​Passage: Judy Carne, Martin Milner and Dickie Moore


From left: Actress Judy Carne, the "Sock It To Me" girl from "Laugh-In"; Martin Milner, the popular star of "Route 66" and "Adam-12"; and noted child actor Dickie Moore.


It happened this past week ... the loss of three performers who were very much of their time.

Dickie Moore was one of Hollywood's earliest child stars. He was a regular in the "Our Gang" comedies of the early 1930s.

At age 6 he starred in the first sound movie adaptation of "Oliver Twist."

Perhaps Moore's most famous film exploit was planting a kiss on Shirley Temple in the 1942 film, "Miss Annie Rooney," when he was 16 and she was 14.

A public relations executive in his later years, Moore was married three times, most recently to fellow child star Jane Powell.

Dick "Dickie" Moore was 89.

We also learned of the death in Northampton, England, of Judy Carne, the actress who first came to fame in the U.S. in 1967 on the TV show "Laugh-In."

An island of wacky humor during the divisive Vietnam War era, "Laugh-In" put Carne through a series of slapstick roles.

She made the words "Sock It To Me" a popular catchphrase ... popular enough for a future president to appear on the show to utter them.

Carne left "Laugh-In" during its third season and descended into a cycle of drug addiction and legal woes.

She was 76.

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Actor Martin Milner died last Sunday
near Carlsbad, California.

A supporting actor for much of his early career, Milner achieved stardom in 1960 on the hit TV series, "Route 66," alongside co-star George Maharis, a duo traveling the country in a shiny Corvette, finding adventure in every episode.

In 1968 Milner was back on the road again, this time as a Los Angeles police officer, with Kent McCord as his sidekick, on the series, "Adam-12."

An occasional TV guest star in later years, he revisited his early success in the 1998 documentary, "Route 66: Return to the Road with Martin Milner," for which he served as narrator.

Martin Milner was 83.

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