​The most politically-polarized places in America

Just in time for Election Day: a little politics courtesy of the website Livability.com, which used a variety of measures to determine the 10 Best Places to Live for Liberals, Conservatives, and even Centrists.

We don't have time for all 30, just the top three towns for each persuasion.

For Liberals, third place goes to Somerville, Massachusetts, outside Boston.

Second is Hoboken, New Jersey, just across from Manhattan.

As for first place, look no farther than Berkeley, California.

For Conservatives, the Best Places are a bit more off the beaten path.

Third is Clinton, Utah, just outside Ogden.

Second is Crestview, Florida, right in the middle of the Panhandle.

And finishing first: Alabaster, Alabama, a fast-growing suburb of Birmingham.

So where's a middle-of-the-road Centrist to live?

How about Indio, California, a desert town east of Los Angeles?

Or second-place Bend, Oregon, near the Cascade Range?

Or else, that Centrist oasis: first-place Spokane Valley in Eastern Washington.

If on this day you'd like to give a Liberal a fright,
Suggest they move to Alabaster,
Stronghold of the Right.

Or else make a Conservative feel mournful and bereft,
By moving them to Berkeley,
That hotbed of the Left.

But if you seek the middle road, you'd best not dilly-dally,
But set off for the Great Northwest,
And centrist Spokane Valley.