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Neighbors In Shock Over Charges NY Mom Ran Upper East Side Brothel

MONROE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- Neighbors of a 44-year-old suburban mom are reacting to news she allegedly ran a brothel on the Upper East Side.

"I'm just shocked to know that she's up here," said resident Anne Backiel.

The alleged East Side Madame is known back in Monroe as Anna Gristina-Gorr, a married mother of four who lives in a secluded home with her second husband Kelvin Gorr and four children, including one from a previous marriage.

"It's just bizarre. You just never know what's going on around here," said neighbor Abbie Gonzalez. "It's shocking but I'm sure there are other people doing it who haven't gotten caught yet."

As far as the neighbors are concerned the only unusual thing about the family was their unusual choice of pets.

"I thought it was a dog loose at first, then I said 'whoa wait a minute' then I saw how big it was, like 150 pounds. A huge pig," another neighbor said.

Anna's first husband, Dario Gristina, is running for State Assembly from Putnam County. He told CBS 2's Lou Young by phone that he's shocked beyond words.

Gristina's oldest child, the 17-year-old boy she had with her first husband Dario, was in the house as late as this morning when his father says he called in tears as the news broke.

The father picked him up, distraught over the news and certain he couldn't return to school.

"That I can't even touch because it's just too sad for that family, for those kids. I'm sure they don't want to be here. How could you go back to school after that?" said resident Mary Perez.

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