of The New York Times' podcast "The Daily"; and Ken and Martha Wiseman, retired teachers who record their podcast, "The RV Navigator," in their motor home.

CBS NEWS POLL: The jump in popularity in podcasts

For more info:

CBS News

AUDIO: "Mobituaries": The other Kennedy | Watch Video
Mo Rocca talks about his new podcast series of obituaries about the famous and not-so-famous, which debuted this week with the story of comedian and JFK impersonator Vaughn Meader, whose career died with the president.

To listen to the first episode of "Mobituaries" click here

For more info: 

Carol Channing 1967
Carol Channing holds a sold-out advertisement poster of "Hello, Dolly!," June 11, 1967 in Houston. Ed Kolenovsky/AP

REMEMBRANCE: The one and only Carol Channing | Watch Video
Martha Teichner looks back at the life of entertainer Carol Channing, the ageless and effervescent star of "Hello Dolly!," who died this past week at 97.

 Good sports (Video)
As a state champion wrestler, Marek Bush has very few real competitors. But when he faced a junior from New York's Indian River High School named Logan Patterson, he was in for what might be the most important match of his life – or, given the surprising outcome, the most impressive. Steve Hartman reports.  

 New York Times bestsellers

CBS News

 Week of January 21 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead.

 Idaho hot springs | Extended Video
"Sunday Morning" takes us to a wintry scene at Kirkham Hot Springs in Lowman, Idaho. Videographer: Jamie McDonald.


Sperm whales rest after a long day of socializing.

NATURE UP CLOSE: Sperm whales

A look at the remarkable deep-diving, toothed giants.RECAP: JANUARY 13


COVER STORY: Travels with the "Green Book" | Watch Video
Racism was a chilling fact of life that, in 1936, inspired "The Negro Motorist Green Book," a guide to businesses that welcomed African American travelers who faced being turned away or threatened in the era of segregation. Martha Teichner talks with cultural historian Candacy Taylor about the importance of this guide to safe travels in the Jim Crow South.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: "Green Book": Traveling while black
Alice Clay Broadwater, who was a teacher traveling between Boston and the South with her family during the Jim Crow era, and her son, Douglas Broadwater, talk with Martha Teichner about their experiences relying on the "Green Book" guide for African American travelers, even after segregation was legally ended by the Civil Rights Act.

For more info:

 Wyatt Earp | Watch Video
The legend of the Wild West lawman, who died in Los Angeles at age 80, has only grown over the years. Jane Pauley reports.

Stella Parks' Key Lime Pie. CBS News

FOOD: Pie fight: Debating the origins of the Key Lime Pie | Watch Video
Like everything in the Florida Keys, Key Lime Pie goes down easy. But there's something a little harder for locals to swallow: a new cookbook says this beloved dessert doesn't hail from Florida. Nancy Giles talks with pastry chef Stella Parks (whose book, "Bravetart," claims that the dessert originated in New York City), and with Key West locals (who offer their own tart opinions on the beloved dish's birthplace).

RECIPE: Aunt Sally's Original Key Lime Pie, from the Curry Mansion Inn

RECIPE: Stella Parks' Magic Key Lime Pie

For more info:

Damien Hirst examines a work at his studio. CBS News

ART:  Damien Hirst wants to make art you can't ignore | Watch Video
After three decades creating one outlandish artwork after another, Damien Hirst is no longer a young man, but the rebellious artist who once revelled in creating outrageous pieces of art has somehow found a kind of beauty in that, too. Tracy Smith reports.

For more info:

Pointe aux Canons Lighthouse on Saint Pierre Island. CBS News

ISLAND-HOPPING: An authentic taste of France on the western shores of the Atlantic | Watch Video
They may appear on the map to be a part of Canada. But for more than a century, the tiny islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, located off Newfoundland, passed back and forth between French and British control until, finally, the islands became permanently French. Conor Knighton visits the islands that were originally made wealthy by cod fishing (and later profited off of American Prohibition), and which today are experiencing a tourism boom among Americans seeking an authentic taste of France on the western shores of the Atlantic.

For more info:

 How a hunch saved a hiker's life (Video)
Nancy Abell admits her maternal instinct may be a little overactive. But when a young woman she met from Germany, Katharina Groene, told her she was hiking alone along the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington State, she had a hunch that Groene would need help, and called 911. And her hunch proved right. Steve Hartman reports. 

As the Broadway musical that celebrates the singer-songwriter's gifts marks its fifth anniversary, Carole King surprised the audience Saturday evening by taking the stage to play herself. CBS News

MUSIC: Carole King and her "Beautiful" life | Watch Video
"Beautiful: The Carole King Musical" celebrates its fifth anniversary on Broadway this week. Gayle King sits down with Carole King on the set of the hit show to discover if the legendary singer-songwriter's life is still "beautiful."

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Carole King's reaction to her "Beautiful" appearance
On Saturday, the fifth anniversary of the Broadway show "Beautiful: The Carole King Musical," the singer-songwriter herself surprised the audience by stepping onto the stage towards the end of Act 2 to perform as herself. CBS News' Gayle King was backstage.

For more info:

Luke Burbank's yellow Lab, Rudy, who can win conflicts by using a gambit called "that adorable face."  Luke Burbank

OPINION: My dog Rudy | Watch Video
In honor of former President George H.W. Bush's service dog, Sully, who recently became a surprise social media star, "Sunday Morning" contributor Luke Burbank introduces us to another yellow Lab, five-year-old Rudy.

For more info:

Filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan with correspondent Tony Dokoupil. CBS News

MOVIES: "Glass" director M. Night Shyamalan comes full circle | Watch Video
"Glass," the latest psychological thriller from the director of "The Sixth Sense," features characters from his previous films "Unbreakable" and "Split," in the conclusion of an unexpected trilogy. Tony Dokoupil talks with M. Night Shyamalan, who is at peace with the plot twists of his own life. 

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Director M. Night Shyamalan's advice to his younger self
The filmmaker behind such psychological thrillers as "The Sixth Sense" and "Glass" talks with correspondent Tony Dokoupil about his reputation for suspense and plot twists.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Director M. Night Shyamalan on getting accepted into NYU film school
The Oscar-nominated director M. Night Shyalaman talks with Tony Dokoupil about the reaction of his Indian immigrant parents when he decided to study filmmaking.

To watch a trailer for "Glass" click on the video player below:

Glass - Official Trailer [HD] by Universal Pictures on YouTube

For more info:

 Government shutdown | Watch Video
Jane Pauley looks at the costs of President Trump's ongoing partial closure of federal agencies.

CALENDAR: Week of January 14 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports.

 Colorado Rockies | Watch Extended Video
"Sunday Morning" checks out a winter's scene in the American West, with footage by videographer Scot Miller.


Videographer Carl Mrozek on the deer population whose rare genetic variation has created a way into human hearts and myths. Carl Mrozek




COVER STORY: Nancy Pelosi: "We have a problem" if Trump doesn't care about governance | Watch Video
Jane Pauley interviews the new House Speaker, who will discuss the role she sees for a Democratically-led House in a split Congress, functioning opposite a president who has until now faced little Congressional oversight. 

For more info:

 The Nancy Kerrigan-Tonya Harding scandal | Watch Video
On January 6, 1994, the Olympic hopeful was clubbed on the leg by a shadowy figure, throwing the genteel sport of figure skating into the tabloid spotlight. Jane Pauley reports. 

For more info:

A view of the exhibition "King Tut: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh," at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. CBS News

ART: The treasures of King Tut, on tour for the last time | Watch Video
At the California Science Center in Los Angeles, young and old alike are coming to marvel at the very, very old: the treasures of King Tutankhamun, more than 3,000 years old, and still gleaming. John Blackstone reports on the exhibit, which features many Tut artifacts that have never previously been displayed outside of Egypt – and which will never again be allowed outside the country.

For more info:

Willem Dafoe as the artist Vincent van Gogh in Julian Schnabel's "At Eternity's Gate." CBS Films

MOVIES: "At Eternity's Gate": Recreating Van Gogh's vision on screen | Watch Video
Serena Altschul talks with Golden Globe-nominated actor Willem Dafoe and director Julian Schnabel about their film, "At Eternity's Gate," which offers a new perspective on the almost-mythical artist, focusing on the strokes from his brush rather than his madness.

For more info:

 An open secret: Open office plans are the worst | Watch Video
Contributor Faith Salie has some words (and they're not good) about many companies' propensity to house all their employees in a giant room of cubicles. 

For more info:

The flight path of Singapore Airlines' New York-to-Singapore nonstop flight. At 19 hours, it's the longest commercial flight in the world.  CBS News

TRAVEL: Are you up for the longest flight in the world? | Watch Video
Using a specially-designed Airbus A350, Singapore Airlines recently launched the longest commercial flight in the world – a 19-hour-long nonstop from New York City to Singapore that connects the two financial capitals on opposite sides of the globe. Kris Van Cleave was on board along with some hardy business travelers to experience an aviation endurance test.

For more info:

 Homeless no more (Video)
Elmer Alvarez was homeless in New Haven, Conn., when one day he came across a $10,000 check that had been lost. The first thing he thought of was to find the person who dropped it, and that's how he met real estate broker Roberta Hoskie. Their meeting would begin a partnership that will give hope to others – like them – who have experienced the difficulties of homelessness. Steve Hartman reports. 

Actor Michael Caine, with correspondent Mark Phillips, in London. CBS News

BOOKS: Michael Caine: Not the retiring type | Watch Video
At 85, actor Michael Caine has had a long and charmed showbiz career, one he's recounted in his latest memoir, titled "Blowing the Bloody Doors Off, and Other Lessons in Life." Caine talks with correspondent Mark Phillips about refusing to make an acquaintance with retirement. 

READ A BOOK EXCERPT: Michael Caine's "Blowing the Bloody Doors Off"
In his new memoir the actor discusses life lessons, including how to "use the difficulty" when facing obstacles.

GALLERY: Michael Caine

For more info:

 Daryl Dragon and Bob Einstein | Watch Video
This week saw the passing of a member of the '70s pop duo The Captain and Tennille, and the comic actor from "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Jane Pauley reports.

Long-distance runner Simon Wheatcroft has been blind since age 27.  CBS News

ENDURANCE: Running blind | Watch Video
Like many athletes, Simon Wheatcroft loves chasing that runner's high, training on a path near his home in the English village of Doncaster. And he never let the fact that he has a rare condition that left him completely blind by age 27 slow him down. Wheatcroft has run marathons in New York and Boston while testing new technologies that, he hopes, will one day help the quarter-billion visually-impaired people around the world to walk, hike and, yes, run without the help of a guide. Lee Cowan reports. 

For more info:

 Sperm whales | Watch Extended Video
"Sunday Morning" takes us today to the coast of São Miguel Island in the Azores, among the company of sperm whales. Videographer: Mauricio Handler.


 Week of January 7 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports. 

A keel-billed toucan in the Costa Rican rain forest. Judy Lehmberg

NATURE UP CLOSE: Birds, snakes and bats of Costa Rica (with video)
A magnified view of the country's plentiful, colorful and creepy wildlife from videographer Judy Lehmberg.

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