Passage: New Words

It happened just this past week ... new words admitted into the online dictionaries of the Oxford University Press, based on how often they appear online and in the media.

No guarantee any will last long enough to be printed in the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary -- the OED.

Some new words will leave those unfamiliar with them gaping.

Who knew using e-cigarettes involved an act called VAPING?

An article that numbers things from one to ten statistical, is really something we should all refer to as a LISTICLE.

When tooting your own horn too much makes other people gag, self-deprecate a little bit, it's called a HUMBLEBRAG.


By tossing your old land-line phone away into the gutter, you've all at once become someone who's known as a CORD CUTTER.

And if for every TV show you view you make a notch, just watch a series all at once, in other words, BINGE-WATCH.

Will every one of these new words survive unto the ages? Let's first wait to see if they get in the next OED's pages.