ATO Gives a Quick Benchmark For Your Business | BTalk

Last Updated Apr 22, 2010 4:31 PM EDT


Greg Chapman

Greg Chapman

(Episode 481; 12 minutes 52) The Australian Tax Office (ATO) recently published a set of industry benchmarks, so you can see whether your business is experiencing the same level of profit margin as others in your sector.

Greg Chapman, Director of Empower Solutions, explains more about these benchmarks in today's BTalk, and suggests what a small business can do with this information.

Here's an example:
A typical florist with a turnover up to $300,000 would have the following outgoings as a percentage of total turnover:

  • Cost of goods 45 - 57 percent

  • Labour costs 0 - 8 percent

  • Rent 8 - 14 percent

View the industry benchmarks here.