Trailblazing trumpet player Cynthia Robinson dies at 71

Cynthia Robinson, the trailblazing trumpet player for Sly and the Family Stone, passed away this week after a battle with cancer.

Robinson was a founding member of the legendary funk group. The 71-year-old left an impressive legacy, and her horn licks gave rise to some of the biggest songs of the '60s.

Cynthia Robinson will forever be remembered for the joy she spread with her music.

She also pitched in with vocals on some of the band's biggest works such as "Dance to the Music."

Robinson continued to play with legends after Sly and the Family Stone broke up in 1975. Aside from continuing to play with her bandmates Sly and Larry Graham, she also played with Prince.

In 1993, Robinson and the rest of the group were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, ensuring that she will live forever through hits like "Everyday People."

Robinson leaves behind two daughters.