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Henry Tax Review - The Abridged Version | BTalk


David Pring

David Pring

(Episode 487; 13 minutes 38) The Henry Tax Review included 138 recommendations, of which the government has only really responded with initiatives to reduce corporate tax, increase superannuation contributions and slugging the mining industry with a 40 percent tax.

There's also a list of recommendations the government has said they won't touch, such as removing the Medicare levy or abolishing the luxury car tax.

The problem is, as Deloitte's David Pring points out in today's podcast, cherry picking what's in and what's out was never the intention of the document. It was supposed to be a holistic review of the entire tax system. So what does he think is good and bad about the government's response? What has been missed from Ken Henry's original paper? Can we expect more from it after the next election?

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