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RECAP: Sept. 14

HEADLINE: U.K. officials meet over ISIS execution of British aid worker (Video)
The Islamic group ISIS has released video showing the beheading of captive British aid worker David Haines. Government ministers were summoned to an emergency meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron a day after the hostage was purportedly executed. Charlie D'Agata reports.

The Scottish battle for independence | Watch Video
One way or another, next Thursday -- September 18 -- is a date destined to be long-remembered in British history, for that is the day residents of Scotland will vote on whether to remain a part of the United Kingdom, or to break away and become an independent nation, 307 years after unification.

The repercussions could be global, as independence movements around the world take note.

Mark Phillips heads to the highlands for our Cover Story.

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ALMANAC: The Lone Ranger's Clayton Moore | Watch Video
Who was that masked man? Why, he was Baby Boomers' favorite TV cowboy, born on Sept. 14, 1914.

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MUSEUMS: Art that goes to the dogs (and cats) | Watch Video
A millennia-spanning exhibition at the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas in Austin is devoted to our fascinating four-legged companions. Anna Werner reports.

GALLERY: Art history, starring cats and dogs

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The razor-sharp comedy of Key & Peele | Watch Video
"Sketch comedy" shows - from Sid Caesar and Carol Burnett to Monty Python, "Saturday Night Live" and "SCTV" - were popular examples of the vignette style of humor that never failed to leave 'em laughing. Now there's a new dynamic duo laying claim to the title of "Kings of Sketch Comedy": Key and Peele.

John Blackstone laughs along with Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, stars of the Peabody Award-winning series on Comedy Central.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Key & Peele: Our partnership is like a marriage
Comic actors Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, stars of the acclaimed sketch comedy series "Key & Peele," explain to correspondent John Blackstone why ego has no place in the production of their Comedy Central show.

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Colombia's resurgence (Video)
Colombia still has its problems, but the country is clearly on the upswing and hopes to attract 4 million tourists this year. Mo Rocca heads to Colombia to report on the once-troubled nation's recent resurgence.

HARTMAN: College football star's novel story (Video)
When Kathy Rackley told Malcolm Mitchell - a wide receiver at the University of Georgia - about her book club, she had no idea who he was, or what would happen next. Steve Hartman reports on what one college football player calls his greatest accomplishment.

The brightly-burning star that is Jessica Chastain
Actress Jessica Chastain's career was barely underway when her breakout role in "The Help" catapulted her to fame and landed her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Just a year later her career took another major leap with the lead role in "Zero Dark Thirty," for which she also received an Oscar nod, for Best Actress.

In just a few years Chastain has become one of the silver screen's most electrifying actresses, and our Tracy Smith caught up with her for an up-close-and-personal "Sunday Morning" profile.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Extended interview with Jessica Chastain (Transcript)
The actress talks to Tracy Smith about shyness, Oscar nominations, Matthew McConaughey's swagger, and the important role Robin Williams played in her life.

PHOTO GALLERY: Jessica Chastain

PHOTO GALLERY: Jessica Chastain on the red carpet

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Domestic violence, by the numbers | Watch Video
Continuing controversy surrounding former Ravens star Ray Rice put the problem of domestic violence front-and-center.

The roots of Questlove's success
Time Magazine has anointed him the "coolest person of the year." He's the leader of Jimmy Fallon's house band, The Roots, and is one of the most sought-after DJs and record producers in the music industry today.

The past few years have been quite a ride for the musician known as Questlove, and our Anthony Mason sits down with him for a look back at his amazing journey, from the mean streets of Philadelphia to the pinnacle of pop culture.


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PASSAGE: Star Spangled Banner (Video)
As he was held prisoner by the British on September 14, 1814, Francis Scott Key watched the Royal Navy bombard Fort McHenry in Baltimore harbor - and began to write "The Star-Spangled Banner." Charles Osgood reports.

Week of September 15
"Sunday Morning" takes a look as some notable events of the week ahead.

Yellowstone National Park (Extended Video)
This week's moment in nature takes us to Yellowstone National Park, where one of its most unpredictable geysers is showing its stuff.

RECAP: Sept. 7

COVER STORY: Lessons to be learned from a one-room schoolhouse | Watch Video
Among the most iconic symbols of a bygone America is the one-room schoolhouse, conjuring images of a "small-town America" that no longer exists. Abe Lincoln got his education at a one-room school, and Henry Ford loved his one-room school so much, he had the entire building moved to a museum in Michigan.

But the one-room school isn't entirely a thing of the past. Today, more than 200 one-room schoolhouses still exist in our country.

Barry Petersen takes a look at their enduring legacy.

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CBS NEWS POLL: Are bigger schools better?
American are surveyed about their preferences in education.

ALMANAC: Miss America
On September 7, 1921, beauty put Atlantic City's Boardwalk on the map.

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MUSIC: Madeleine Peyroux: Music with a little bit of pain (with streaming audio)
Listening to Madeleine Peyroux sing, you might think you are hearing the great Billie Holiday re-incarnated. Peyroux's smoky, jazzy voice somehow manages that perfect blend of joy and heartache only a few of our greatest artists ever achieve.

Terrell Brown traces Peyroux's amazing journey, from her birth in Athens, Ga., to living on the streets of Paris, to her current residence in Brooklyn.

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The "War to End All Wars," 100 years later | Watch Video
Martha Teichner on how the assassination of an obscure archduke lead to war on a global scale.

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COMMENTARY: "De-extinction": Bringing species back from the dead | Watch Video
Nature photographer Joel Sartore tells us about efforts to bring back the passenger pigeon, which became extinct a century ago.

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PASSAGE: Joan Rivers: A life lived at full volume | Watch Video
Richard Schlesinger looks back on the life and legacy of the comedienne, who died this week at the age of 81.

HARTMAN: Cookie business brings sweet success (Video)
For more than 35 years, the sweet smell of success has been wafting through the Minnesota State Fair.

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SUNDAY PROFILE: Steve Buscemi's passion project | Watch Video
He first made his mark in off-beat films like "Fargo" and "The Big Lebowski," but actor Steve Buscemi became a household name with his star turn as a crime boss in the HBO hit, "Boardwalk Empire."

In addition to being one of the busiest and most popular actors today, Buscemi has another passion: as a former New York City firefighter, he spends his time bringing attention to the important, dangerous work of the men and women who risk their lives every day to keep us safe.

Our Tracy Smith pays an at-home visit to Buscemi, producer of a new documentary on the FDNY.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Steve Buscemi on his prior career as a firefighter
As a young man Steve Buscemi became a New York City fireman, before finding success as an actor. He talked to correspondent Tracy Smith about the similarities between the two professions.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Steve Buscemi on his "Boardwalk Empire" role
Having played some disreputable characters in his day, actor Steve Buscemi talks to correspondent Tracy Smith about his starring role as crooked politician "Nucky" Thompson in the long-running HBO crime drama, "Boardwalk Empire."

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COMMENTARY: Joan Rivers: An appreciation | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" contributor Nancy Giles on the comedienne who blazed a trail for generations of funny girls.

CALENDAR: Week of September 8
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead

NATURE: Seals at Cape Cod (Video)
We leave you this "Sunday Morning" amid grey seals frolicking off Cape Cod.


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