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Climate Change: Protecting our planet

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Climate Change: Protecting Our Planet 23:00

NEW YORK - Earth Day is Saturday and we're taking a look at climate change's impact on the Tri-State Area and possible solutions. 

Some solutions are wind farms in the ocean off Long Island and even restaurants repurposing food waste into more than just compost. 

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Climate Change by the numbers

Experts weigh in on latest climate change projections 03:49

To better understand how climate change will affect our area, CBS2's Meteorologist Vanessa Murdock spoke with local experts about their latest projections. 

They say climate change will continue to impact the Tri-State Area, driving bigger storm surges, more intense rainfall more often, and extreme heat that lingers longer, to name a few.

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By Vanessa Murdock

New York to launch South Fork off of Long Island, first major offshore wind farm in U.S., this year

Efforts to combat climate change underway with NY's off-shore wind farm 04:07

Long Island winds, strong and consistent, will power New York's first offshore wind farm, and its first power cable has made landfall. Snaking 60 miles, by year's end it will connect 12 wind turbines being built 35 miles east of Montauk, ushering in clean energy to 70,000 homes. 

It's the biggest dive into offshore wind in the nation - a first of many.  

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By Carolyn Gusoff

Bronx organizations pushing for environmental justice with high asthma rates in community

Air pollution, emissions from highways in the Bronx impacting health 03:49

The Bronx is where the convergence of some of the largest, noisiest, and air polluted highways meet in all of New York City. 

It's common to find someone in the South Bronx who has asthma.

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By Shosh Bedrosian

New technology captures carbon emissions at Upper West Side building

First-of-its-kind system captures carbon dioxide to prevent pollution 04:02

The Grand Tier is a 30-story apartment building on 64th Street and Broadway.  

They currently use a giant boiler powered by natural gas for heat and hot water, which results in emissions causing smog and pollution, and carbon dioxide. And it's that CO2 that stays in the atmosphere, traps the earth's heat, contributing to climate change.

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By John Elliott

New York City restaurants, nonprofits create tasteful ways to reduce food waste

NYC restaurants, nonprofits create tasteful ways to reduce food waste 03:12

The United Nations says about a third of all greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans is linked to food.

With that in mind, Blackbarn, a restaurant on East 26th Street in the Flatiron District, is reusing food in innovative ways.

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By Lisa Rozner

New Jersey is first state to incorporate mandatory climate curriculum

NJ students learning about climate change under new initiative 02:52

Whether in kindergarten, middle, or high school, climate change curriculum in New Jersey schools is tailored with students in mind. 

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade eco-ambassadors at Readington Middle School are getting their hands dirty. 

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By Alecia Reid
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