​Passage: National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

It happened this past week, Friday to be precise . . . a case of merchandising imitating life.

It was National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, promoted as such by the people who sell ugly Christmas sweaters.

Once upon a time, the ugly Christmas sweater was a genuine, spontaneous event. A well-meaning (or perhaps NOT so well-meaning) friend or relative would give a loved-one a holiday sweater that no self-respecting person would EVER really wear.

The ugly Christmas sweater was an awkward embarrassment that eventually became something of a national joke.

Until Christmastime 2011, as best we can tell, when ugly sweater-giving was transformed from aberration . . . to institution!

This year, National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is once again an official commercial event, complete with websites and easy online shopping.

Even sports have gotten into the act.

And normal bounds of good taste simply don't seem to apply.

To be trendy this Christmas you couldn't do better,
Then buying some poor soul a real ugly sweater.
With bright gaudy colors and sparkles and holly,
It's a sure way to make someone feel jolly.
So don that bright sweater for holiday travel,
Take care, though: those frills may just start to unravel.

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