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COVER STORY: Debt ceiling showdown "was incredibly costly" to U.S., says economic expert | Watch Video
Correspondent David Pogue explains why negotiations over how America pays its bills have devolved into partisan brinkmanship, which one business school professor calls "an entirely avoidable disaster" that we will pay more for in the future.

WEB EXTRA: "Sunday Morning" music video: "The Debt Ceiling" (YouTube)

"Sunday Morning" music video: "The Debt Ceiling" by CBS Sunday Morning on YouTube

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Signs of the times: New signs are being produced for the recently-renamed Fort Pickett in Virginia. The Army base has been renamed Fort Barfoot.  CBS News

U.S.: Forward march: Military bases removing names of Confederates | Watch Video
The U.S. Army is stripping the names of Confederate generals from bases like Fort Pickett in Virginia, named after George Pickett, who led the rebels' final charge at the Battle of Gettysburg and, after the Civil War, was accused of war crimes. The names of nine Army bases now will be changed to those of American heroes and heroines, including people of color. Fort Pickett is now Fort Barfoot (after Col. Van Barfoot, a World War II Medal of Honor recipient). CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports on the surprising history of bases like Fort Benning (named after a charter member of the Ku Klux Klan).

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Because Fluffy and Fido deserve flavored water.  CBS News

EXHIBITIONS: Celebrating monumental mistakes at the Museum of Failure | Watch Video
From Ford's Edsel to bottled water for pets, notorious corporate and marketing missteps are featured in a traveling exhibition, "The Museum of Failure," now on display in Brooklyn, N.Y. The exhibit's creator, Swedish psychologist Samuel West, talks with "Sunday Morning" about how these fiascos from the past remind us to embrace taking risks.

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New Orleans jazz clarinetist Doreen Ketchens performing at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.  CBS News

MUSIC: Jazz clarinetist Doreen Ketchens plays her dream gig (Video)
Doreen Ketchens is an institution in New Orleans, where the jazz musician performs at the intersection of Royal Street and St. Peter, affectionately known as "Doreen's corner." When "Sunday Morning" senior contributor Ted Koppel interviewed Ketchens in 2022, she stated her dream was to play the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. This month she got her wish, and "Sunday Morning" was there.

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COMMENTARY: Remembering murdered journalist George Polk | Watch Video
This month marks 75 years since legendary CBS newsman George Polk was murdered while covering a civil war in Greece. CBS News correspondent Steven Portnoy (host of the radio documentary "Who Killed George Polk?") reflects on journalists who are targeted for seeking to expose the truth.

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PASSAGE: In memoriam (Video)
"Sunday Morning" remembers some of the notable figures who left us recently, including jazz musician and composer Bill Lee, who scored several early films by his son, director Spike Lee.

HARTMAN: A Harvard law student's appreciation (Video)
Before attending Harvard Law School, Rehan Staton worked in sanitation, refurbishing dumpsters. So, he was that rare student who recognized and thanked custodians and cafeteria staff at the school.  Correspondent Steve Hartman reports on a nonprofit, the Reciprocity Effect, that Staton founded to help celebrate support staff for their efforts. 

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COMMENTARY: Tina Turner: An Appreciation | Watch Video
Tina Turner died Wednesday, May 23, 2023 at the age of 83. Music journalist and "Sunday Morning" contributor Bill Flanagan talks about the rock legend – a superstar performer and feminist icon who never did anything "nice and easy."

From the archives: Tina Turner on a life of suffering and triumph 09:19

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Tina Turner on a life of suffering and triumph (Video)
Rock legend Tina Turner has died at 83, her spokesperson confirmed Wednesday. In this "Sunday Morning" profile that originally aired in October 2018, the eight-time Grammy-winner, renowned for such hits as "Proud Mary" and "What's Love Got To Do With It," got personal with CBS News' Gayle King as she discussed her memoir, "My Love Story," and her abusive marriage and breakup with Ike Turner.  

GALLERY: Notable Deaths in 2023

Actor and activist Arnold Schwarzenegger, with correspondent Tracy Smith, riding on cobblestones in Vienna.  CBS News

SUNDAY PROFILE: Arnold Schwarzenegger on demanding a cleaner environment: "That's my crusade" | Watch Video
At 75, an age when most people are retired, Arnold Schwarzenegger is still an action hero, battling bad guys on screen and advocating for a cleaner climate in real life. Correspondent Tracy Smith talks with the actor about his first TV series, "FUBAR," on Netflix; and joins Schwarzenegger in Austria, his home country, and site of a global summit that he helped launch to address climate pollution.

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Lillias White as Hermes in the Broadway musical "Hadestown." CBS News

ON STAGE: Broadway showstopper Lillias White on giving audiences "my entire heart" | Watch Video
For Broadway veteran Lillias White, it all began as a child in Brooklyn, N.Y., when relatives encouraged her to dance and sing on her grandmother's dining room table. The 71-year-old actress, who won a Tony Award for "The Life," is now starring in the Broadway musical "Hadestown." She talks with correspondent Mo Rocca about her role models growing up; her relationship with the audience; and setting the standard for singing standards.

WEB EXTRA: Lillias White sings "Johnny" (Video)
In this web exclusive, Broadway and cabaret veteran Lillias White talks with correspondent Mo Rocca about her personal association with an Aretha Franklin standard, "Johnny," a song to which the Tony Award-winner brings a heartfelt, mournful voice.

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Author Isabel Allende's new novel is "The Wind Knows My Name." CBS News

BOOKS: Author Isabel Allende on passion and courage | Watch Video
The Chilean-born author Isabel Allende, whose latest novel is "The Wind Knows My Name," has written more than two dozen books that have been translated into some 40 languages. The 80-year-old Allende talks with correspondent Rita Braver about her tumultuous family history which inspired her stories' passionate and courageous characters; how her 1982 bestseller "House of the Spirits" changed her life; and about her foundation, which supports groups trying to help young girls at risk around the world.

READ AN EXCERPT: "The Wind Knows My Name" by Isabel Allende

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NATURE: Beaches at Normandy (Extended Video)
On this Memorial Day weekend, we leave you by the beaches of Normandy in France. Videographer: Jamie McDonald. 


GALLERY: Summer music heats up 2023
Live performances are in full swing this summer. Scroll through our concert gallery, featuring pictures by CBS News photojournalist Jake Barlow and photographers Ed Spinelli and Kirstine Walton.

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