Where does Donald Trump stand?

Last Updated Sep 22, 2016 8:58 PM EDT

  • Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally, Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016, in Colorado Springs, Colo. Evan Vucci, AP

    Donald Trump has big plans for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, should he win in November. At the top of his agenda is immigration, embodied by his call to build a wall that spans the length of the southern border. There isn't a voter in America who doesn't know who Trump plans to have pay for his wall, though you'll get a different answer from the Mexican president.

    Beyond the wall, Trump has proposed a Muslim ban (which has been modified to an "extreme vetting" plan since he proposed it in December) and mass deportation of undocumented immigrants. At many of his rallies, Trump also talks about his support of police officers, often referring to himself as the "law and order" president.

    He would be aggressive about job-creating measures, supporting massive infrastructure investment. And Trump recently rolled out a plan designed to appeal to women -- with paid maternity leave and child care expense deduction. Many of his policies, he often suggests, can be paid for by closing waste, fraud and abuse loopholes in the tax code.

    On foreign policy, Trump has opposed the vast majority of President Obama's actions, including the Iran nuclear deal, his handling of aftermath of the Iraq war and the rise of ISIS. He has also said he would cancel or renegotiate trade pacts to get a better deal for America.

    With that in mind, read on to see where Donald Trump stands on some of the major issues of the campaign.

    • Energy/Environment
    • Entitlements
    • Women
    • Health care
    • Immigration
    • Taxes
    • Defense
    • Terrorism
    • Gun control
    • Education
    • Foreign policy

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