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Rocklin Unified School District votes to approve policy requiring teachers to notify parents of chil

The Rocklin School Board voted to approve a policy requiring staff to notify parents if students request to be identified as a gender other than the child's biological sex or access sex-segregated school programs, bathrooms, or changing facilities. The school board chambers were packed Wednesday, with some showing the emotions of the decision on their faces and some with signs. Some of the board members in favor said this is not a political or religious agenda and that the policy did not break state or federal law. But opponents said it would put teachers, other school employees, and students at risk.

California assemblymembers announcing resolution to adopt a transgender history month.

A declaration will be made for the LGBTY+ community as a group of California assemblymembers are announcing a resolution to adopt a transgender history month. California would be the first state in the nation to do so if the resolution passes. Supporters say it's about education and visibility. Transgender History Month has been previously adopted in some California cities like San Francisco, but this push for this voted resolution will make it statewide.

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