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DoorDash now delivers electronics; viewer got stiffed on $500 refund | Call Kurtis Investigates

Viewer stiffed on $500 refund of DoorDash electronics delivery
Viewer stiffed on $500 refund of DoorDash electronics delivery 02:04

ROCKLIN -- At least one DoorDash customer says he will only use the delivery app when he is hungry - and not for electronics.

Zak Liske experimented with buying Meta VR goggles from Best Buy that were delivered to him via DoorDash within 30 minutes, gladly paying an extra $30 for delivery and tip.

"I was like, wow, that's very convenient," Liske said.

But Liske ended up returning the goggles to Best Buy. He knew in advance that Best Buy would refund his $538.74 directly to DoorDash. However, DoorDash refused to pass along the refund to him. It told Liske it could not approve his refund request due to company guidelines which state that "orders are final and non-refundable" and that DoorDash "is under no obligation to provide refunds".

"It was a total failure," Liske says. "It exploded entirely. And, I wouldn't try it again."

When he tried to figure out what happened to his money?

"That's the question that I'd love an answer to," he says. "I asked DoorDash. They said they didn't know where it was." 

Liske says it feels like DoorDash stole his money.

CBS13 found other consumers posting complaints online about refund issues with Best Buy electronics purchased through DoorDash.

"$500 is a lot," Liske explains. "It means it's not anything to look down at. It's a lot of money. I work hard for it. And to me, I'm not just going to let that go."

CBS13 reached out to DoorDash to ask why they initially denied Liske's refund. DoorDash says it is investigating the matter.

Liske says DoorDash eventually gave him a full refund in addition to $100 in DoorDash courtesy credits.

Others have posted stories online outlining struggles to get their refunds on electronics. We asked the company if Best Buy customers should expect refunds from DoorDash.

The company did not specifically respond to our question but did say in an email that, "if a consumer ever has questions or concerns regarding a refund policy, we encourage them to immediately contact support."

"We understand that this was a frustrating experience for the consumer, and we are pleased that we are able to independently resolve the issue," says the company in a statement. "We are still investigating, but it appears that there was a misunderstanding regarding our refund policy, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Ensuring a seamless experience for all our consumers is a top priority for us at DoorDash, which is why we're continuously working to improve our processes and communication to better serve our consumers."

Though Liske eventually received his refund, he says he will stick with DoorDash for food deliveries.

"I certainly will not be testing out big-box store orders that I may return with something like this," Liske says. "It's way too risky." 

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