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COVER STORY: New Orleans after Katrina: A tale of two cities | Watch Video
Martha Teichner looks back at the monumental 2005 hurricane -- the most costly natural disaster, in lives lost and property destroyed, in U.S. history -- and the struggle of New Orleans residents to rebuild ever since.

PREVIEW VIDEO: 10 years later, New Orleans still recovering from Katrina
Martha Teichner visits CBSN to discuss her report on New Orleans's rebuild. She says it's a tale of two cities when comparing the reconstruction of affluent areas and the Lower Ninth Ward.

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As we remember Katrina a decade later, "Sunday Morning" checks up on what happened to New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and FEMA Director Michael Brown.

The vacuum cleaner
On Aug. 30, 1901, British inventor Hubert Cecil Booth cleaned up with his patent for a giant, horse-drawn suction machine.

FROM THE ARCHIVES:Vacuum cleaner collectors unite! (Video)
Correspondent Bill Geist ventures to Clarksville, Ind., where members of the Vacuum Cleaner Collectors' Club have gathered for their annual convention. At this event, vacuuming is not just a chore - it's a sport! First broadcast on "Sunday Morning" on Sept. 28, 2002.

Artistry on the water: Wooden motor boats | Watch Video
Conor Knighton takes us on a ride aboard some classic wooden motorboats, the sleek and elegant mahogany Chris-Craft vessels that hark back to a more elegant (mari)time.

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James Corden just wants to have fun
Mark Phillips interviews the actor and comedian who has taken late late-night TV by storm.

An earlier version of this story was originally broadcast on December 7, 2014.

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"Sunday Morning" theme goes to the dogs (Video)
In honor of National Dog Day this past week, "Sunday Morning" celebrates all the dogs that have been caught in the act of tuning in each Sunday morning. Thanks to Cappi, Charlie, Chiquita, Fred, Harley Harr, Little John, Loki, Ricco and Schnapps!

COMMENTARY: Ben Stein: Don't blame China for stock market woes | Watch Video
The "Sunday Morning" commentator says it's machinations of high-roller investors, not market upheavals in Asia, that account for Wall Street's recent tumble.

The heart and soul of chef John Besh's cooking | Watch Video
John Besh was just nine years old when his father was paralyzed -- hit by a drunk driver. With his mother struggling to raise her six children, it often fell to young John to cook for his siblings. Besh quickly developed skills far beyond his age, and he eventually turned that childhood tragedy into opportunity.

He is now one of the most popular and successful chefs in his hometown of New Orleans, where he owns no fewer than 10 restaurants. When Katrina hit 10 years ago, he set up shop on the sidewalk and worked around the clock to feed anyone in need -- and his efforts to help New Orleans continue to this day.

Michele Miller reports.

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New Orleans grocery store serves struggling neighborhood (Video)
Burnell Cotlon is "just an average guy with above-average dreams." When New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward was decimated by Katrina, without even a grocery store left standing, he opened a market - the first (and still only) business in the immediate neighborhood. Steve Hartman reports.

Sharp talk from Dick and Liz Cheney | Watch Video
The former Vice President and his daughter, a former State Department official and one-time Senate candidate, are about to ratchet up their attacks on President Obama in a new book, "Exceptional." It is a pretty harsh criticism of a sitting commander in chief, but one that Liz Cheney says is "necessary." Lee Cowan reports.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Former VP Cheney and daughter on Trump
Dick and Liz Cheney have a candid conversation with correspondent Lee Cowan about Donald Trump's presidential bid.

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SHORT TAKES: Chad Lawson puts his own touch on Chopin (Video)
When pianist and composer Chad Lawson sits at his Steinway and improvises, anything might happen, such as his own take on great classical works. His album, "Chopin Variations," debuted at Number 1 on iTunes Classical last year. In this self-narrated profile - part of our Short Takes series - Lawson shows us his life as an independent artist.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Chad Lawson's variations on Chopin (Video)
Composer and pianist Chad Lawson has been celebrated for his reinterpretations of classic works, creating a hit recording with his "Chopin Variations." In this web extra, he performs Chopin's Nocturne in E Flat Major, Op. 9, No. 2, recorded live at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City in September 2014.

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  • "The Chopin Variations" by Chad Lawson - Available via iTunes

Week of August 31 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week head.

"Sunday Morning" viewers aid the Navajo (Video)
The lack of running water for many who live in the Navajo Nation in New Mexico shocked "Sunday Morning" viewers. Since Lee Cowan's story was broadcast two weeks ago, nearly $661,000 has been donated to DigDeep, the organization hoping to drill a new well there.

Zion National Park (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning' takes you to Utah, and Zion National Park, where Spotted Towhees make their home. Videographer: Carl Mrozek.


In this week's special broadcast Charles Osgood travels to the low country of South Carolina for a look at the people, places and things that change our lives "by design"!

"Sunday Morning" broadcasts from Auldbrass, a stunning 315-acre country estate designed by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1939, but left unfinished and in ruins until Hollywood producer Joel Silver bought it in the late 1980s. Silver has spent the past 26 years, and countless millions, meticulously bringing Wright's exotic vision back to life.

VIDEO: Frank Lloyd Wright's vision is alive at Auldbrass
Originally broadcast on May 31, 2015.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Auldbrass: Reflecting nature through design
Hollywood producer Joel Silver describes how every piece of construction of his Auldbrass estate, in Beaufort County, S.C., takes a cue from nature. From the hanging moss to the 80-degree tilt of the live oaks, Frank Lloyd Wright incorporated these details into his original designs for the property. Charles Osgood reports.

GALLERY: Frank Lloyd Wright's Auldbrass

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CBS News

COVER STORY: A tale of two cities | Watch Video
The nearby cities of Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina, are two of our nation's most interesting and unique places - steeped in history and Southern charm.

Lee Cowan reports on attempts by city planners to preserve the beauty of these treasures while transforming them for the 21st century. Originally broadcast on May 31, 2015.

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Shaker furniture: Simplicity is all | Watch Video
Shaker furniture is known for its simple, clean lines and stripped-down functionality. Richard Schlesinger examines the origins of Shaker design and looks at its far-flung influence today. Originally broadcast on May 31, 2015.

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Trying to build a better mousetrap | Watch Video
Hundreds of inventors have attempted to improve upon the classic snap-trap design, but collector Tom Parr says, you can't beat simplicity. Susan Spencer reports. Originally broadcast on May 31, 2015.

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ARCHITECTURE: Pillars of commerce | Watch Video
Banks today are as common as coffee shops, and just about as impressive architecturally. But it wasn't always this way. Jane Pauley ventures to the grand classical bank buildings of yesteryear, when coffered ceilings and soaring pillars inspired awe and reverence. Originally broadcast on May 31, 2015.

GALLERY: New uses for failed banks

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Soaring sand sculptures (Video)
In the western Japanese city of Tottori, sand sculptures can soar several stories high. Seth Doane introduces professional sculptor Sue McGrew, who has been working with sand for 19 years. Originally broadcast on May 31, 2015.

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STYLE: Designs for better living | Watch Video
A well-designed product is not simply a luxury for people living in the developed world. Luke Burbank speaks with Yves Behar, one of the top industrial designers in the world, who says some of his proudest achievements are the designs he's created for the poorest people. Originally broadcast on May 31, 2015.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Designing here and there
Sheila Kennedy is an architect and visiting professor at the University of California, Berkeley, whose goal is to show students that design in the developing world is just as important there as it is here in America. Luke Burbank reports.

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SKYSCRAPERS: An unobstructed view of window washers (Video)
Mo Rocca learns about the challenging work of window washers firsthand - brandishing his brushes and squeegee 700 feet above New York City's streets. Originally broadcast on May 31, 2015.

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A tea kettle design that's spot-on | Watch Video
The Michael Graves tea kettle for Alessi mixes Art Deco and pop art, with a trademark whistling bird. Susan Spencer reports on the design's origins. Originally broadcast on May 31, 2015.

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SUNDAY PROFILE: Jerry Seinfeld: "A laugh is such a pure thing" | Watch Video
A comedian might not seem like a natural fit for inclusion in a broadcast dedicated to design, but when it comes to describing the "architecture" of comedy, Jerry Seinfeld is just the man for the job. TV Guide ranked "Seinfeld" as nothing less than the greatest TV show of all time. Now he's looking to make history again. His online series, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," is a mega-hit, recently passing the 100 million-views mark.

Seinfeld, a self-avowed car fanatic, takes our Anthony Mason for a ride in a 1985 Ferrari to chat about how a well-designed joke, like a well-designed car, is a thing of beauty. Originally broadcast on May 31, 2015.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Jerry Seinfeld on his fans
Anthony Mason talks with Jerry Seinfeld about his adoring fans and his public perception. In the interview Seinfeld admits that he is thought of as a little prickly - not that there's anything wrong with that.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Jerry Seinfeld: What it takes to be a comedian
Jerry Seinfeld, host of "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," describes what comics have in common with one another and what sets them apart from other people. Anthony Mason reports.

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CRAFTS: Basket weavers keep an age-old tradition alive | Watch Video
Mark Strassmann visits South Carolina's Gullah community and its sweetgrass basket-weavers, to learn how this intricate and very American handicraft came to be. Originally broadcast on May 31, 2015.

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BOO BOOS: Band-Aids: Still sticking around (Video)
Ninety-four years ago Band-Aids hit the market, and they have stuck around ever since, used in one of every seven homes in America. Susan Spencer reports on the origin of the bandage's classic design. Originally broadcast on May 31, 2015.

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NATURE: Savannah National Wildlife Refuge (Extended Video)
We leave you this Sunday morning at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, which straddles the border between South Carolina and Georgia. Originally broadcast on May 31, 2015.


Guest Host: Lee Cowan

The Water Lady: A savior among the Navajo | Watch Video
In this corner of the Navajo Nation, just 100 miles west of Albuquerque, N.M., an estimated 40 percent of the people who live here don't have access to running water. Their savior is Darlene Arviso, born and raised on the Reservation, who drives her precious cargo -- a tanker truck filled with water -- to make monthly deliveries to 250 families. Lee Cowan reports.

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The Harmonic Convergence | Watch Video
August 16, 1987, was a day for worldwide meditation, music, dance - and, potentially, UFO sightings. Lee Cowan reports.

Colorado through John Fielder's lens | Watch Video
The nature photographer preserves the sublime beauty of the state's mountains and wilderness in order to help protect it. Barry Petersen reports.

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Ed Burns: A New York love story | Watch Video
You may know Ed Burns as an actor, or an independent filmmaker, or the guy lucky enough to marry supermodel Christy Turlington. What you may not know is how much he loves New York City. And "love" is probably not a strong enough word. Tracy Smith talks with the star, writer and director of the new series, "Public Morals."

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Farewell, Uggie | Watch Video
The Jack Russell terrier, who achieved superstardom in the Oscar winning film, "The Artist," is dead at 13.

Moneymakers: Artists at the U.S. Mint | Watch Video
In a world obsessed with earning money, and spending it, it's understandable why you might not take a minute to examine your spare change. But if you did, you might find those coins are miniature works of art. Anna Werner meets a man who designs our state quarters and commemorative coins. (Originally broadcast on April 12, 2015.)

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The revealing Sam Smith | Watch Video
Anthony Mason travels to England to visit with a rising star, Sam Smith, whose song, "Stay With Me," has been dominating the charts. (An earlier version of this story was originally broadcast on October 12, 2014.)

WEB EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Sam Smithon his singing roots
The singer-songwriter tells Anthony Mason that he used to sing during his morning commute to school in the car with his mother.

WEB EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Sam Smith doesn't want to be pigeonholed
The "Stay With Me" singer tells Anthony Mason he wants the freedom to do what he wants -- which may someday include a rock album.

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Steve Hartman's addiction to weeding (Video)
When he isn't "On the Road," correspondent Steve Hartman can be found at his Upstate New York home pulling weeds with what could be modestly described as "obsession."

Al Franken: Most of what Congress does isn't sexy
The former "Saturday Night Live" cast member and current U.S. Senator says comedy was the perfect route to Congress. Rita Braver reports.

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Reviews: "Man From U.N.C.L.E.," "Straight Outta Compton" | Watch Video
David Edelstein says he's surprised by the new espionage thriller and gangsta rap origin story.

Week of August 17 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Lee Cowan reports.

Wildflowers (Video)
We leave you this morning among the wildflowers of Catskill, New York. Videographer: Bob Caccamise.


Charles Osgood hosts.

COVER STORY: The growing demand for "fair food" | Watch Video
Migrant farm workers -- long the victims of exploitation -- are finding new partners in their struggle for a living wage. Mark Strassmann reports.

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ALMANAC: Escalators | Watch Video
A patent for "revolving stairs" was issued on August 9, 1859 -- the first step towards the modern escalator. Charles Osgood reports.

PACKAGING: Meet the world's biggest collector of pizza boxes | Watch Video
Whether you're tailgating or watching the game from your couch, pizza is a favorite meal on Super Bowl Day ... or any other day, for that matter! Most people, after enjoying their delicacy, throw the box away.

But Scott Wiener isn't most people. He's collected hundreds of pizza boxes from around the world, not for what's inside, but for the drawings and designs that decorate them. According to Guinness World Records, Wiener has the largest such collection in the world.

Serena Altschul takes a delectable look at the surprisingly varied art of the pizza box. Originally broadcast February 1, 2015.

WEB GALLERY: Pizza box art

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MUSIC: Jason Isbell on success after excess | Watch Video
On the heels of his chart-topping new album, "Something More Than Free," the roots rock singer-songwriter talks about his alcohol abuse and path back to sobriety (with streaming audio).

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires perform "24 Frames"
The husband-and-wife musicians sat down for CBS News to play a song from Isbell's chart-topping new album, "Something More Than Free."

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Jason Isbell on his musical education
The country/rock singer-songwriter talks to correspondent Anthony Mason about the education he received regarding blues music from his grandfather, a Pentecostal preacher, and about rock songs from a teacher (and Rolling Stones devotee) at his school.

To hear the title track from Jason Isbell's album, "Something More Than Free," click on the Soundcloud player below.

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A shed of one's own | Watch Video
To some, a "man cave" is a necessity. But what if you're a woman? Faith Salie talks about the value of a "she shed."

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ANTIQUES: Rust and roots | Watch Video
In a forest an hour's drive north of Atlanta, an unusual museum has taken root. Tracy Smith visits Old Car City USA -- what must be the most unique junkyard anywhere.

GALLERY: A museum of junked cars

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PASSAGE: The coda of a Stradivarius mystery | Watch Video
Thirty-five years after it was stolen, a nearly-300-year-old violin potentially worth millions was recovered this week by the FBI. Charles Osgood reports.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: A stolen Stradivarius (Video)
In this story from February 1, 1981, "Sunday Morning" music commentator Frances Cole talks with concert violinist Roman Totenberg, director of Bard College's Longy School of Music in Cambridge, Mass., whose 1734 Stradivarius violin had been stolen the previous year. Totenberg talked about his loss, and about what qualities he was searching for in a replacement instrument.

HARTMAN: Georgia orphan's mission: Make others smile (Video)
Jaden Hayes, who lost both parents at a young age, was sick and tired of seeing everyone else sad all the time, so the six-year-old devised a plan to change that. Steve Hartman profiles the young Georgia boy who believes a smile is the best medicine for people who feel sad.

NOTE: Barbara DiCola, Jaden's aunt, has set up an email account at barnjdan8@gmail.com, for those wishing to contact her. You may also reach out to OnTheRoad@cbsnews.com.

SUNDAY PROFILE: Jon Stewart: I despise interviewing politicians | Watch Video
Comedian Jon Stewart has built a career skewering elected officials on his late-night satirical news show, but he doesn't like interviewing politicians. In fact, the host of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" tells Mo Rocca he despises interviewing politicians, "as most sentient creatures, I think would."

Rocca, a former correspondent on Stewart's show, talks with the comic about his satire, and about "Rosewater," the new feature film drama he wrote and directed about the imprisonment in Iran of Newsweek journalist Maziar Bahari.

Stewart also opens up about his wife Tracey and their two children. Asked where he'd be without her, Stewart says he'd be "much unhappier." (An earlier version of this story was broadcast on November 9, 2014).

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Jon Stewart: How raising kids is like running a small business

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Jon Stewart on the corrupting force of money in politics

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Jon Stewart on his parents' divorce

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BOARDWALK: A fun ride back in time | Watch Video
Chip Reid takes us to an old-fashioned boardwalk attraction on Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where the bumper cars, carousel, helicopters and arcade games are like time machines into childhood.

GALLERY: Early photos of amusement parks
A view of late 19th- and early 20th-century meccas for fascinating rides and attractions

For more info:

CALENDAR: Week of August 10 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Charles Osgood reports.

ANNIVERSARY: On remembering Hiroshima, 70 years later | Watch Video
A survivor of the 1945 bombing says she tells the story with the hope that history will never be repeated. Seth Doane reports.

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NATURE: Nature: Custer State Park (Extended Video)
We leave you this Sunday where the pronghorn antelope play at Custer State Park in South Dakota. Videographer: Charles Schultz.


HEADLINES: Wildfires put California under state of emergency (Video)
There are approximately two dozen wildfires raging throughout the drought-ravaged state, threatening some 6,000 homes. The largest blaze, known as the Rocky Fire, is 100 miles north of San Francisco. Carter Evans reports.

GALLERY: A true urban jungle
Giant images of endangered species (including works by National Geographic photographer and "Sunday Morning" contributor Joel Sartore) are projected onto a unique canvas: The Empire State Building in New York City.

COVER STORY: Adult camps: A rite of summer for your inner child
For millions of kids across the country, summer often means time spent at camp, from Boy Scout and Girl Scout camps, to science and art camps, space camp ... the variety is endless. But why should kids have all the fun? There is now a boom in summer camps for adults, from rock 'n' roll fantasy camps to sports camps and more. Luke Burbank packs his bags to see what he's been missing.

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ALMANAC: The father of Washington, D.C. | Watch Video
On August 2, 1754, Pierre Charles L'Enfant, the French civil engineer who would design America's capital city, was born.

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ART: Art that's delicious: Roger Rowley's fruit plates | Watch Video
When Roger Rowley wanted his children to eat more fruit, he spent extra time making attractive arrangements on a blue bowl from his kitchen cabinet. Now, he photographs those plates of fruit and displays those images at a Moscow Idaho, art gallery. Martha Teichner visits. Originally broadcast November 23, 2104.

GALLERY: Fruit works of art

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COMEDY: Megan Mullally & Nick Offerman's romantic comedy | Watch Video
She became a star with her Emmy-winning role on the hit TV sitcom, "Will & Grace." He had an equally-successful run as stoic Ron Swanson on "Parks and Recreation." What some people may not know about Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman is that they have been happily married for years. So happily married, they turned the story of their romance into a risqué musical stage show.

Conor Knighton catches up with the very funny (and very much in love) Mullally and Offerman.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Nick Offerman & Megan Mullally's thrilling social life
The stars of "Parks and Recreation" and "Will & Grace" are one of Hollywood's longer-married couples, but Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally tell Conor Knighton they aren't exactly living the high life of Tinseltown.

For more info:

PASSAGE: Cecil the lion | Watch Video
The poaching of a rare and beloved lion at a national park in Zimbabwe has stirred international condemnation for the Minnesota hunter who killed him.

NATURE: Preserving the starry, starry night | Watch Video
Astronomers and star-gazers combat light pollution, to bask in the awe-inspiring splendor of a truly dark nighttime sky. Barry Petersen reports. Originally broadcast August 10, 2014.

GALLERY: Stargazers' images from Dark Sky Parks

For more info:

A NEW LEAF: Cuban cigarmakers hope to set U.S. market on fire | Watch Video
With diplomatic relations thawing between Washington and Havana, tobacco producers and cigar aficionados are hoping for an end to the trade embargo that snubbed out Cuban cigar sales in the U.S. a half-century ago. Mark Strassmann reports from Havana.

For more info:

HARTMAN: Long-lost home movies reveal one couple's love story (Video)
After historian Bill Poray came upon some Kodachrome home movies from seven decades ago, he searched for the girl who appeared to be the object of the camera operator's affection. Steve Hartman tells the story of what he found.

SUNDAY PROFILE: Carl Reiner: Still making us laugh
For the generation who grew up during television's Golden Age, few names loom larger than Carl Reiner. From his days on "Your Show of Shows" with Sid Caesar and his partnership with Mel Brooks, to his creation of "The Dick Van Dyke Show," Reiner was a true TV comedy pioneer.

He would of course go on to direct many Hollywood films, including "The Jerk" and "All of Me" with Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin.

Our Tracy Smith shares some laughs with the comedy legend. Originally broadcast March 8, 2015.

For more info:

MO ROCCA: The up-and-down history of the convertible | Watch Video
From the '57 Chevy to the Thunderbird to the Stingray, driving a convertible with the wind in your hair meant you were traveling in style. Our Mo Rocca puts the top down and takes a nostalgic trip down memory lane for a look back at an American classic. Originally broadcast on July 13, 2014.

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CALENDAR: Week of August 3 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead.

COMMENTARY: Ben Stein: Cell phones are a drag on the economy | Watch Video
The "Sunday Morning" contributor believes one reason U.S. workers' productivity is stalling is all the time spent on calls or texting, without producing a single widget.

NATURE: Joshua Tree National Park (Extended Video)
We leave you this Sunday amidst the desert beauty of Joshua Tree National Park in California. Videographer: John Molloy.

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