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Bugs, begone! These are the pest control companies of 2023

Pests like ants, rodents, or cockroaches are typically the last thing you want to come up against in the sanctity of your own home (or yard). Some of them can do some real damage if left unchecked. If you're on the lookout for a pest control company to help you clear away any unwanted guests before the upcoming holiday season fills your home with wanted guests, we have you covered below. 

"It is most important to nail down a company with the expertise you need and the integrity to do the job well," expert Brandon Thorsell says. Thorsell is a district manager at the Toronto branch of Critter Control, a wildlife control company.

"Unfortunately, many pest infestations can lead to precarious conditions in the home, so you don't want a pest control company to leave you with more hassle than you started with."

The Environmental Protection Agency lists a number of public health issues that could come with unchecked pest infestations, such as vector-borne diseases (think Zika virus or Lyme disease), microbial infections, and heightened symptoms of asthma or allergies.

This is why it's important to research the type of infestations covered by a pest control company before making your choice. 

"When looking for the best pest control company, consider these key factors to ensure effective and reliable services," says Nicole Carpenter, CEO at Black Pest Prevention. Black Pest services households across North and South Carolina.

"First, check their experience and reputation through customer reviews and testimonials. Ensure they are licensed and certified, meeting industry standards... Verify their insurance coverage and range of services. Safety is crucial, so inquire about their safety protocols during treatments. Choose a company with transparent pricing and professional staff who communicate clearly."

Best pest control companies of 2023

With checklist in hand, take a look at some of the best pest control companies of 2023. Whether you're looking for a quick inspection or need to skip straight to extermination to solve a specific pest infestation problem, there's bound to be a good match in our list below. 

Read through our reviews of some of the biggest and most reliable names in pest control and extermination services.

Best overall: Terminix

Terminix logo
Terminix logo Terminix

One of the most recognizable names in pest control is Terminix, and for good reason. This company offers services, including 24/7 customer support, to households across 45 states. With more than 95 years under its belt, this company has a solid track record to go along with a number of notable plan options.

The first company to hold a termite control patent was Terminix, so if you're dealing with the wood-chomping pests they should be at the top of your list. The company's skilled technicians can help you get started with a free inspection, after which you can sit back and relax while they take care of the infestation itself.

In addition to termites, Terminix will help protect your home against ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, rodents, termites, spiders, mosquitos, ticks, centipedes, and wildlife nuisances like squirrels. Depending on your situation, Terminix will stop by a number of times to conduct removal or extermination services. This can include quarterly or annual inspections to ensure your banished guests stay away.

Speaking of assurances, Terminix offers added benefits through its Ultimate Protection Guarantee. This means a few things are always on the table when you work with Terminix to get rid of pests: 

  • Same-day solutions are available when you need to hear back from a professional within 24 hours.
  • Follow up visits in between inspections are free if Terminix technicians didn't take care of your pest infestation the first time around.
  • If you're not 100% satisfied within the first 30 days after treatment, you can cancel your pest control plan or get a refund with ease.

In terms of pricing, Terminix offers a number of pest control plans and services depending on what you're dealing with. For a one-time roundup of household pests, expect prices to start at $249 for the whole thing -- including free follow ups should any critters return during the first 30 days post-treatment. For something more long-term, there are also quarterly pest control plans starting at $149 per quarter (or $50 per month). 

There are also plans for mosquito control, rodent control, and termite control. That last one comes in three plan tiers to cover any level of termite infestation: the Basic Termite Plan (comes with annual inspections and a reservice guarantee), Advanced Termite Plan (with an extended reservice guarantee covering new termite damage), and the Premium Termite Plan (with ongoing pest control against other types of pests). 



  • Established company with +90 years in business serving more than 2.8 million customers worldwide
  • Some mixed customer reviews based on location
  • Free inspections plus a service guarantee against re-infestation within the first 30 days 
  • Terminix is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Customizable plans with reasonable prices

Why we recommend Terminix: A balance of accessible plans targeting a variety of pests (especially if you're dealing with termites in particular), 24-hour customer service, and the Ultimate Protection Guarantee make this a top choice for best pest control companies of 2023.

Best for next-day service: Orkin

Orkin logo
Orkin logo Orkin

If you live in Alaska, you can skip this list entry -- but for homeowners and families looking for pest control services in any of the 49 other US states, Orkin has your back. This reliable pest control company has more than 400 franchise locations spread across the continental US (and Hawaii -- sorry to our Alaskan readers).

Touting an impressive A+ rating, Orkin has been accredited with the BBB since 2013 and has been in business for more than 100 years.

When going over the most important things to look for with a pest control company, Carpenter reiterates how important it is to look at treatment and extermination methods, depending on your situation. 

"Look for companies that follow an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, prioritizing non-chemical solutions," Carpenter says. "If you face multiple pest issues, consider a company that offers a broader range of services and utilizes [IPM] techniques to address diverse problems effectively."

Orkin is one such name in pest control that provides IPM services. Due to its reliance on things like common-sense practices and the study of how pests interact with their environment, IPM is an EPA-approved set of principles that can be great for removing pests with minimal hazards to you, your property, or the environment.

A big reason this pest control company made our list is its quick and hassle-free customer service. If you need same-day service, simply call or reach out online before noon to get a prompt response from a technician (excludes termite and commercial services).

Orkin will work with you to get rid of common pests such as cockroaches, ants, fleas, spiders, termites, bed bugs, mosquitos, insects that sting, and rodents. Under Orkin's general plan, you get a customized pest control strategy based on your home (plus an inspection or two). This can include treatments, the installation of pest monitors, and detailed reports between visits. 

Plan prices vary notably depending on the size of your home and level of infestation you're dealing with. One number we can throw out there is $550, which was quoted as the cost of an annual pest control plan for a 1,500-square-foot home in upstate New York. Use that as a point of reference when comparing companies -- but note that you may receive a very different quote for your own household. 



  • Same-day service for most locations and situations if you call before noon
  • Some individual customer reviews report steep prices
  • IPM services to remove pests at the source with minimal impact
  • No free pest inspections
  • Targeted pest control services that specifically treat for termites or bed bugs

Why we recommend Orkin: This pest control company can come in clutch with same-day service that's available to 1.7 million residential and commercial customers across 49 US states.

Best for mosquitos: Mosquito Joe

Mosquito Joe logo
Mosquito Joe logo Mosquito Joe

When you find yourself up against a particular infestation, you might lean toward companies that specialize in getting rid of that pest above all others. If your property seems to be clouded with mosquitos, Mosquito Joe might be the company to call.

Mosquito Joe has more than 170 locations nationwide. Most of those can be found in the eastern half of the country, but there are also locations in Texas, Arizona, and the Dakotas. Basically, if you live where the pesky insects are the most common, you're probably near a Mosquito Joe location. 

Mosquito Joe is staffed with technicians trained to get rid of mosquitos, as well as other outdoor pests like ticks and fleas. If you have a special event coming up (think barbecues or outdoor weddings), this company might be the only call you need to place to make sure it's a bug-free affair. 

Barrier spray treatments will keep bugs at bay with a water-based pesticide applied with a precise backpack sprayer. Alternatively, you can opt for one of the company's natural treatments, which replace the pesticide chemicals with pest-repelling essential oils.

Mosquito Joe is relatively new to the scene of pest control, having been founded in 2010. It has quickly established a name for itself, however, in the years since to become a leading name when it comes to the annoying insects. It is also accredited by the BBB. 

Since pricing varies based on a number of factors, you have to call for a quote to see what the financial damage might be for you. If you want a good reference point: Other companies tend to offer mosquito services at around $150 for one-time visits (or starting at $75 per visit for a long-term plan).



  • Comprehensive mosquito pest control treatments that also includes ticks and fleas
  • Services limited to outdoor pest control
  • 14-day moneyback guarantee thanks to the "Neighborly Done Right Promise"
  • No free inspections
  • Your choice of natural or chemical treatments
  • Limited services for problems other than mosquito infestations

Why we recommend Mosquito Joe: We appreciate Mosquito Joe's natural pest control treatment options for a hazard-free solution to outdoor insects, plus the 14-day moneyback promise offered by the "Neighborly Done Right Promise" guarantee is a nice bonus.

Best for handling a variety of pests: Ehrlich

Ehrlich logo
Ehrlich logo Ehrlich

And just like that, we're back to pest control companies with long-established histories. With roots going back to its founding in 1928, Ehrlich Pest Control has more than 90 years of pest management experience under its belt. 

If it weren't for a few key things, Ehrlich would be higher on our list of the best pest control companies of 2023. As it stands, Ehrlich has a smaller national reach, with locations in 20 US states. 

Pricing plans are also not set in stone, and instead determined by -- yep, you guessed it -- multiple factors such as location and infestation level. But judging from a quoted price for a 1,500-square-foot home in upstate New York ($650 for general pest control services), there might be more cost-effective solutions available to you.

The main draw for Ehrlich is its comprehensive Pestfree365 bundle plan. This offers year-round protection for you, your family, your pets, and your home from more than 30 common pests. This covers the usual list of suspects and then some, including: ants, cockroaches, fleas, centipedes, spiders, rodents, hornets, wasps, and stink bugs. There is also the option for add-on services to tackle other unwanted pests like termites or mosquitos. 

If it feels like your home is under siege from a new insect or pest every week, Ehrlich's balanced pest treatment options might be exactly what you need. Need one more reason to consider this pest control companies over the competition? Free quotes and inspections.



  • Comprehensive pest management plans that treat 30+ types of pests
  • Potentially higher than average prices
  • Free quote and inspection prior to treatment services
  • Some customer reviews reporting ineffective services depending on location
  • Nearly 100-year track record of service
  • Not accredited with the BBB

Why we recommend Ehrlich: This pest control company's practical pest management plans that deal with a number of unwanted pests, plus benefits like a free quote and inspection that ensure accurate service, were enough to outweigh a few negatives in our opinion.

Best family-owned: Truly Nolen

Truly Nolen logo
Truly Nolen logo Truly Nolen

Looking for something a little more local? If you live in one of the 21 states where Truly Nolen is available, you can pay for pest management services by a family-owned company. This is also a great choice for environmentally friendly treatments, since the company uses natural products for treatment whenever possible. 

Truly Nolen can repel a number of pests including rodents, bees, wasps, ants, fleas, flies, mosquitos, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, and ticks. One standout offering is the company's rodent control. This targets mice and rats by identifying any points of entry using a discrete smoke test (available free with the purchase of rodent control services).

If your unwanted guests are many, turn your attention to Truly Nolen's Four Seasons Pest Control plan. This bundle will target pest infestations (from ants and crickets to spiders and scorpions) for immediate treatment. It also includes four standard services per year and unlimited callbacks on request.

Simply call or go online to get a free estimate on pest removal services. As an added bonus, if you schedule online, you can save $50 on the year-round Four Seasons Pest Control plan.



  • Environmentally friendly treatments that tackle different pests
  • Limited availability throughout the US
  • Family-owned company with 85 years of experience
  • Not BBB accredited
  • Comprehensive Four Seasons Pest Control plan offers year-round relief from unwanted pests

Why we recommend Truly Nolen: Truly Nolen made the list of best pest control companies of 2023 thanks to comprehensive treatments that are environmentally friendly, year-round service bundles, and a 30-day or 90-day moneyback guarantee (depending on your requested service).

Best EPA-approved: Massey Services

Massey Services logo
Massey Services logo Massey Services

Massey Services is a voluntary member of the EPA's Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP). This program promotes effective alternative pest control practices across the board (such as IPM services). 

This pest control company belongs in your address book thanks to targeted treatments for inside and outside your home. If you're a "two birds, one stone" kind of problem solver, Massey Services also provides Lawn Care and Landscaping services -- perfect for taking care of your summertime checklist all at once.

Whether it's pest control management or lawn care, this company offers seasonally appropriate solutions that will keep roots healthy and strong while weeding out unwanted insects. There is also a solid preventative termite treatment plan to help you stay one step ahead of the nasty summertime invaders. 

Massey Services is available to homeowners in 9 states: Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. If you're near one of the 170 company locations, you can expect prices starting around $200 for single treatment visits or $30 to $85 per month for the Basic Pest Services plan. 

If you schedule a free consultation online, you can unlock some extra savings: namely, $50 off the cost of pest control services or $75 off landscaping services.



  • EPA-approved methods and treatment plans
  • No online or over-the-phone quotes
  • General pest control services on a quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis are available
  • Only available in nine US states
  • Additional services such as landscaping are also available 
  • Not accredited with the BBB

Why we recommend Massey Services: Massey Services won its spot on our list thanks to its dedication to environmentally friendly pest control treatments -- things like service add-ons and a 30-day moneyback guarantee only further sealed the deal.

What to look for in a pest control company

"Some key aspects to investigate are the pest that the company specializes in, the area they operate in, whether they do both commercial and residential pest removal, and whether their technicians are properly certified," Thorsell says.  

Figuring out the type (or types) of pests you need dealt with should be at the top of your list when looking for a pest control company. Matching your needs to a company's services is key to finding the right match.

"You should seek a company that has a tenured legacy," says Jim McHale. McHale is the president of JP McHale Pest Management, LLC, which services the greater New York City area. "[That means] licensed and insured; member of state and local industry associations. This will increase the chances they are up to date with the latest technology and treatment strategies."

McHale points out the importance of a pest control company that's had time to establish and perfect its methods over the years. While a newer company doesn't automatically mean inferior (at least one relatively new pest management company made our best of list), this tenured legacy is something to look for. 

Depending on the state, there are also relevant licenses and certifications to look for. One example is the Pesticide Applicator/Technician Certification required by New York state for any company providing these services. The Association of American Pesticide Control Officials (AAPCO) offers a detailed look at these requirements for each state. 

How we ranked the best pest control companies for 2023

Since priorities, budgets, and timeframes can differ significantly from one household to the next, we took into account several key factors when ranking each pest control company. 

For a closer look at how we review products and services, here are some of the factors we considered while reviewing the best pest control companies: 

  • Pest control plans: We looked for companies that offer a range of treatment plans that provide targeted relief from certain pests, year-round services, or both. Bonus points were given for environmentally friendly methods and any useful add-on services.
  • Availability: We prioritized pest control companies that have a wide reach across multiple states -- or those in areas that just make sense (such as coastal locations that service mosquito infestations).
  • Customer service: Customer service is a key part of the process when you need to tackle a pest infestation problem. We looked at how easy it was for companies to be reached, whether or not they offered round-the-clock customer support, and how easy it was to navigate online inquiries (if available).
  • Customer reviews: We paid attention to which companies were accredited with the BBB and which ones had generally positive reviews. Those companies not accredited were judged based on BBB ratings of A or higher.

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