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Holiday gift guide 2022: The best smart watches and fitness trackers for kids this Christmas and Hanukkah


Smartwatches are often at the top of adult's holiday wish lists, but they also make great gifts for kids. Check out the best smartwatches for kids to find an age-appropriate smartwatch to gift your child -- or any other child on your gift list this holiday season.

Top products in this article

Apple Watch SE 2nd generation (40mm), $249

Garmin vivofit jr 3, $90 

Fitbit Ace 3, $70 (reduced from $80)

Kids see their parents wearing and using smartwatches everyday, so it's only natural for them to want one for themselves. While young children probably aren't ready for a top-of-the-line full-featured smartwatch, there are a number of options designed specifically for kids. 

Smartwatches help kids track their activity, stay connected with parents, listen to music and more. Some of the watches designed for younger children even have fun sounds and built-in games to help them stay active.

The best smart watches and fitness trackers for kids in 2022

Check out the best smart watches and fitness trackers for kids to find the perfect smartwatch for your child this holiday season.

Apple Watch SE 2nd generation


Apple Watch SE 2nd generation, the most affordable Apple Watch option, includes core Apple Watch features such as car crash detection, heart rate monitoring, fall detection and activity tracking. The updated watch can be paired with a parent's iPhone, but still operate independently for calling and texting. It's a smart choice for families that want to stay connected.

Apple Watch SE 2nd generation (40mm), $249

Apple Watch SE 2nd generation (44mm), $270

Apple Watch SE 2nd generation, GPS + Cellular (40mm), $299

Apple Watch SE 2nd generation, GPS + Cellular (44mm), $320 (regularly $329)

TickTalk 4 kids smartwatch 


 The TickTalk 4 is a fully functional smartwatch designed for kids ages 5-12. This LG LTE smartwatch works on AT&T and T-Mobile's networks. It includes video calling, voice calling, Wi-Fi calling, Talk-To-Text, voice messages, and emojis to help children at various ages and communication levels stay connected with family. It also includes safety features such as GPS tracking, parental controls, location history, and emergency calling and response features.

The watch comes in three colors; black, pink and blue.

TickTalk 4 kids smartwatch on AT&T, $180 after coupon (reduced from $200) 

TickTalk 4 kids smartwatch on T-mobile, $180 after coupon (reduced from $200) 

VTech Kidizoom smartwatch DX


 The VTech Kidizoom smartwatch is a fun colorful smartwatch designed for kids ages 4-9. It includes a camera with plenty of storage and video capabilities. The touchscreen smartwatch also includes a motion sensor, alarm, timer, games and a customizable watchface.

VTech Kidizoom smartwatch DX, $29

Garmin Vivofit Jr 3


The Garmin Vivofit Jr 3 fitness tracker records steps, minutes of activity, and estimated sleep. It can be paired with parents' smartphones so that they can view their kid's activity and assign chores with the watch's chore management features. There are also 21 color options to choose from, so you can find the watch in your child's favorite color. Another benefit is that it is battery-powered with a one-year battery life so kids and parents don't need to worry about charging it every night.

Garmin Vivofit Jr 3, $90 

Little Tikes Tobi robot smartwatch


The Little Tikes Tobi robot smartwatch is half toy and half smartwatch. It has movable arms and legs, fun sound effects, and a robotic watch interface with different expressions. It is splash proof and durable, comes with fun games built-in, and has two cameras. It's a greater starter smartwatch for younger children learning to tell time. 

Little Tikes Tobi robot smartwatch, $30

Fitbit Ace 3


The Fitbit Ace 3 is an activity tracker designed for kids ages 6 and up. It has the traditional fitness tracking features of the adult models including step tracking and activity challenges presented in a kid-friendly format. It can also help kids develop healthy sleep habits with sleep tracking, bedtime reminders, and silent alarms. You can even get the whole family involved by setting up a family fitness challenge.

Fitbit Ace 3, $70 (reduced from $80)

Prograce kids smartwatch


The Prograce kids smartwatch is designed for children 4 to 12 years old. It features a rotatable camera, flashlight, pedometer, and built-in games. Music can be loaded onto the watch's SD card for parent-approved music listening. 

Prograce kids smartwatch, $35 (reduced from $37) 

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