​Hail and farewell to those we lost in 2015

It's a "Sunday Morning" tradition. Come the end of the year, Charles Osgood takes time to remember some of the many people who left us in the year gone by. To them -- and so many others whose lives touched our own -- we say "Hail and Farewell":

Omar Sharif: You were brilliant and handsome, with an easy smile and dark eyes that spoke of deeper passions.

As "Doctor Zhivago," your love for Lara burned hot on the frozen Siberian plains, and melted our hearts. Farewell.

And farewell to Maureen O'Hara, the feisty, fiery-haired Irish beauty...

"I prefer the company of men, except for Maureen O'Hara," John Wayne once said, "She's a great guy."

Ekberg in "La Dolce Vita." Astor

You can bet nobody ever said that about Anita Ekberg, whose sensuality made men swoon the world over.

Ciao, bella!

    "La Dolce Vita" actress Anita Ekberg dies at 83
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    A fond farewell to George Winslow, who famously upstaged Marilyn Monroe as a seven-year-old. ("You've got a lot of animal magnetism.")

    And to Percy Sledge, who gave us one of the sexiest songs of all time: "When a Man Love a Woman."

      Percy Sledge, voice behind "When a Man Loves a Woman," dies
      Passage: Percy Sledge
      Single session launched Percy Sledge, No. 1 hit, and a sound

      Jackie Collins, your steamy romances always kept us coming back for more.

      David Canary kept us coming back to "All My Children" for 26 years as the ruthless Adam Chandler. He made soap opera history.

      Good bye to Al Molinaro. He was born to be funny.

      "Unless my clock is right, it's 'Sock it to me' time!"

      And to "Laugh-In"'s Gary Owens -- and Judy Carne. She was one funny lady.

      "Has Sunsweet managed to change your mind with their brand new pitted prunes?"
      "Possibly. They're still rather badly wrinkled, you know."

      Satirist and ad man Stan Freberg gave prunes a whole new life as "the funny fruit." Farewell to you, my brilliant, funny friend.

      And to you, Little Jimmy Dickens. The "Tater" was a big talent.

      Anne Meara, you were very funny as the tall Irish girl who married the short Jewish guy ... and kept us laughing for 60 years.

      Speaking of bagels ... if you're eating one now in Boise, Bozeman, or Kalamazoo, you can thank Daniel Thompson. His bagel machine spread the love (and the cream cheese) from coast to coast.

      Forrest Bird loved to fly, and to tinker, too. The ventilators he invented have breathed life into countless patients around the world. Thank you, Mr. Bird.

      Jane Briggs Hart was a pilot, too, who dreamed of blasting into space on a Mercury rocket, and passed all the tests to qualify -- but NASA wasn't ready for a woman astronaut.

      Reporter: "You don't think that a male test pilot would suddenly be disturbed to find a woman in the cockpit?"
      Briggs Hart: "I would hope that this would be a mutual training program and it wouldn't be any surprise to him."

      She had the right stuff!

      Betty Tackaberry Blake flew Army fighter planes during World War II, one of the first women to do so. She had the right stuff, too.