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The 5 best pool-cleaning robots in 2024, from Polaris to Aiper

The 5 best pool cleaning robots in 2024

If you think one of the perks of owning a swimming pool is being able to watch a pool attendant do the maintenance, you'll want to skip reading this article. But if you're looking to save some cash with a robot that does the same job, read on. Just as there are robotic vacuums and mops for cleaning your home and robotic lawn mowers that'll cut your grass, there are now handy robots to keep your swimming pool clean.

robotic pool cleaner is a small robot that will automatically clean the sides, bottom and waterline of your pool on a predetermined schedule, or whenever you deem it necessary. It's typically controlled using a smartphone app and is powered by plugging it into a standard power outlet. Some work using a rechargeable battery.

What is the best pool-cleaning robot?

There are now dozens of robotic pool cleaners, from the popular Polaris to more budget-friendly brands. It's essential to choose a model that can handle the size and depth of your pool. Our in-house consumer tech and outdoor living specialists have compiled this roundup of the best pool-cleaning robots available right now.

Best robotic pool cleaner overall: Dolphin Explorer E70

Dolphin Explorer E70

The Dolphin Explorer E70 is a newly-updated-for-2024 robotic pool cleaner and vacuum that comes with its own caddy. It uses powerful suction to climb pool walls and pull dirt and debris from the bottom of your pool and its drains. It works on all in-ground pools up to 50 feet long, regardless of shape or surfacing. 

An intuitive smartphone app lets you set a cleaning schedule. It also alerts you when the tank needs to be emptied or its filter needs to be cleaned. And while it can be set up to work autonomously, from the app, you can remotely steer it, too.

This is one of the bestselling robotic pool cleaning robots on Amazon. It's earned a 4.5-star rating (out of five), based on almost 6,000 reviews. Users appreciate the robot's built-in scrubbing brushes that remove stubborn algae from the walls and bottom of the pool. It also has enough suction power to clean a pool's drain, plus skim along the surface to remove debris from the waterline.

Best budget robotic pool cleaner: Aiper SG800B

AIPER Seagull SE Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

This is a robotic pool vacuum designed specifically for above-ground pools. It's been newly upgraded for 2024 and is the perfect solution for your flat-floored pools with no slopes. It can clean up to 860 square feet (a pool up to 30 feet long). The SG800B is completely cordless and hassle-free to operate.

The SG800B features dual-drive motors. It offers up to a 90-minute battery life and is lightweight to carry. It can even be activated with just one click. When the robotic pool cleaner has completed its cycle or its battery is low, it automatically stops near your pool's wall for easy retrieval.

The robot's dual suction inlets allow it to pick up dirt and debris, taking a lot of the manual labor out of pool maintenance. It comes with a charging dock that plugs into a standard electrical outlet, but the robot itself provides cordless operation. It's like an iRobot Roomba that's wearing scuba gear.

Best robotic cleaner for most swimming pools: Smorobot Tank X1C

Smorobot Tank X1C

This mid-priced robotic pool cleaner has also been upgraded for 2024. It now provides up to 150 minutes of powerful suction and cleaning with each battery charge. Its strong power comes from a 7800 mAh high-performance battery that works with the robot's 3,300GPH suction power and triple smart motors. 

The wheels of this pool-cleaning robot are equipped with scrubbing brushes that do an excellent job removing dirt and debris from surfaces for easy pick-up. The robot can rotate forward and reverse, which allows it to produce reaction force on the mesh of the filter during operation. This prevents its filter from getting blocked.

The four-liter top load filter cartridge traps and locks in debris for optimal cleaning. This is a true set-and-forget robot. When it's done working, it parks by the end of your pool for easy retrieval. The Tank X1C will clean a pool's bottom, walls and waterline. It works on concrete, vinyl or tile surfaces.

Best robotic cleaner for in-ground pools: Polaris VRX iQ+

Polaris VRX iQ+ Smart Robotic Pool Cleaner

This app-controlled pool cleaning robot has seven integrated cleaning modes and comes with a 70-foot-long, tangle-resistant cable. It measures your pool's shape, size and surface material and then calculates the optimal cleaning approach and mode. 

Using the robot's proprietary app, it's easy to schedule recurring cleaning cycles, view the current temperature, access additional cleaning modes and receive status updates straight from the robot. 

The VRX iQ+ uses what Polaris refers to as "Vortex Vacuum technology," which uses the robot's four-wheel drive and extra-long cable to provide superior cleaning, from the floors up to its waterline and everywhere in between.

Best cordless robotic pool cleaner: Wybot S2

WYBOT S2 Cordless Pool Vacuum

Wybot offers a complete lineup of robotic pool cleaners, but the S2 is one of its newer models -- and it offers convenient cordless operation. With a three-hour battery charge, the robot works up to 210 minutes to clean up to 3,229 square feet. This includes your pool's bottom, walls and waterline. The robot's smartphone app allows you to choose between six wall- and floor-cleaning paths to meet the specific cleaning needs of your pool. 

The Wybot S2 generates immense suction power, up to 3,592 GPH. Its dynamic scrubbing brushes and powerful triple-motor mean a great clean. It collects debris, leaves and tough dirt from the floor and walls of your pool without any hassle. It also relies on ultrasonic, infrared technology to ensure maximum cleaning.

Thanks to its improved obstacle navigation, the S2 effortlessly conquers pool steps, main drains and inclines. It also works on all pool materials including tile, vinyl, fiberglass and concrete.

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