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The new LG C4 OLED TV is on sale for the first time: Save up to $200 at Best Buy

The stunning new LG C4 OLED TV just went on sale for the first time

Many of the popular TV brands, including Samsung, Hisense and LG have announced or released their new smart TV lineups and there are a ton of really great options. Among our team of tech experts' favorites is the 2024 LG C4 class OLED Evo 4K smart TV. It comes in a wide range of sizes -- from 42 inches up to 83 inches -- and right now, Best Buy has most of the sizes on sale for up to $200 off.

The C4 Series TVs are LG's brand-new flagship OLED models, replacing the 2023 C3s. They feature more than 8 million self-lit pixels that can display rich, bright and accurate colors -- think 100% color volume with 100% color fidelity. These TVs are loaded with features, too, like Dolby Vision support. You also get special viewing modes, like filmmaker mode, which makes movies look as a director intended. 

Since not everything you watch will be in native 4K resolution, you can take advantage of the TV's enhanced AI upscaling, which boosts an image up to almost 4K quality in real-time. We also like that this TV offers multi-view, so you can split the screen and watch two things at once. Sports fans: Take note.

These TVs offer a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels and have a 120Hz refresh rate, via LG's a9 AI Processor 4K Gen 7 and WebOS 24 operating system. To complement the amazing picture quality, the C4 TVs support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X and have a built-in 2.2-channel speaker system that includes downward-firing speakers. Plus, you also get plenty of port options. 

The C4 makes the perfect addition to a living room, family room, bedroom or guest room, while the 77-inch or 83-inch version can be the perfect centerpiece for a home theater setup if you want to use an OLED TV instead of a 4K home projector.

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