Happy 35th anniversary, "Sunday Morning"

Charles Kuralt Sunday Morning 1979.jpg
The morning news show with a difference debuted on January 28, 1979, with host Charles Kuralt.
CBS News

It was January 28, 1979, and Charles Kuralt said it all:  "Good morning. Here begins something new."

"A Sunday newspaper in a tube," we called it -- a different kind of television broadcast.  

"We dreamed up a program about music and art and nature," said Kuralt. "Because of its necessary preoccupation with politics and wars and calamities, television journalism doesn't get around to those gentler subjects very often."

What followed was more than a decade of television that truly spoke for itself.

And then it was 1994, Chapter Two: "I know, it sounds strange to me, too.  But here we are."

The "new guy" has been doing this for 20 years now . . . 20 years of stories small and large.

The world was changing . . . our audience was changing. But we still always take time to smell the orchids.

We've got a few trademarks at "Sunday Morning." The suns, of course . . .  our opening fanfare . . .

From that opening trumpet with Wynton Marsalis
"Sunday Morning" is known for our absence of MALICE.
We have actors and artists, not just politicians.
The builders, the bell ringers, cooks and magicians.
Big, breaking news and whatever life brings,
Our "Sunday Mornings" are filled with such things.
We have Rita, Serena, and Tracy and Mo,
Geist, Cowan and Teichner and more on our show.
Their stories will touch you, and may make you laugh.
Then at the end of an hour and a half . . .
There are cream-colored ponies, raindrops on roses,
Hummingbirds, buffalo, elk striking poses,
Mountain streams thawing to welcome each Spring,
We leave you with nature and birds on the wing.
When the sun shines,
When the week's new,
There's a feeling glad,
For us looking back at these 35 years,
The feeling is not half-bad.