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Caroline Masullo spends the Friday of her work week far from work, thanks to her company's policy of Summer Fridays.

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 In Saudi Arabia women drivers hit the road (Video)
Some Saudi women got behind the wheel this weekend the second it became legal for them to drive. But as Holly Williams reports, there is still a long road to equality, as under this country's male guardianship system, Saudi women still need a man's permission to travel overseas or get married.

Taking Fridays off: Why it's good for business | Watch Video
A few years ago, about 20 percent of companies offered their staff Summer Fridays, where employees would work a little later on Monday through Thursday before taking a three-day weekend. Now, more than 40 percent of companies offer this summer perk. And it's not just out of the goodness of their hearts - companies find that the gift of time and an improved work/life balance builds loyalty and makes employees more committed to their organization. Conor Knighton reports on how some workers are spending their Summer Fridays far from work. (Originally broadcast July 30, 2017.)

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Bella Epstein Seligsohn, whose parents each survived Nazi concentration camps and emigrated to America, tours the Tenement Museum's recreation of a post-war Lower East Side apartment with correspondent Martha Teichner.  CBS News

HISTORY: "Under One Roof," at NYC's Tenement Museum | Watch Video
"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free  …" stated the poem by Emma Lazarus about America's promise. Martha Teichner visits New York's Tenement Museum, which has recreated apartments representing several decades of the immigrant experience as lived by the millions who came from the Old World looking for a new life.

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An installation view of the exhibition "David Bowie Is," at the Brooklyn Museum. Jonathan Dorado/Brooklyn Museum

MUSIC: David Bowie and his ever-evolving self-portrait | Watch Video
Music pioneer, fashion icon, gender-bending rebel … David Bowie was all of those things. And what he was is the subject of a record breaking exhibit now at the Brooklyn Museum, entitled "David Bowie Is." Serena Altschul pays a visit, and also talks with Bowie's longtime producer Tony Visconti.

GALLERY: A David Bowie discography

GALLERY: David Bowie 1947-2016

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 Deliveries of kindness (Video)
No matter what you order from San Diego school cafeteria worker Debra Davis, "Auntie Debra" doles out a heaping helping of hospitality every lunch hour. And she's just starting; after serving food all day, she drives her beat-up, '76 Chevy Malibu looking for hungry homeless people to feed, all at her own expense. Steve Hartman reports. 

MOVIES: Todd Fisher on life with Carrie & Debbie | Watch Video
It was a painful loss for movie fans when actress and screenwriter Carrie Fisher and her mother, Oscar-nominated actress Debbie Reynolds, passed away within hours of one another in December 2016.  But no one would have felt the pain more acutely than Todd Fisher, who writes about his sister Carrie and mother Debbie in his new memoir, "My Girls." Tracy Smith sits down with Fisher to discuss a lifetime in the orbit of two irrepressible Hollywood stars.


GALLERY: Debbie Reynolds 1932-2016

GALLERY: Carrie Fisher 1956-2016

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Recording the podcast Ear Hustle within the walls of San Quentin State Prison.  CBS News

INCARCERATION: Voices from "The Q" | Watch Video
In this special two-part report, "Sunday Morning" senior contributor Ted Koppel goes inside San Quentin State Prison, to which inmates are now applying to get in, due to its innovative programs aimed at helping convicts upon their release. From college courses to a prison newspaper and the wildly popular podcast, "Ear Hustle," produced by the inmates themselves, "The Q," as its known, is now providing hope – even to those sentenced 50 years to life – that there will be life beyond prison.

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Author Roger Rosenblatt says the Trump administration's policy raised the nation's temperature more steeply than other issues because it reduced innocent children to crying in the dark. CBS News

OPINION: Roger Rosenblatt on why the family separation crisis touches us all | Watch Video
The essayist and novelist says distress caused by the Trump administration's policy to remove children from migrant parents has raised the nation's temperature more steeply than other issues.

Week of June 25 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports.

Bison (Extended Video)
We leave you this Sunday Morning where the buffalo roam ... at Custer State Park in South Dakota. Videographer: Brad Markel.

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 The founder of chemical giant DuPont | Watch Video
On June 24, 1771, E.I. du Pont, an emigrant whose gunpowder factory was forerunner of the innovative chemical company, was born in Paris. Jane Pauley reports. 

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Thousands of concerts and interactive events will be held around the world on Make Music Day, June 21, inviting musicians and music lovers to play together. Make Music Day

MUSIC: Make Music Day celebrates the musician in everyone | Watch Video
More than 4,500 concerts and interactive events will be held across the country on June 21, inviting musicians and music lovers to play together.

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Komodo Island National Park
The Indonesian island where these giant lizards reside is also home to diverse and unusual sea life.

Visitors leave mementos at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall in Washington, D.C. CBS News

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Mementos at the Wall (Video)
It is among America's most visited and most poignant sites: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. From the day it was dedicated in 1982, "The Wall" has touched people so profoundly that a remarkable tradition began: Visitors would leave behind intensely personal messages and mementos, which are carefully collected each day by a National Park Service ranger. Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reports. (Originally broadcast May 28, 2000.)

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