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For movie fans around the world, Sunday is the day they've been waiting for: OSCAR SUNDAY! And throughout our broadcast we'll celebrate the past, present and future of Hollywood.

Movie memorabilia: The stuff that dreams are made of | Watch Video
Movies are, without question, a huge part of our popular culture. But after the films are released, props from these fan favorites - the infamous "Black Bird" from "The Maltese Falcon," Dorothy's ruby slippers, Scarlett O'Hara's green dress - are often neglected, packed up on shelves or given away to cast members or crew.

In our Cover Story Ben Tracy tracks down some avid film fanatics who have collected a treasure trove of memorabilia from some of Hollywood's most beloved films.

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"It Happened One Night" | Watch Video
February 22, 1934, marked the premiere of a film that would make Oscar history. Charles Osgood reports.

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Americans and the movies
What we think about the movie-going experience, and about how Hollywood portrays American life?

Colleen Moore's timeless Fairy Castle | Watch Video
Created by the silent film star, the opulently-decorated doll house, recently restored, continues to enchant visitors at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. Rita Braver reports.

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The special art of sound effects (Video)
Sound is a key component of the movies. What audiences are hearing often is not the actual sounds themselves, but rather artificial sounds created by craftsmen known as foley artists.

Martha Teichner introduces us to one of the greatest sound magicians in Hollywood, Marko Costanzo. While his name might not sound familiar, the sound effects he has created for hundreds of popular films will surely ring a bell.

WEB EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: A foley artist sounds off
Movie sound effects man Marko Costanzo demonstrates some tricks of the trade for correspondent Martha Teichner, and explains why he's not squeamish creating the sound of breaking bones using celery.

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Filling movie theatre seats with gimmicks | Watch Video
In the beginning there were silent movies. Then came Technicolor, sound, 3-D, Sensurround, IMAX, digital projection, and so on. Hollywood is always looking to give audiences the Next Big Thing, and our contributor Conor Knighton has found it: a new generation of "immersive" movie houses in which the seats shake and rattle, smoke billows, rain falls, and audiences can even smell the action.

But is that necessarily a good thing?

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Stepping out: A history of high heels | Watch Video
Erin Moriarty of "48 Hours" looks at the evolving history and fashion of high heels on the red carpet.

GALLERY: A history of high heels

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Oscar swag bags | Watch Video
What treasures will be gifted to the losers at the Academy Awards?

Helen Mirren: Acting royalty | Watch Video
It's fair to say that Helen Mirren is Hollywood royalty. Her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in "The Queen" won her an Oscar for Best Actress. But throughout her 40-year career she's played a wide variety of roles, in such films as "Excalibur," "The Long Good Friday," "Gosford Park," and "Calendar Girls," and on TV as no-nonsense Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison in "Prime Suspect."

Mirren is in a class all by herself, as our Lee Cowan found out in his up-close-and-personal profile.

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"A Single Life"
"Sunday Morning" presents the TV premiere of one of this year's nominees for the Best Animated Short Subject Oscar: "A Single Life," by Dutch filmmaker Joris Oprins, in which a young woman discovers a vinyl record can transport her through time and space.

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WEB EXTRA: Oscars 2015: The Best Animated Short nominees
Watch scenes of hand-drawn, stop-motion and computer animation from this year's Academy Award contenders.

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OPINION: David Edelstein stoops to predict the Oscars | Watch Video
Will it be "Boyhood," "Birdman" or "American Sniper" for Best Picture? Our film critic doesn't much care how the Academy votes, but he offers his take anyway.

Week of February 23 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead.

Giant Sequoias (Extended Video)
This week's moment in nature leaves you several miles north of Hollywood, in a different wood: A grove of Giant Sequoias at Sequoia National Park.

RECAP: February 15, "Heart and Soul"

This Valentine's Day weekend, we have a special broadcast dedicated to stories of romance - of love and loss, joy and heartbreak, marriage and sex.

Rekindling first loves later in life | Watch Video
Remember that high school sweetheart you lost touch with long ago? If you find yourself divorced or single in your later years, you might want to look them up: former sweethearts who meet up later in life have a better than 70% chance of getting back together for good!

In our Cover Story, Tracy Smith reports on an amazing phenomenon primed for the Internet Age - remarkable real-life stories of love lost and found.

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Masters & Johnson: They wrote the book on having sex | Watch Video
The popular Showtime series "Masters of Sex" chronicles the lives and work of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson. Back in the 1960s, Masters and Johnson (their names are forever bound together) helped fuel the sexual revolution with their groundbreaking research into human sexuality. But their personal life was as eye-opening as any of their research.

Martha Teichner looks behind the scenes at their story.

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Making sense of aphrodisiacs | Watch Video
Michelle Miller gives us the facts and myths of aphrodisiacs.

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Columnist Dan Savage on Valentine's Day, sex and monogamy | Watch Video
He's the heir to Ann Landers - a straight-talking gay man and activist whose relationship advice is eagerly sought by millions. Erin Moriarty profiles the not-infrequently controversial advice columnist Dan Savage, who talks about romance, the day after Valentine's Day, and monogamy.

WEB EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Columnist Dan Savage on having "the talk" with his son
The nationally-syndicated advice columnist on romance and relationships explains to correspondent Erin Moriarty how to talk to your kids about sex, even when - especially when - they don't want to hear it from you.

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CARTIER: The dazzling brilliance of Cartier | Watch Video
When it comes to adorning the world's most glamorous women, there are few who do it better than Cartier.

Jane Pauley visits the Denver Art Museum and its exhibition of Cartier jewels.

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COUPLES: Joined together in love and in death | Watch Video
Susan Spencer reports on the science behind a broken heart, and the story of a couple that was married for 63 years and died four days apart.

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POSTCARD FROM CHINA: The challenges of finding love in China (Video)
A country of 1.3 billion people means a lot of possibilities, and a lot of competition. Seth Doane reports on the many ways the Chinese go searching for love - from dating apps and parents aggressively promoting their sons or daughters, to the professional "love hunters" who scour shopping malls for eligible matches for their clients.

FOR THE RECORD: John Legend: Living up to his name
After paying his dues as a backup singer and songwriter, John Legend's career is exploding, with keynote performances at the Super Bowl, the Grammys, and now an Oscar nomination for his song "Glory" from the film "Selma."

Now an international superstar, the romantic crooner joins Rita Braver at the piano for an intimate chat about his life, his music, and his marriage to supermodel Chrissy Teigen, who also shares her thoughts about life with the man at the top of the charts.

WEB EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: John Legend performs "America the Beautiful"
The Grammy-winning singer performs "America the Beautiful" for "Sunday Morning."

John Legend performs "Amazing Grace"
The Grammy-winning singer performs "Amazing Grace" for "Sunday Morning."

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Ready to pop the question? Hire a proposal professional (Video)
In the beginning, marriage proposals were pretty straightforward, but then Hollywood invented the romantic comedy. And now, in the age of YouTube, anyone can star in an epic proposal. But don't worry - if you can't think of your own proposal, you can hire a proposal company.

David Pogue talks to Carley Roney, co-founder of the bridal site, TheKnot.com, and James Ambler, a photographer who produces and films marriage proposals.

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MATTRESS: How to search for the perfect mattress (Video)
Contributor Nancy Giles weighs in on today's complicated process of buying a mattress.

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The longest married couple tells all | Watch Video
Lee Cowan meets Dale and Alice Rockey, perhaps America's longest married couple, who talk about their 81 years of wedded bliss!

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Swans in Narragansett Bay (Extended Video)
This week's moment in nature leaves you at Greenwich Cove, on the shores of Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay - a safe harbor for mute swans, who mate for life.


The very confident LL Cool J | Watch Video
Music lovers across the country will take note this Sunday, for that's when the 57th Annual Grammy Awards will be handed out in Los Angeles. It's a show not to be missed, with many of the biggest stars in the music business -- and there to make sure a good time is had by all will be the host, rapper and actor LL Cool J.

From his humble childhood to his starring role in the hit CBS drama, "NCIS: Los Angeles," LL Cool J has always found a way to come out on top, all the while keeping his sense of humor intact.

Michelle Miller gets a backstage pass for her captivating interview.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: LL Cool J on body image
Rapper-actor LL Cool J on the "trend" of embracing women of all sizes with correspondent Michelle Miller.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: What's underneath LL Cool J's hats?Rapper-actor LL Cool J discusses why he always wears hats with correspondent Michelle Miller.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: LL Cool J on hosting the Grammy Awards
Rap artist and "NCIS: Los Angeles" star LL Cool J talks to correspondent Michelle Miller about his hosting - for the fourth time - the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences' annual awards gala.

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The creator of the Xerox machine | Watch Video
February 8, 1906, was the birthday of Chester Carlson, who would invent a process dubbed "electrophotography" to copy documents. Charles Osgood reports.

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BODY ART: Tattoos: Fine art for the masses | Watch Video
When it comes to body art, beauty really IS skin deep. More than 45 million Americans have gone under the gun for a tattoo, with many putting themselves in the hands of classically-trained artists. Faith Salie reports.

GALLERY: At the tattoo parlour

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THE ENVELOPE, PLEASE...: J.K. Simmons and the "Whiplash" effect | Watch Video
During the past 30 years actor J.K. Simmons has quietly carved out a very remarkable career. With TV roles on "Law and Order" and the groundbreaking HBO prison series, "Oz," as well as in such films as "Juno" and the Spider-Man franchise, Simmons has proved to be a versatile, dependable professional.

But in the new film "Whiplash," Simmons may have found the role of a lifetime as an intimidating, fearsome music professor. He's already won numerous awards for the role, and may just take home an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

John Blackstone pays a visit with Simmons to talk about his long and winding road ... to the Oscars!

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Now hear this

Capturing an era of rock nobility on film | Watch Video
Anthony Mason takes us on a picturesque tour of L.A.'s iconic Laurel Canyon, home to rock and roll royalty, with photographer Henry Diltz.

GALLERY: Iconic rock star photos by Henry Diltz

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Coming Home: A story of family and patriotism (Video)
Of all the soldiers at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, no one takes their commitment more seriously that Peter Kuch. As one of the "Lost Boys of Sudan," Peter was torn from his parents during the Sudanese Civil war. Steve Hartman talks with the devoted soldier about how the U.S. became his home.

Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil still have that lovin' feelin'
If the names Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil don't ring a bell, the names of some of their songs certainly will. Mann & Weil are the husband-and-wife songwriting team behind such classics as "You've Got That Lovin' Feelin'," "On Broadway," "He's So Shy" and countless others.

Rita Braver talks to one of the greatest songwriting teams of the past 50 years, and hears stories from their days with Phil Spector, to the new Broadway show "Beautiful," which recounts their friendship and competitive relationship with Carole King & Gerry Goffin.

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Jim Gaffigan: Can we get rid of Valentine's Day? | Watch Video
Comedian Jim Gaffigan looks forward to the big day.

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Week of February 9 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Charles Osgood reports.

David Axelrod: Hooked on politics | Watch Video
As a senior advisor to President Barack Obama, David Axelrod was right in the thick of some of the thorniest, most important, and most controversial events of the past several years.

He's written a book detailing his rise to the top of the political food chain, as well as the personal struggles he encountered along the way, including trying to be a good husband and a father to a daughter suffering from epilepsy.

Jim Axelrod (no relation!) sits down with the political insider for the inside scoop on what goes on inside the Oval Office.

BOOK EXCERPT: David Axelrod's "Believer"
In his new memoir the former advisor to President Obama writes of his early fascination with politics and the aura of a visiting presidential candidate

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Damselflies (Extended Video)
We leave you this Sunday before Valentine's Day at Pinnacles National Park in California . . . where damselflies in courtship look very much like a heart.


Bobbi Kristina Brown found unconscious in bathtub (Video)
The incident took place almost three years after Brown's mother, six-time Grammy-winner Whitney Houston, drowned in a hotel bathtub in Beverly Hills. Brown's husband and friend brought her to the hospital, where she remains under observation. Vinita Nair reports.

ISIS releases another video of beheading (Video)
The militant group ISIS has released another gruesome video, this time showing the execution of kidnapped Japanese journalist Kenji Goto. The Japanese government says it appears to show his beheading at the hands of his captors. Holly Williams reports.

Fantasy football's obsessive fans | Watch Video
It's Super Bowl Sunday; millions of fans in the U.S. and around the world are anticipating the Big Game and rooting for their team of choice.

During the past half-century professional football has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, but out of its shadow is emerging a game almost as popular: fantasy football, in which individuals use real-life players to create their own virtual teams and compete against friends and family.

Mark Strassmann looks into the real passions behind a fantasy game.

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The birth of Hollywood | Watch Video
On Feb. 1, 1887, a California landowner proposed a new real estate project that ultimately became the home of motion pictures.

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Meet the world's biggest collector of pizza boxes | Watch Video
Whether you're tailgating or watching the game from your couch, pizza is a favorite meal on Super Bowl Day ... or any other day, for that matter! Most people, after enjoying their delicacy, throw the box away.

But Scott Wiener isn't most people. He's collected hundreds of pizza boxes from around the world, not for what's inside, but for the drawings and designs that decorate them. According to Guinness World Records, Wiener has the largest such collection in the world.

Serena Altschul takes a delectable look at the surprisingly varied art of the pizza box.

WEB GALLERY: Pizza box art
A pizza lover's Guinness World Record-recognized collection of pizza boxes from around the world.

For more info:

Keeping score on the world's largest video displays | Watch Video
Brookings, South Dakota, is a small town with a really BIG idea. The town is the home of Daktronics, a company that manufactures those immense video screens so popular at sports stadiums across the country -- among them, the University of Phoenix Stadium where Super Bowl XLIX will be played this Sunday.

Lee Cowan talks with the good people of Brookings about how a small idea born on a college campus in 1968 turned into what you might say is the "biggest" thing in sports.

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Celebrating immortal children's books | Watch Video
Faith Salie take in an exhibit of 100 famous children's books.

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Golden oldies: A lip-synching extravaganza | Watch Video
Bill Geist introduces us to 91-year-old Marvin Himmel, whose lip-sync shows play to sell-out crowds at his retirement community in Georgia.

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Love letters discovered at Goodwill (Video)
Sara Redlich was going through the bins at Goodwill when she discovered something: Love letters, all addressed to one Rosie Hill. Steve Hartman speaks with Rosie about getting back some pieces of her past.

Patricia Arquette on her role of a lifetime | Watch Video
As the race for the Oscars heats up, Patricia Arquette is often mentioned as the frontrunner when it comes to nominees for Best Supporting Actress.

Her role in Richard Linklater's groundbreaking film, "Boyhood," was shot during a period of 12 years; all of the actors grew older in real time as their fictional characters aged on-screen.

While it may be Arquette's first Academy Award nomination, she has a long history in the film and TV business; in fact you could say it's a family affair. Mo Rocca visits with Arquette for a wide-ranging chat on her career and life off-stage.

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Condoleezza Rice on her father and football | Watch Video
The former Secretary of State talks the gridiron, diplomacy, and the man who inspired her love for the game.

Week of February 2 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead.

Singer-songwriter Ne-Yo is still intimidated | Watch Video
Anthony Mason has a profile of American R&B singer and songwriter Ne-Yo, a performer with the golden touch.

The Grammy-winner is one of the most successful songwriters of the past decade.

For more info:

Iguanas in the U.S. Virgin Islands (Extended Video)
We leave you this morning in the U.S. Virgin Islands, relaxing with iguanas.


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