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B&C Morning Show: Eddie Scozzare Snubs Boomer & Carton In Newsday

Last week, Newsday's Neil Best stopped by the WFAN studios to interview some of the long-time station employees and gather some quotes for an article on the FAN's 25th anniversary. One of the staff members interviewed was none other than "The" Eddie Scozzare of the Boomer & Carton program.

Eddie has been a fixture here at the FAN forever and a day, and he's worked with just about every on-air talent you can think of that's graced these hallways. So naturally, given that Eddie has been with B&C for close to five years now, one would think that the two morning show hosts would be heavily featured in the Scozzare interview, right?

Well, apparently not. Craig read the part of the article that Eddie contributed to, and is stunned to find that neither his nor Boomer's name appears at all. Eddie even mentions having worked with three "radio giants," but it turns out he was talking about Don Imus, Mike Francesa and Chris "Mad Dog" Russo. Being left out of that category seems to sting Boomer and Craig even more.

Overall, the guys are perturbed that the article treats the morning show as if it doesn't exist. And Craig also mentions that the omission of Steve Somers' name from the article is egregious.

LISTEN: Eddie Scozzare Snubs Boomer & Carton In Newsday

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