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Mind the Customer Service Gap | BTalk


Nick Coster
(Episode 759: 14 minutes 09) Listen on iTunes.

Often a business will fail to satisfy its customers when a product or service doesn't meet expectations. Sometimes managers simply say "they expect too much," brushing it off as though it's an issue that's out of their hands. These are companies that will never do well.

You can fix the issue of the customer service gap in one of two ways: you can change the product or service so it meets expectations, or you can change the expectation.

Whichever path you choose, you still need to understand why the gap exists. SERQUAL is a measurement tool that originated in the '80s to identify where your customer service model might be failing to meet customer expectation. On today's BTalk Nick Coster, from product management agency Brainmates, takes us through the five areas identified by SERVQUAL:

  • The Customer Gap - between a customer's expectations and perception
  • The Knowledge Gap - between what customers expect and what managers think they expect
  • The Policy Gap - between management perception and the actual specification of the customer experience
  • The Delivery Gap - between experience specification and the actual delivery of the experience
  • The Communication Gap - between the delivery of the customer experience and what is communicated to customers
Listen to Nick on today's podcast. It will help you evaluate how to improve the experience for your customers.

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