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DIY $500 air conditioner repair for $25 | Call Kurtis

DIY $500 AC repair for $25
DIY $500 AC repair for $25 02:15

Sizzling hot temperatures are cooking much of the Sacramento Valley and Northern California this week, so it is only natural to reach for the thermostat to flip on your air conditioner for some cooling and comfortable relief.

Of course, air conditioning units can break down when we need them most. Repairing them can be costly, too. But do we really need to have an expensive house call from a repairman?

Call Kurtis and CBS13 has teamed up with a retired yet seasoned Sacramento-area air conditioning repair professional who is providing expert advice on a cheap fix that could save you hundreds of dollars.

The biggest issue for an air conditioner not working properly is when the thermostat is on, but the unit is blowing out hot air. Stepping outside to see what's wrong with the unit, it is likely the fan blade is not turning like it should.

The capacitor in an air conditioning unit is like a spark plug. It kickstarts your powerful A/C, that is, when it is working.

Greg Fox, a retired air conditioning repairman and the former owner of Fox Family Heating and Air, says the cause of this problem is a broken capacitor. Fox says a technician can replace the capacitor to make your unit work again, but it will surely come at a hefty cost – in upwards of $500, even more if you need help on weekends.

Fox says if you do it yourself, it should cost $15 to $25 for the new part.

He has created a YouTube video that shows how to safely do this yourself, offering step-by-step instructions that include the most important safety step – making certain the power is turned off from the unit before you do anything, and also discharging any remaining charge that is left in the old capacitor.

We suggest you watch Fox's entire video. His advice: along the way, take photos of the wires, so you will remember exactly where to attach them to the new capacitor.

Once the new capacitor is installed and hooked up, put the panel cover back on the unit. The air conditioner should be working as good as new.

Safety first, of course. As Fox says, please remember to shut down the power to your unit before you do anything.

Watch Fox's helpful and easy-to-follow YouTube videos here and here

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