​Michael Keaton takes wing in "Birdman"

Michael Keaton: From Batman to Birdman 08:13

Michael Keaton was a stay-at-home dad in the 1983 movie "Mr. Mom." At 63, he now has a new movie coming out, and an interesting story to tell to Lee Cowan, in this Sunday Profile:

"When I said we were going to come chat," said Cowan, "these pretty hardcore fans of yours said, 'Oh my gosh, where's he been? We want to see more of him!' Do you get that a lot?"

"And then when you were driving out here you went, 'Yeah, where HAS he been?" laughed Keaton.

WHERE actor Michael Keaton has been IS remote. It's close to nothing, except perhaps, heaven. For the past 25 years, he has made Montana his home -- Big Sky country, with big thunderstorms to match.

It's his "home on the range" where the deer and the antelope really DO play.

"Sure is worlds away from Hollywood, though, isn't it?" said Cowan. "Is that kind of the point?"

"Yeah, but I'm not one of those you know, 'I hate Hollywood guys.' I don't know how NOT to live like this."

Michael Keaton with correspondent Lee Cowan. CBS News

So this is where he's been geographically. But our question was really more about where Michael Keaton's been professionally.

After all, it's been a long time since he played the bad-mannered zombie in "Beetlejuice." And there have been countless super-hero films since Keaton first donned that black cape.

"Where I've been is just, you know, being a person living life," he said. "It's not really very complicated. I mean, certainly I didn't drop out. There were a lot of people who weren't knockin' on my door, but there were a some knocking on my door and I was going, 'That's not really what I wanna do.'"

"Did you ever lose interest in it?"

"Yeah, yeah I got tired, I got bored of hearing myself," Keaton said.

But his latest role, in the film "Birdman," has him more engaged than ever -- and has some people even talking Oscar.