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Investigating "secret" Prop. 57 prison credits: Are most felons really "earning" early release?

When voters approved Prop. 57, CDCR said inmates would earn early release credits for rehabilitation​, good behavior, and education milestones, and would lose credits for bad behavior. But critics argue that's not the case anymore and there's little transparency - pointing to Sacramento mass shooting suspect, Smiley Martin, as a prime example. Now one local DA says nearly half of the felons from his county, released under Prop 57, have now reoffended.


What's California's Department of Public Health Hiding At The $1.7B COVID Testing Lab? Lawmakers Demand Answers

State Senate Republican Leader, Scott Wilk, is demanding answers from the Department of Public Health following an ongoing CBS13 investigation into shocking public health failures at the state's $1.7 billion COVID testing lab. The state said it would make it's investigation public by mid-March but now says "the investigation is ongoing" as problems continue and the lab contract is set to renew at the end of the month.


Are False Positives or Sensitive Tests Responsible For School COVID Spikes? CBS13 Investigates - Troubled State Lab

At least one school district has paused COVID testing after students got false-positive results from the state's troubled COVID-19 testing lab. Another says their positivity rate increased 1000% after switching to the state lab which has a 60% higher positivity rate than CA overall. Administrators are now calling for a state-wide moratorium on asymptomatic PCR testing for student athletes.

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