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The best gifts for girls

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If you have a little girl in your life, you know that as trends change, so do her interests. Those ever-changing interests might make holiday shopping for any child who identifies with the "she" pronoun, seem like a challenge.

Not to worry! We've found popular, trending gifts she'll love this Christmas and Hanukkah. 

Top products in this article

Little Live Pets Mama Surprise, $49 after coupon (reduced from $65)

Squishmallows Platypus, $25

Barbie Dreamcamper, $89 (reduced from $100)

Our list of the best gifts for girls includes picks from Amazon's 2022 Toys We Love List and Walmart's 2022 Top Toy List. It also includes other CBS Essentials toy bestsellers.

From Barbie to Little Live Pets, here are CBS Essentials' top gifts for girls to make your holiday shopping a whole lot easier.

Little Live Pets Mama Surprise 

Little Live Pets Mama Surprise

Surprise! This 4.6-star-rated Little Live Pets Mama Surprise guinea pig gives birth to three babies. 

Feed and brush mama until her heart starts to glow. Then place her in her hutch, and she will have a baby that comes with a special care package. Repeat the process and she will birth three babies in total.

Little Live Pets Mama Surprise, $49 after coupon (reduced from $65)

Squishmallows Platypus

Squishmallows Platypus

Add to your little one's Squishmallows stuffed animal collection with this 14-inch rainbow platypus named Brindall.

Squishmallows Platypus, $25

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations ultimate ice cream truck toy playset

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Ice Cream Truck Toy Playset

This toy ice cream truck has a Play-Doh soft serve machine, a scooping station, a sprinkle maker and tools and molds. Ring up customers at the register and play ice cream truck jingles. 

This playset comes with 12 Play-Doh colors.

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations ultimate ice cream truck toy playset, $95

Barbie Dreamcamper

Barbie Dreamcamper

The Barbie Dreamcamper comes with more than 60 accessories, including a pool and a tall slide. 

The camper has a kitchen, dining area, sleeping area, bathroom and den with a TV for Barbie to hang out in.

Barbie Dreamcamper, $89 (reduced from $100)

LeapFrog Magic Adventures microscope


This LeapFrog microscope is a fun way to get children excited about science. 

The microscope features up to 200x magnification. Kids can create their own samples to view or look at the provided images and slides. The kit comes with eight double-sided smart slides that show educational videos and images on the microscope's 2.4" viewing screen.

LeapFrog Magic Adventures microscope, $67 after coupon (reduced from $90) 

FurReal Cinnamon My Stylin' Pony toy

furReal Cinnamon My Stylin' Pony Toy

This sweet FurReal pony has more than 80 sounds and reactions. 

She blinks and moves her ears, head and neck when you feed and pet her. 

FurReal Cinnamon My Stylin' Pony toy, $48 (reduced from $85)

Huffy Disney 'Frozen' bike with doll carrier sleigh

Disney Frozen Bike with Doll Carrier Sleigh

Your little "Frozen" fan will squeal with joy over this Disney bike with a doll carrier sleigh by Huffy. This 12-inch bike has training wheels and its frame has graphics of Elsa.

It features sparkling streamers and ice tread tires.

Huffy Disney "Frozen" bike with doll carrier sleigh (12 in.), $85

L.O.L. Surprise fashion show mega runway playset with 80 surprises

L.O.L. Surprise Fashion Show Mega Runway Playset with 80 Surprises

Kids won't get bored with this L.O.L. Surprise playset that offers 80 surprises, including 12 exclusive dolls with accessories to make over 1,500 mix-and-match looks. 

The included runway has four different play areas.

L.O.L. Surprise fashion show mega runway playset with 80 surprises, $124

WowWee Got2Glow Fairy Finder


The bestselling Got2Glow Fairy Finder is perfect for elementary-age children. Available in blue and pink, the whimsical jar merges the thrill-seeking hunt for Pokémon with the fulfillment of caring for a virtual friend, a la by Tamagotchi. Kids hunt for 30 different fairies, and once caught, feed, talk to and love them. 

Once collected, fairies can be traded among friends.

WowWee Got2Glow Fairy Finder, Pink Jar, $22 after coupon (reduced from $40)

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G Movie Magic Studios

MGA Entertainment/Amazon

Described as the "dopamine hit of a generation" by the New York Times, L.O.L. Surprise! dolls seem to make their way onto nearly every child's holiday wish list. L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G Movie Magic Studios serves as an easy one-and-done gift. 

The set includes 12 dolls and 70 unboxing experiences, packaged in a box that doubles as a movie studio set.

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G Movie Magic Studios, $52 after coupon (reduced from $136)

Osmo Math Wizard & the Magical Workshop


Osmo Math Wizard & the Magical Workshop makes learning fun and interactive, providing a smart way to use screen time. While Osmo offers a range of programming for all ages, this one in particular caters to those six to eight, teaching addition and subtraction via hands-on play. In order to use it, an Osmo Base for iPad or Fire Tablet and an iPad or Fire Tablet are required.

You can save an extra $15 when you apply the coupon at Amazon before checkout.

Osmo Math Wizard & the Magical Workshop, $45 after coupon (reduced from $60)

Petite 'n Pretty Mini Makeup Artist Kit

Petite n Pretty

Formulated by mother and beauty industry veteran Sam Cutler, Petite 'n Pretty offers pediatrician-approved, age-appropriate colors and makeup products formulated for kids and tweens. 

The Mini Makeup Artist Kit is inspired by a professional's, but is playful enough for young and experimental artists in training.

Petite 'n Pretty Mini Makeup Artist Kit, $89 (reduced from $126)

Barbie Dreamhouse


The Barbie Dreamhouse recently underwent a renovation. The tri-level mansion includes 10 outdoor and indoor living spaces, and a swimming pool with a waterslide and grassy area. Its layout can be reconfigured and redesigned. The house comes fully furnished with everything from a BBQ grill that doubles as a dessert buffet to an entertainment center-slash-pet play area -- 75 accessories in all. 

This Dreamhouse lights up and plays music.

Barbie Dreamhouse, $189 (reduced from $340)

Polly Pocket Rainbow Funland Theme Park playset


The only thing more exciting than a trip to a theme park? Unwrapping one for the holidays. 

The Polly Pocket Rainbow Funland Theme Park boasts three rides, seven play areas, micro Polly and Shani dolls, two unicorns and 25 surprises.

Polly Pocket Rainbow Funland Theme Park playset, $25 (reduced from $43)

Magnatiles 32-piece clear colors set


An alternative to traditional building blocks, Magnatiles function as colorful and magnetic building shapes that piece together to form three-dimensional structures. 

STEM-approved, they promote important math, science, spatial and tactile skills, and provide hours of fun. 

Magnatiles 32-piece clear colors set, $50

Play-Doh Slime 30 can pack


Whether you divide them up for stocking stuffers or wrap this 30-pack of Play-Doh branded slime and stick it under the tree, kids love this sticky, gooey, colorful compound.

Play-Doh Slime (30 can pack), $22 (regularly $26)

Nintendo Switch Lite


For the young to the young at heart, Nintendo Switch Lite entertains all ages. Available in a bunch of fun colors, the handheld device is small, sleek and light. It's compatible with all Nintendo Switch games. 

Add an age-appropriate game such as Super Mario Odyssey or an eShop gift card for the win.

Nintendo Switch Lite console, $198

Insect Lore Butterfly Garden

Insect Lore/Amazon

Insect Lore Butterfly Garden teaches life sciences to children in a fun manner, as they nurture caterpillars into cocoons and watch them transform into butterflies. 

This set contains 10 live caterpillars and food, a reusable habit, chrysalis logs, a butterfly feeder and STEM butterfly journal.

Insect Lore Butterfly Garden, $43 (reduced from $47)

Move2Play Kidz Bop Microphone


The cultural phenomenon Kidz Bop refuses to quit. Any budding singer will appreciate the Move2Play Kidz Bop karaoke microphone

The mic enables you to sing along with the stars on the popular Youtube Channel and change their voice with four pitches.

Available in pink, purple and blue.

Move2Play Kidz Bop Karaoke Microphone, $27 (reduced from $30)

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