• Editor's Picks

  • "Amazon Crude" update

    Click here for a new 2014 update to the 60 Minutes report "Amazon Crude" which originally aired in May 2009

    • Letters on "Francis"

      In the mail this week, comments on our story on Pope Francis and his impact on -- and beyond -- the Catholic Church.

      • 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair: Music

        In this month's poll, many agree this decade has the worst music in the 45 years since Woodstock

        Our Community

        • Mathulator
          "Robin Hood"
          "@60Minutes @RobinHoodNYC Great piece,about the ultra rich or the 1% really caring for the poor and taking positive concrete action to help."
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        • Rhoderick Sison
          "Memory Wizards"
          "Both curse and a blessing. Its a blessing to remember all the happy and fun times in your life. Then it turns to a curse when you will never forget all the tragedy that you have experienced in your lifetime. I prefer to have an ordinary memory."
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        • Mauricio Andres Luna
          "Joy in the Congo"
          "@60Minutes Watched it with my younger brother, an Afghanistan veteran, a pretty jaded young man. It brought us to tears! Great report!"
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