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Reboot Yourself 2023: Get fit, be well in the spring with these essentials

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Reboot Yourself! The CBS Essentials guide to a healthier 2023

There's no better time than now to make a commitment to be a better, healthier you. Whether that means getting more exercise, learning more about fitness and nutrition or doing more to keep track of your health, CBS Essentials has you covered with our new series, Reboot Yourself. We'll be covering everything you need to know to live your best life in 2023, from the best water bottles for staying hydrated to the best smartwatches for monitoring heart health to the best leggings for working out to the best earbuds and headphones for the gym.

Be sure to check back with CBS Essentials throughout the year for the latest in our 2023 health and fitness series.

Best workout headphones and earbuds

Here are the best workout headphones and earbuds to shop now.

Apple AirPods Pro 2


The latest Apple AirPods Pro 2 earbuds have an upgraded wireless chip for improved audio functionality, a new low distortion driver for clearer audio, touch controls and improved active noise cancellation. The Apple AirPods Pro 2 provide truly custom sound: You can use your iPhone's camera to analyze your unique ear anatomy and find the perfect audio settings for you.

"I wear these to the gym every day and for running. I have never had an issue with them coming out, and they do an excellent job." wrote one reviewer. "I love the option of switching between ANC and transparency modes."

Apple AirPods Pro 2, $235 (reduced from $249)

Apple AirPods Max

Apple via Amazon

Apple AirPods Max use active noise-cancellation technology to block out unwanted noise and feature a transparency mode so you can hear what you need to. These headphones feature 20 hours of listening. They come in a variety of colors including blue, green, red and silver. They're also compatible with Siri. 

Apple AirPods Max, $480 (regularly $549)

Samsung Galaxy Buds2

Samsung Galaxy Buds2

Samsung's highly coveted earbuds, the Galaxy Buds2, make great workout earbuds. Featuring active noise cancelation and ambient sound passthrough, the lightweight Galaxy Buds2 are built for users with an active lifestyle. 

One Amazon reviewer shared their experience with these earbuds; "I have no complaints with these at all. I wear them for runningand when I do chores around the house, and they have not disappointed me yet! These are well worth the price and I won't go back to my other earbuds or headphones!"

Samsung Galaxy Buds2, $109 (reduced from $150)

Beats Solo3

Beats Solo3

The on-ear Beats Solo3 may be a good fit for music fans looking for a pair of bright-sounding headphones, especially those partial to rock, folk and country tunes. These headphones support spatial audio for a more immersive listening experience, soft ear foams for comfort, and up to 40 hours of battery life on a single charge. 

Beats Solo3, $130 (reduced from $200)

Beats Fit Pro


These noise-canceling earbuds come in four fun colors; stone purple (pictured), white, black and sage gray. The earbuds offer a secure, comfortable fit. The noise-canceling feature includes three listening modes. They are also compatible with spatial audio. 

I have finally found earbuds that have great noise cancelling, great quality sound and excellent battery life" wrote one Amazon reviewer. "The number one thing I like about these earbuds is they stay in my ears and never feel like they are falling out. I have walked with them on, jogged on my treadmill, rode my bike and not once did I ever have to push them in because I felt like they were falling out."

Beats Fit Pro, $160 (regularly $200)

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II

Bose products are known for their excellent sound quality, and the new Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II are no exception. They claim to offer the world's best active noise cancellation, and have a new CustomTune technology that auto-adjusts music to your ears' liking. They also have an "aware mode" that pauses noise cancellation for when you need to hear your surroundings.

If you disliked how bulky the original Bose QuietComfort Earbuds felt, there's good news: The QuietComfort Earbuds II are one-third smaller than their predecessor. They're water- and sweat-resistant, too, so you can wear them to the gym.

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II offer six hours of battery life in a single charge, and come with a charging case that holds three additional charges (24 hours of battery life in total). You can control music, answer calls and adjust the volume by simply tapping your earbuds instead of having to use your phone. These Bluetooth 5.3-compatible earbuds are available in black, gray, dark blue and soapstone colors.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II, $299

Jabra Elite Active 75t

Jabra Elite Active 75t True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, Navy
Jabra via Amazon

Another pair of earbuds specifically designed for workouts, the Jabra Elite Active 75t wireless earbuds are IP57 dustproof and waterproof, resilient enough to survive a quick drop in a puddle. But just as importantly, they feature a grip coating to keep them in place during workouts.

The Jabra Elite Active 75t "beat(s) the hell out of my regular Airpods," says Amazon reviewer Nelson92. "I don't have to push them back in while running! Secure fit, cancels out strong Colorado winds. The battery has already lasted more than a few runs."

Sound quality is great: Multiple Amazon reviewers praise the powerful bass they deliver. These earbuds offer active noise cancellation powered by four microphones. You can turn this noise cancellation off with the push of a button, however, allowing you to talk with someone without needing to remove them from your ears.

Jabra says the Elite Active 75t earbuds will last 5.5 hours on a full charge, or up to 24 hours when stored in the included wired charging case (USB-C). A 15-minute quick charge buys up an hour of listening time.

Jabra Elite Active 75t, $100

Skullcandy Push Active earbuds


These Skullcandy Push Active earbuds are designed for use at the gym. They feature earhooks to keep the earbuds securely in your ears while running or lifting. They also have an impressive 44-hour battery life with the charging case.

"The Skullcandy Push Active earphones are easy to set up and the app works seamlessly. The battery charge is good and I don't have to charge the case frequently." shared one Amazon reviewer. :These earphones are good for active people while running, working out or doing any other outdoor activity. I use them every day at the gym and couldn't be happier."

Skullcandy Push Active earbuds, $70 (reduced from $80)

Treblab X3 Pro earbuds 


These Treblab earbuds were a favorite during our last round of hands-on earbud testing. They offer a secure fit with adjustable ear hooks and excellent sound quality for the price. The Treblab X3 Pro earbuds are also water-proof and sweat resistant.

"These Treblab X3-Pro earbuds have worked much better for me [than previous earbuds]. They stay on and in my ear, have great sound and way more volume than needed!" wrote a verified buyer on Amazon.

Treblab X3 Pro earbuds, $60 (reduced from $100)

Jaybird Vista 2

Jaybird Vista 2 True Wireless Sport Bluetooth Headphones with Charging Case
Jaybird via Amazon

An excellent choice for those with bigger budgets, the Jaybird Vista 2 is a serious pair of sports headphones. They carry an IP68 rating, which means they're sweatproof, waterproof and dustproof. Jaybird also claims they're freeze-, shock- and impact-resistant as well.

Jaybird Vista 2 Bluetooth earbuds feature active noise cancellation, a terrific perk that cuts out background noise. But -- importantly for people who run or bike outdoors -- the Vista 2's Soundsense feature lets you temporarily turn off active noise cancellation with a tap, letting important sound cues from the real world come through for safety.

These wireless earbuds feature "great quality in both sound and build," Amazon reviewer Christopher Mann raves. They add the Jaybird Vista 2 has a comfortable fit and is "plenty loud."

The Jaybird Vista 2 lasts for eight hours on a full charge, with 16 more hours of charge in the included wireless charging case (also chargeable via USB-C). And if you forget to charge these earbuds before hitting the gym, you can get an hour of play time out of a single five-minute quick charge.

Jaybird Vista 2, $115 (reduced from $150)

Bose Sport Earbuds

Bose Sport Earbuds
Bose via Amazon

Bose quality typically doesn't come cheap, but the Bose Sport Earbuds are one of the brand's more affordable options. This set of wireless earbuds are sweat-resistant (IPX4) and come with three sizes of eartips. And, if you're looking for a new pair of running headphones, these might be a good pick. Why? They're designed to stay in place even through strenuous workouts, and according to Amazon reviewers, they deliver.

"I can say that these Bose Sport Earbuds stay in my ear when I am doing backflips," wrote one verified purchaser on Amazon.

"They sit in just the right place to give awesome sound without putting ridiculous pressure on your ear canal, while simultaneously becoming almost impossible to actually feel once in," adds this Amazon reviewer..

They feature touch controls and they're smart enough to pause play when the right earbud is removed from your head. The wired charging case (USB-C) has enough juice to extend these earbuds' five-hour play time to a full 15 hours.

Bose Sport Earbuds, $129 (reduced from $149)

Treblab over-ear workout headphones


The Treblab over-ear workout headphones feature advanced noise-canceling technology and great sound quality. They offer 35 hours of playtime per charge and recharge quickly. Save $50 on these over-ear headphones now before the sale ends. 

One Amazon reviewer wrote; " I use these at the gym, and they're perfect. They're comfortable, hold a charge for a long time, have great sound, are lightweight, and stay snug on my head."

Treblab over-ear workout headphones, $70 (reduced from $120) 

Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo

Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo True Wireless Earbuds
Anker via Amazon

These 4.4-star-rated wireless earbuds from Anker are definitely budget-focused. Don't expect the luxe features or top-tier sound quality you'd get from a pair of $200 earbuds, but Amazon reviewers say these sub-$50 earbuds are amazing for the price, with good sound quality.

They've got real gym chops too: The lightweight Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo earbuds are rated IPX7 waterproof (protected against temporary immersion), so they can be rinsed off after workouts. They promise a secure fit as well, boasting a twist-and-lock design that stays in place.

"The sound is good," Amazon reviewer Greg says, "better than average but it's not a Hi-Fi audiophile's acoustic dream. For the pounding I'm giving these buds while cycling, running, working out, working in the yard and just about every other sweat-soaked activity, they definitely step up to the plate and perform."

Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo, $60

A staff-loved fitness tracker that looks like jewelry

This CBS Essentials staff-loved smart ring helps you track your activity and your sleep. 

The Oura Ring

Oura Ring

The Oura Ring is a health tracker that looks just like any fashion ring. You can order your ring in silver, gold, rose gold, black or a shade called "stealth" which looks like matte black. "I chose gold. I really love that it looks like a piece of jewelry and doesn't have a screen. I think that's a big reason as to why I was so resistant to wearables in the past," said senior writer Lily Rose. "I'm already staring at my phone, computer and TV. I don't need another screen to keep me busy. Plus, this smart ring pairs with the Oura app on your phone to give you all your data. I can look at it when I want to without having a reminder blaring at me from my wrist."

The wearable is worn on your finger and tracks biometric data to provide personalized insights into how you sleep and your health. When you wear the Oura Ring, it can record your workouts, track your resting heart rate and your heart rate during exercise, tell you your blood oxygen level, predict your menstrual cycle and show you how much good or bad sleep you're getting throughout the night. When you're not recording workouts, you can use the Oura app for guided meditations, breath work, sleep sounds or even learn about things like the effects of caffeine on your body, why sleep matters and what your readiness score means. 

Oura Ring Gen3 (gold), $499

Best smartwatches for heart health monitoring

These smartwatches have the features you need to monitor your heart rate, take ECGs and more.

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 7 (41mm)
Apple via Amazon

The Apple Watch Series 8 is a durable smartwatch that is swim-proof, dust-proof and crack-resistant with advanced heart monitoring features. It has a number of health-tracking features, including an optical heart sensor, an electrical heart sensor for ECG, a blood oxygen sensor and a new body temperature sensor. 

You can tap into yoga, meditation and other workout programs via Apple Fitness+. (Apple Fitness+ is a subscription service. It costs $9.99 a month; Apple Watch buyers get the first month free.) It also comes with a new crash detection feature, which detects where the wearer is in a severe car crash and alerts emergency services.

Apple Watch 8 (41mm), $329 (reduced from $399)

Apple Watch Series 8, GPS + Cellular (41mm), $429 (reduced from $499)

The 45mm version of the Apple Watch Series 8 does everything the 41mm version does, except it does it bigger. 

Apple Watch Series 8 (45mm), $359 (reduced from $478)

Apple Watch Series 8, GPS + Cellular (45mm), $459 (reduced from $529)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 offers ECG functionality when paired with a compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphone. You can take the ECG on your watch and then open the ECG report on your smartphone to dive into your data. 

The Galaxy Watch 5 features an advanced bioactive sensor that collects more accurate data compared to the Galaxy Watch 4. This data can be managed and tracked in the Samsung Health app. It also offers an advanced workout algorithm, hear rate monitoring and sleep-tracking technology.

The Galaxy Watch 5 is available in 40mm and 44mm display sizes. It is also available in five colors. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, $249 and up (reduced from $280) 

 Google Pixel Watch

Best Buy

The Google Pixel Watch features a round face with customizable watch faces and tons of band options. It offers an all-day battery life, with up to 24 hours on a single charge. The Watch includes the Google Home App to adjust your thermostat or connect to your smart home devices. Users can play music, track fitness activity and receive notifications from their connected phone. 

The Google Pixel Watch is the first Android smartwatch to include integrated Fitbit features. The watch's health features include heart-rate monitoring, workout tracking, sleep tracking and more. Google advised that fall detection will be available in 2023. The watch comes with a free six-month subscription to Fitbit premium and three months of YouTube Premium.

The Watch comes in black, silver and gold.

Google Pixel Watch, $300 (reduced from $350) 

Garmin Vivoactive 4

Garmin Store via Amazon

The Garmin Vivoactive 4 uses Garmin's Pulse Ox technology to track your energy levels, respiration, menstrual cycle, stress, sleep, heart rate, hydration levels and more. It can stream downloaded music from Spotify and Amazon Music. When paired with your smartphone, the watch can receive notifications.

This Garmin smartwatch features more than 20 preloaded GPS and indoor-sports apps. Want a personal trainer on your wrist? This watch can show you animated workouts via your watch screen.

Available in a variety of colors. The price listed below is for the black watch, as pictured.

Garmin Vivoactive 4 (black), $231 (reduced from $330)

Garmin Venu 2 Plus


The Garmin Venu 2 Plus offers advanced heart and health tracking. The smartwatch samples your heart rate multiple times per second and lets you know if it stays too high or too low when you're resting. It also helps gauge how hard you work during activities, even while swimming.

Garmin Venu 2 Plus, $450

Fitbit Charge 5


The latest in the Charge line from Fitbit, this well-equipped activity and health tracker packs advanced technology into a slender device and features a color touchscreen. The smartphone-enabled device helps you manage stress and stay on top of heart health and sleep.

The Fitbit Charge 5 boasts a 7-day battery life on a single charge.

Fitbit Charge 5, $100 (reduced from $150) 

Fitbit Versa 3


This top-of-the-line Fitbit has a built-in GPS that can be used to track the pace, distance and route of your runs, hikes, or biking outings. The tracker offers heart-rate monitoring, stress data and sleep tracking. Google Assistant and Alexa voice assistant support is built in.

The Fitbit Versa 3 has a 6-day battery life. Its fast-charge capability gives you a full day's worth of battery in just 12 minutes.

Fitbit Versa 3, $154 (reduced from $230)

Amazfit Bip 3


What's so great about the Amazfit Bip 3? It features a colorful 1.69-inch screen to display incoming calls and texts. It's loaded with sensors, too, to monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen level, sleep quality, and stress levels. You can even take it swimming with you -- the Amazfit Bip 3 is IP68 water resistant.

Be sure to apply the coupon before checkout to get the best price on this Android- and iPhone-compatible smartwatch.

Amazfit Bip 3, $54 (reduced from $60)

Best workout leggings for weight training

When you're lifting at the gym, you'll want flexible, squat-proof leggings. Here are some of the top options.

Gymshark Adapt Animal seamless leggings


These Gymshark leggings are made for lifting. They offer sweat-wicking fabric, seamless stretch and a zero-distraction design that lets you lift in comfort and provides the support you need to hit a new personal record in the gym.

Gymshark Adapt Animal seamless leggings, $45 (reduced from $64)

Under Armour Meridian full-length leggings

Under Armour

These leggings are buttery soft and squat-proof. The material wicks sweat & dries really fast, making these a great pair of leggings for intense gym sessions.

"I absolutely love these leggings! They are comfortable to wear with my workouts and I find that I do not have to adjust them at all," one reviewer wrote. "They adapt to my movements and they are also quite stylish to wear."

Under Armour Meridian full-length leggings, $53 (reduced from $70)

Colorfulkoala high-waisted tie-dye leggings

Colorfulkoala Women's High Rise Tie Dye Leggings

Reviewers rave about Colorfulkoala's Lululemon Align-lookalike leggings (and they're Essentials bestsellers). The tie-dye option, which comes in six colorways, is currently on sale. These leggings have a seamless waistband with a hidden pocket.

"I cannot get enough of Colorfulkoala," an Amazon reviewer says. "I can't stop buying them! They are so comfy, fit so great and are cheap! They're squatproof and cute to wear out. I almost don't want to share how good these are because I hate when they sell out!"

Colorfulkoala high-waisted tie-dye leggings, $30 (reduced from $35)

Thirdlove Flex seamless compression leggings


These compression leggings from Thirdlove feature a flattering pattern that sculpts and emphasizes key muscle groups in your legs. They offer compression and a high-performance material while still remaining comfy enough to lounge around in if desired.

"I wear these leggings to Krav Maga, Muay Thai and BJJ training." wrote reviewer Thania. "This means kicking, throwing and rolling around on the ground. These leggings have stood up to the wear really well, especially around the knees. Most importantly they stay put through all of it."

Thirdlove Flex seamless compression leggings, $29 (reduced from $60) 

You can also get the Thirdlove Flex sports bra to wear as a matching set.

Thirdlove Flex sports bra, $39 and up

Lululemon Wunder Train high-rise tight

Lululemon Wunder Train high-rise tight

You can worry less about breaking a sweat in the Lululemon Wunder Train high-rise tights. They're made with the brand's fastest-drying Everlux fabric. The sweat-wicking and supportive fabric is made with four-way-stretch and is made to feel cool and sleek on the inside. The leggings come in 18 different colors and run up to a size 20. They are available in the lengths ranging from 25 to 31 inches.

Lululemon Wunder Train high rise tight, $98

Athleta Elation Train 7/8 workout tight


These Athleta leggings are designed for medium-to-high-impact workouts at the gym or outdoors. They're made of recycled SuperSonic fabric with supportive compression. They also feature back drop-in pockets to hold your phone or essentials at the gym.

Athleta Elation Train 7/8 workout tight, $60 and up

Best workout leggings for running and cardio

Whether you're hitting the treadmill or heading to a cardio boxing class, these leggings are the best choice for cardio.

Lululemon Fast and Free high-rise fleece running tight


These Lululemon leggings are designed for running. The Fast and Free high-rise fleece running tights are made with water-repellent tech-fleece fabric. The fabric is brushed on the inside for warmth, and that makes them a strong choice for cold weather. The leggings features the same four-way-stretch as Lululemon's Align leggings and run up to a size 20 in select colors. 

Lululemon Fast and Free high-rise fleece running tight, $138

Bandier All Access Center Stage high-waisted leggings


These Bandier workout leggings are made with silky-smooth compression fabric and feature a double layer elastic waistband to keep your leggings in place while you're moving around.

"These high-waisted Center Stage leggings are perfect for both working out and lounging around." wrote one verified buyer. "They hold up for long runs, yoga, hit training, etc. They also shape your legs nicely."

These leggings come in two fabric options; All Motion and sport rib. All Motion is a high-compression, quick-drying fabric. Sport rib is a ribbed stretchy quick-drying fabric. You can also choose from capri, mid-rise, high waist and high waist with a pocket.

Bandier All Access Center Stage high-waisted leggings, $98 and up

You can also complete the look with a matching bra.

Bandier Front Row sports bra, $80 

Girlfriend Collective compression pocket leggings: $70

Girlfriend Collective

These Girlfriend Collective leggings are one of Oprah's Favorite Things 2022. The TV icon loves these "sweat-wicking, high-compression and high-waisted," leggings from size-inclusive brand Girlfriend Collective, made out of recycled plastic bottles. 

Available in sizes XS to 6XL.

Girlfriend Collective compression pocket leggings, $70 (reduced from $88)

ThirdLove Kinectic performance pocket leggings


These ThirdLove Kinectic performance pocket leggings are great for running, HIIT classes, cardio boxing and other cardio activities. Made with dry-feel performance fabric and a lightly compressive fit, these leggings provide the perfect balance between performance and comfort.

They feature drop-in leg pocket, which I love because it's big enough for my phone and feels very secure, unlike some other pocket leggings I've tried. I also like that it's a sweat-wicking performance fabric that still feels comfy enough to lounge around in.

ThirdLove Kinectic performance pocket leggings, $74

EleVen by Venus Williams 90s girl leggings

EleVen by Venus Williams

These leggings are super stretchy and soft. They feature a moisture-wicking fabric that moves sweat to the fabric's outer surface to leave you comfortable and dry throughout your workout.

EleVen by Venus Williams 90s girl leggings, $108

Victoria's Secret Pink seamless high waist leggings

Victoria's Secret

Victoria's secret is often overlooked for its activewear, but I've owned several great workout leggings from the brand. These are my current favorites.

These leggings are made with a breathable, sweat-wicking material to keep you cool and dry while you break a sweat at your favorite workout class or go for a job. They're super comfortable and flattering. They come in eight colors.

VS pink seamless high waist leggings, $45 

There is also a matching sports bra available.

Victoria's Secret Pink seamless racerback sports bra, $30

Best workout leggings for yoga and pilates

These comfortable stretchy leggings are perfect for a barre, yoga or pilates class,

Lululemon Align high-rise leggings


When it comes to yoga pants, none are more popular with shoppers right now than the Lululemon Align. These ultra-lightweight, buttery soft yoga pants feature side drop-in pockets, a back drop-in pocket for your phone, and added Lycra fabric for stretch and shape retention. 

25" Lululemon Align High-Rise Pant with Pockets, $29 and up (reduced from $128 and up)

MAÄT leggings


These futuristic-looking leggings provide protection and cushioning for your knees while you workout. MAÄT's moisture-wicking, stretchy leggings are designed with ultra-flexible ribbed knee pads that pad the area without being bulky, and are tapered to put wider coverage where it's needed. 

"I wore these leggings to a pilates class," said CBS Essentials senior writer Lily Rose. "I normally get knee pain when I use the reformer, but these leggings really cushioned the area and helped me hold my poses. Plus, the material is really soft, stretchy and the leggings are flattering."

MAÄT leggings, $148

Outdoor Voices Freeform 7/8 high waist leggings

Outdoor Voices

These popular leggings are made with a supersoft knit fabric and feature a high-rise fold over waistband for unrestricted comfort during yoga. They are designed for low to medium-sweat workouts like yoga and pilates.

Outdoor Voices Freeform 7/8 high waist leggings, $88

Outdoor Voices seamless rib leggings

Outdoor Voices

These high-rise ribbed leggings provide a light stretch and a "second skin" feel for comfortable movement. Outdoor Voices advises this legging is best for low-impact activities like yoga, pilates, stretching or dog walking (and I can confirm they are super comfy for dog walking and yoga).

Outdoor Voices seamless rib leggings, $78 

Year of Ours Veronica ribbed leggings


The Veronica ribbed leggings from Year of Ours feature a lightweight, ribbed activewear jersey material and a stylish cross-over waistband. The fabric is moisture-wicking for maximum dryness and provides just the right amount of stretch.

Year of Ours Veronica ribbed leggings, $49 and up

Victoria's Secret Pink ruched leggings

Victoria's Secret

These ultra-soft leggings feature a flattering v-shaped ruched waistline. The fabric is quick-drying, sweat-wicking, stretchy and super soft, making these leggings perfect for a yoga class, the gym or lounging.

Victoria's Secret Pink ruched leggings, $50

Offline by Aerie Real Me high-waisted ruched flare legging

OFFLINE By Aerie Real Me High Waisted Ruched Flare Legging

"These are some of my most-worn leggings at the moment. They're incredibly comfortable -- they never ride up or pinch. And with a ruched front that dips, they make your waist look tiny." shared CBS Essentials writer Carolin Lehmann.

These flare leggings come in short, standard and long lengths.

Offline by Aerie Real Me high-waisted ruched flare legging, $30 (reduced from $60)

Best workout leggings for outdoor workouts

Hikers, trail runners, tennis players and other outdoor exercise enthusiasts will want to check out these outdoor workout leggings.

Under Armour ColdGear compression leggings


These sweat-wicking compression leggings can keep you warm under any gear during chilly morning runs, and help prevent chafing. 

Under Armour ColdGear Compression Leggings, $50 and up

Tentree InMotion pocket legging


These eco-friendly workout leggings are made from recycled, post-consumer waste. They're buttery soft and offer. nice four-way stretch to give you a comfortable and secure fit while you go for a jog or take a hike. The company also plants ten trees for every item purchased, making this a great planet-friendly gift.

Tentree InMotion pocket legging, $68

The matching InMotion sports bra also provides a comfortable stretch that is perfect for workouts.

Tentree InMotion longline active bra, $48

EleVen by Venus Williams Level Up leggings

EleVen by Venus Williams

These are one of my go-to leggings for getting active on a cold day. They're light and breathable enough not to cause overheating while I'm running, but the fabric is cozy and warm enough for me not to freeze during my warm-ups. The ribbed fabric is moisture-wicking and stretchy.

EleVen by Venus Williams Level Up leggings, $108

Year of Ours ribbed football leggings


This bestselling legging is loved by a number of celebrities, including Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber. These ribbed leggings are perfect for long hikes and outdoor workouts. They feature a trendy tie closure at the waistband and are made with breathable and textured active ribbed fabric.

Year of Ours ribbed football leggings, $51 and up

Bandier All Access Pro Fleece Center Stage leggings


Bandier recently released this winter-friendly fleece version of the best-selling Center Stage leggings. These leggings offer a warm, brushed fleece interior and four-way stretch that'll keep you cozy in the cold during your winter workouts.

Bandier All Access Pro Fleece Center Stage leggings. $140

Best running shoes for women

Whether you're hitting the treadmill, trail or gearing up for your next 5K, we've found the best running shoes to help.

Brooks Ghost 15

Brooks Running

Avid runners love the Ghost, one of the most popular sneaker styles from Brooks. The latest version, the Ghost 15, offers ample cushioning for a soft, smooth ride from start to finish and features an updated midsole that reacts to your unique stride and provides smooth transitions. 

They are available on Amazon with Amazon Prime's Try Before You Buy feature, so you can try these shoes out for 7 days for free before buying them to make sure that they are the right fit for you.

Women's Brooks Ghost 15, $140

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39


Nike's popular Pegasus shoes first came out in 1983. They continue to be one of the brand's top selling shoes. Described as a "workhorse with wings," Nike's latest design iteration of the Pegasus shoe offers cushioned support, durability and breathability.

Whether you're aiming for long distances on the trail or sprinting on the track, the Air Zoom Pegasus is a reliable running shoe -- and it's currently on sale. 

Women's Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39, $98 (reduced from $130)

Nike Infinity React 3 


The Nike Infinity React 3 running shoes are lightweight and supportive. The workout sneakers have extra rubber at the outsole and a rocker-like sole, which adds explosiveness to take-offs and extra cushioning as the foot hits the ground. A ventilated design keeps feet cool during high-intensity workouts.

Women's Nike Infinity React 3, $121 and up (reduced from $160)

Hoka Challenger 7

Fleet Feet

If you're a trail runner, you'll want to check out the new Hoka Challenger 7 shoes. These shoes feature a recycled mesh upper with improved breathability and soft foam, plush cushioning on the midsole and proprietary rubber along the bottom. They're trail running shoes, but you can also use them for road running if that's more your thing. 

Hoka Challenger 7, $145

Hoka Clifton 8


Hoka's Clifton 8 running shoes boast a streamlined silhouette, breathable mesh upper and foam midsole for extra cushioning while pounding the pavement. With a 4.5-star rating, it's no wonder the Clifton 8 is one of the brand's bestselling shoes. Available in both men's and women's sizes.

"This is my second pair of Hokas and I really like them. They are comfortable and provide a lot of cushion. I am in the medical field and always on my feet. These provide great cushioning and I feel great at the end of the day," a reviewer wrote. "I have another pair that I use for exercise and they are perfect for long walks or runs."

Women's Hoka Clifton 8, $112

Brooks Glycerin 20

Brooks Running

The Glycerin 20 feature Brooks' super soft nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 cushioning for maximum comfort while running. They feature a breathable mesh upper and a redesigned outsole for a smooth ride when running. 

This is one of Brooks Running's most popular styles due to its comfort and durability.

Select colors and sizes are on sale now at Amazon. Pricing varies.

Brooks Glycerin 20, $128 and up (reduced from $160)

Brooks Levitate 6

Brooks Running

The Brooks Levitate 6 running shoe features lightweight, springy cushioning to help give you a more energized run. The latest shoe in the Levitate line features a more breathable upper and additional cushioning for maximum comfort. 

Brooks Levitate 6, $150 

If you want a more moderate spring in your step or if the Brooks Levitate are a bit out of your budget, the Brooks Revel 6 shoes are also a great option.

Brooks Running Revel 6, $100

Under Armour SlipSpeed training shoes

Under Armour

The SlipSpeed training shoes are Under Armour's most versatile training shoes. They are designed to provide the perfect fit as they adjust to your foot and your movement patterns. They also feature a breathable upper and great cushioning. They also have a heel that converts easily from recovery mode to training mode.

Under Armour SlipSpeed training shoes, $150

Under Armour Hovr Phantom 3 Storm

Under Armour

These Under Armour running shoes feature a water-repelling material that is great for running in the winter with rain or wet terrain. The Hovr Phantom Storm 3s feature ultra-comfortable plush cushioning and an external heel counter for added stability. The responsive  UA Hovr cushioning reduces impact and helps propel you forward. 

Under Armour Hovr Phantom 3 Storm, $160

Adidas Ultraboost 22


A new classic, the Ultraboost serves as the flagship running shoe from Adidas. It feels as comfortable as it looks, with an ultra-cushioned and responsive midsole and extra foam around the heels to prevent blistering. Available in a variety of colors in both men's and women's sizes. 

Women's Adidas Ultraboost 22, $88 and up

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III


The Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III running shoes are meant to allow your feet to move in the most natural way possible while running. They simulate the barefoot running experience while still providing grip and protection for your feet.

"I have noticed significant differences in my posture and mobility since wearing these shoes." wrote one Amazon reviewer "They are also so light and comfortable to wear all day long."

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III, $128 and up

FitFlop Vitamin FF


The FitFlop Vitamin FF shoes features a Neodynamic midsole with high-rebound and impact-reducing cushioning. In addition, the sport sneaker include a springy central carbon plate, that propels you forward and smoothes out movements while running. These are great for casual runners that want a shoe that they can run in, walk in, or wear to the store. 

FitFlop Vitamin FF, $150

Best water bottles to take to the gym in 2023

Explore the best water bottles for gym workouts. We found top-rated options that look stylish and keep water cool.

Hydro Flask wide mouth

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth
Hydro Flask

The reviewer-loved Hydro Flask wide mouth bottle is made of professional-grade stainless steel and has wide opening for a faster fill. It keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. Choose from 12 colors, plus you can personalize it with graphics or text.

Hydro Flask 32 oz wide mouth, $45

Stanley Quencher H2.0 Flowstate tumbler


The Stanley Quencher is currently TikTok's favorite water tumbler, but it's also an excellent workout water bottle. The tumbler features double-walled insulation to keep your water cool for hours. It features an easy-grip handle that's perfect for use in the gym when your hands are sweaty. It also fits in cup holders and includes a reusable straw. 

It comes in two sizes; 30 oz and 40 oz. You can choose from a variety of color options, though certain colors can be a bit hard to find as this tumbler has been selling out frequently.

Stanley Quencher H2.0 Flowstate tumbler (30 oz), $30 

Stanley Quencher H2.0 Flowstate tumbler (40 oz), $40 

Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw tumbler 


The Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler is a leak-proof easy-to-carry water bottle with an attached handle. Like the Quencher, it features a built-in straw and double-walled insulation.

Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw tumbler, $31

Yeti Rambler bottle


Keep your drinks hot or cold with this fan-favorite Yeti bottle. Find it in eight colors and in six sizes. You can also customize it with text and graphics.

Yeti Rambler 26 oz bottle, $40

Under Armour Playmaker water bottle


If you're planning a long workout and don't want to keep refilling your water bottle, the Playmaker water jug from Under Armour is a great option. With an impressive 64-ounce capacity, this water jug does not mess around when it comes to hydration. 

The double-wall foam insulation will keep any drink cold for up to 12 hours, and the leak-resistant flip-top lid keeps the risk of an unintentional post-game celebratory Gatorade-dump moment to a minimum. The ergonomic handle and non-slip side grip make the tasks of drinking from and carrying around this behemoth bottle much easier. 

Under Armour Playmaker water bottle, $25

Under Armour Infinity water bottle

Under Armour

The Under Armour Infinity water bottle features wide twist-off top that makes it easy to add pre-workout or protein powder. It is vacuum-insulated to keep your drink cool for up to 12 hours.

Under Armour Infinity water bottle, $34

Welly Traveler


The Welly Traveler features triple-walled vacuum insulation to keep drinks cold for up 24 hours or hot for up to 14 hours. It's made with with premium-grade stainless steel, natural bamboo, silicone and BPA-free plastic. It also comes with a removable infuser, making it an excellent choice for athletes that prefer naturally flavored infused water.

Welly Traveler 28 oz water bottle, $40

BlenderBottle Classic V2 shaker bottle


The BlenderBottle is a favorite among gym-goers. It comes with a shaker ball to smoothly mix up powders such as pre-workout or protein powders.

BlenderBottle Classic V2 shaker bottle, $11

S'well stainless steel bottle


This 17-ounce S'well water bottle with a twist-off lid has a user-friendly mouth; it won't suddenly dump water onto your face when you tip it, but it's still wide enough to easily fill with ice. 

This bottle will fit most standard-sized cup holders, and reviewers note that its size and shape make it easy to hold. It's BPA-free and composed of grade stainless steel. With triple-layered insulation, S'well bottles are designed to keep beverages cold for up to 36 hours, and hot for up to 18. 

S'well stainless steel bottle, $35

The best deals on home gym essentials and equipment

Turn your office or spare room into a home gym. These apartment-friendly workout setups will transform your space and your body.

FitRx SmartBell adjustable dumbbells: $99


Looking to get in better shape for the holidays, or get a head start on your New Year's resolution? Walmart is offering quite the deal on FitRx SmartBell adjustable dumbbells. Originally $200, you can get one for $99 now at Walmart.

The 4.4-star-rated FitRx SmartBell adjustable dumbbell can be adjusted from 5 to 52.5 pounds in 2.5-pound increments. An anti-slip handle and safety lock keep plates in place during your workout. Comes with a storage rack.

At this price, why not pick up a set of two?

FitRx SmartBell adjustable dumbbells, $99 (reduced from $200)

Gaiam home gym kit: $37


This affordable home gym kit gives you the essentials that you need to get a workout in at home with minimal equipment. The Gaiam home gym kit includes an ab wheel, jump rope, push-up bars and a resistance band with handles.

Gaiam home gym kit, $37 (reduced from $40)

Gaiam yoga starter kit: $35


Yoga is a great home fitness activity that doesn't require too much space. It's also a great midday workout for remote workers who need to get some movement in and de-stress during their work breaks.

This yoga starter kit for Gaiam has everything that you need to start practicing yoga at home. The starter set includes a nonslip yoga mat, a six-foot-long yoga strap and a yoga block.

Gaiam yoga starter kit, $35 (reduced from $50)

FightCamp: $499 and up


FightCamp is an at-home boxing gym experience that combines boxing and bodyweight exercises to give the user a full-body workout. The fitness device tracks your movements to show your progress and help you improve your boxing skills over time. 

FightCamp packages are fully customizable, with the essentials - trackers and a bag - starting at $499.

FightCamp, $499 and up

Marcy Pro home gym fitness cage set: $350


This home gym cage set is great for home gym weight training. The cage system features a high-pulley let tower, low pulley station, adjustable weight bench and contoured foam roller pads for a complete workout.

Marcy Pro home gym fitness cage set, $350 (reduced from $400) 

Bowflex Xceed home gym: $799


This compact home gym system can give you a full body workout with over 65 potential exercises. The Bowflex Power Rods can be used to adjust the resistance from as low as 5 lbs to up to 210 lbs. It features an integrated lat tower and a removable leg extension/curl attachment.

Bowflex Xceed home gym, $799 (reduced from $999)

Bowflex Blaze home gym: $899


The Bowflex Blaze is one of Bowflex's most popular home gym systems. It currently has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon. It features a folding bench, adjustable pulleys, a lat bar, a squat bar, hand-grip/ankle cuffs and a leg curl attachment.

Like the Bowflex Xceed, the Blazy home gym system offers up to 210 lbs of resistance. However, it is upgradable to 310 or 410 lbs if you need higher resistance.

Bowflex Blaze home gym, $899 (reduced from $1,099)

FITURE Core smart workout mirror home gym: $1,195

Fiture Store via Amazon

FITURE uses motion-engine technology to track key movement points on your body to provide real-time form feedback. The reflective fitness device can offer tips to correct your technique, improve your workout, power seamless gesture controls and reduce the risk of injury.

Explore popular classes including strength, boxing, yoga, cardio sculpt, pilates, barre, HIIT, stretching, meditation and customized workouts. 

FITURE Core smart workout mirror home gym, $1,195 (reduced from $1,495)

The best deals on treadmills for your home gym

If the weather outside is frightful, you might as well workout inside where it's warm. We've found treadmill deals that suit a variety of budgets.

NordicTrack T Series 6.5 S treadmill: $699 and up

NordicTrack T series 6.5 S treadmill

The NordicTrack T Series 6.5 S treadmill is equipped with one-touch, zero to 10 percent incline control, can reach speeds of up to 10 mph, and be folded up into the frame for storage. It has a 300-pound capacity.

"Precise and well-crafted, the unit smoothly folds upright to reduce the footprint in my living space," reviewer Morgan Powers says. "The console immediately synced with my home Wi-Fi. Graphics/audio on the 10-inch monitor are crystal clear."

The treadmill is available in two varieties: one with a five-inch display screen; and, one with a 10-inch display screen. 

NordicTrack T Series 6.5 S treadmill (5" inch display screen), $699

NordicTrack T Series 6.5 S treadmill (10" inch display screen), $999

Bowflex treadmills: $1,799 and up

Bowflex treadmills: Save up to $500

Bowflex treadmills boast motorized incline ranges from -5 percent to 20 percent, Comfort Tech deck cushioning, SoftDrop folding systems and bluetooth capabilities. They also come with a one year JRNY membership ($149), which grants you access to the JRNY app, featuring a wide range of fitness classes taught by world-class trainers. RIght now you can score the biggest deal on the Bowflex Treadmill 10

Bowflex Treadmill 10, $1,799 (reduced from $1,999)

Bowflex Treadmill 22, $2,699

Echelon Stride Treadmill: $1,170


This 4.3-star-rated Echelon Stride Treadmill features a 20" x 55" deck, a 10 percent max incline and a max speed of 12 mph. Heart rate sensors are integrated into the handlebars. Includes a 30-day free trial to Echelon Premiere, which offers access to 3,000 live and on-demand classes by fitness professionals.

Echelon Stride Treadmill, $1,170 (reduced from $1,300)

Redliro under desk treadmill: $319


Consider this under-desk treadmill if you work from home and want to get more movement into your daily routine. This motorized walking and jogging treadmill offers 12 preset exercise modes as well as the option to manually adjust the setting for your perfect workout. 

Redliro under desk treadmill, $319 after coupon (reduced from $480)

WalkingPad C2 Mini foldable walking treadmill: $550


Know someone who works from home and doesn't have a ton of space? This mini walking treadmill is the perfect size to slide under a standing desk. When it's not in use, this fitness machine can be folded to almost half its size for easy storage. 

Choose from five colors.

WalkingPad C2 Mini foldable walking treadmill, $550 (regularly $600)

Sunny Health & Fitness T7643 walking treadmill: $550

Sunny Health & Fitness T7643 walking treadmill

The T7643 walking treadmill by Sunny Health & Fitness would make an excellent addition to your home gym. The treadmill boasts a 19.5-inch-wide surface for walking or running, and an above-average weight capacity of 350 pounds. It's equipped with two bottle holders, and a space for your tablet or phone.

A good fit for speed walkers and light joggers, the T7643 walking treadmill can reach speeds up to 6 mph. The built-in digital monitor displays your burned calories, speed and distance covered. The treadmill's deck can be folded into the frame. Plus, it's on sale right now on Amazon.

Sunny Health & Fitness T7643 walking treadmill, $550 (reduced from $770)

Goplus 2-in-1 Superfit folding treadmill: $370

Goplus 2 in 1 folding treadmill

The 2-in-1 Superfit treadmill can be used as a traditional treadmill capable of reaching speeds of up to 7.5 mph, or folded down and used as a walking treadmill that will max out at 2.5 mph. The sturdy frame and shock-absorbing, multi-layer design will keep your workout quiet and comfortable.

The 2-in-1 Superfit treadmill would make a great addition to any home office for the remote worker trying to get in their steps between (or even during) meetings. Just add a standing desk into the mix, and you're good to go.

Available in seven colors. Prices vary by color. The price listed below is for the blue model.

Goplus 2 in 1 Superfit folding treadmill (blue), $370 (reduced from $500)

Runow folding treadmill: $480

RUNOW Folding Treadmill

This folding treadmill has three incline options and an LED monitor that tracks your speed, distance, calories burned, time and pulse. It has a shock-absorbing system that protects your knees and ankles and takes only 15 minutes to assemble.

Runow folding treadmill, $480 (reduced from $700)

The best deals on stationary bikes for your home gym 

We've found stationary bikes that suit a wide variety of budgets. Shop bikes from PelotonSchwinn and more.

The Peloton Bike: $1,445

Original Peloton Bike

Clip into a Peloton Bike for a cycling workout like no other. This small-space-friendly bike features delta-compatible pedals, a resistance knob for manual control, a two-channel, rear-facing stereo speaker system with 16W of total power, 10-point multitouch touchscreen, USB micro port, 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, 5MP front-facing camera, built-in microphone and volume buttons.

A Peloton All-Access Membership ($44 monthly) must be purchased separately to access Peloton content on your Bike. Membership offers unlimited access to Peloton's entire library of content available on your new Bike and through the Peloton App.

Original Peloton Bike, $1,445

Schwinn indoor cycling bike: $975


This indoor cycling bike is compatible with popular third-party cycling apps, like Peloton and Zwift. It features a full-color, backlit LCD console that monitors your heart rate, speed, time, distance and calories burned while cycling. It also has an adjustable race-style seat and dual-link foot pedals with toe cages and clips for a secure ride.

Schwinn Fitness indoor cycling bike, $975 (reduced from $1,199)

Schwinn Fitness IC3: $699

Peloton alternative: Schwinn Fitness IC3 exercise bike

This bike with a tablet holder has an LCD console, Bluetooth capability and a 40-pound flywheel. It tracks RPMs, heart rate, calories, time and distance. Try it with the Peloton app.

Schwinn Fitness IC3, $699 (reduced from $799)

Yosuda indoor cycling bike: $210

Peloton alternative: YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike
Yosuda via Amazon

This stationary bike has a belt-driven system for a smooth and quiet ride, an adjustable non-slip handlebar and a tablet holder. Its LCD monitor tracks time, speed, distance and calories burned. There is a water bottle holder and wheels on the bike, so that it can easily be moved.

Yosuda indoor cycling bike, $210 (reduced from $440)

Sunny Health & Fitness indoor exercise bike: $370

Peloton alternative: Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Exercise Bike
Sunny Health & Fitness

This spin bike has a weighted flywheel and quiet belt drive system. It has an adjustable seat and handlebars, plus a water bottle holder. Stream your workout on your TV or a laptop in front of you, or invest in a tablet holder for this bike's handlebars, as it doesn't come with a tablet or workout streaming subscription.

Sunny Health & Fitness indoor exercise bike, $370 (reduced from $399)

The best rowing machine deals

Rowing has become the hot new fitness trend. Shake up your fitness routine in 2023 with a new rower for your home gym.

Hydrow Rower: $2,495 and up

Hydrow Rowing Machine
Best Buy

The Hydrow smart rowing machine features an adjustable 22-inch HD screen, an aluminum and steel frame and a customizable footbed. The Hydrow Rower fits heights up to a 36-inch inseam and weights up to 375 pounds.

You can do more than just row with Hydrow. The brand now offers circuit training. The workout combines strength training using a mix of dumbbells and bodyweight, with short periods of rowing mixed in.

Learn more about the Hydrow rower, here.

Hydrow Rower, $2,495

Hydrow Wave Rower: $1,895 and up


The Hydrow Rower's small-space-suitable successor features a 16-inch HD screen, stainless steel seat track, durable polymer frame and an adjustable footbed. Despite its smaller size, the Hydrow Wave also fits heights up to a 36-inch inseam and weights up to 375 pounds.

Hydrow Wave rowing machine, $1,895

Echelon Sport exercise rower: $297


The Echelon sport exercise rower features 32 levels of magnetic resistance and a built-in tablet holder (up to 12.9 inches). It easily folds up when not in use for easy storage.

The Echelon Sport exercise rower includes a 30-day free trial membership to Echelon Premiere, with more than 40 daily live and 15,000 on-demand fitness classes. (Echelon Premiere costs $34.99 per month after that; membership is not required to use the rower.)

Echelon Sport exercise rower, $397 (reduced from $597)

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