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The 12 best Apple iPad accessories in 2024 turn your tablet into a laptop

The best Apple iPad accessories in 2024 can turn your tablet into a laptop

Sure, the 2024 versions of the iPad Pro and iPad Air are powerful on their own, but when combined with certain accessories, these tablets can do something they've never been able to do before: replace your laptop, leaving you with just one lightweight powerhouse that pretty much does it all.

The 2024 Apple iPad Pro and iPad Air tablets each offer a stunning 11-inch or 13-inch touchscreen display. And each version comes in a variety of configurations. But if you consider yourself a power user, the new 13-inch iPad Pro tablets are downright incredible, as you'll discover by reading our in-depth review. We've also done a comprehensive comparison between Apple's 13-inch iPad Pro and Samsung's top-of-the-line Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra tablet.

Beyond just the advanced technology built into these iPads, it's the accessories that put them ahead of the competition. Dozens of companies have released some very useful accessories, like the Pitaka Magnetic Folio CaseAstropad Rock Paper Pencil textured screen protector and Dodocase Noblessa Leather iPad Case. Each can dramatically enhance your experience.

The 12 best iPad accessories

Our in-house tech experts have tested and curated this roundup of must-have accessories for the latest Apple iPad tablets.

2024 Apple Magic Keyboard 

Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

At the same time Apple released the 2024 iPad Pro, it also debuted a redesigned Apple Magic Keyboard. It's also a great choice for any die-hard Apple fan who prefers to support the brand over third-party competitors.

Now, typing and data entry on the iPad is faster and more accurate, making the tablet work much more like a laptop. The new design features a larger trackpad (now with haptic feedback), a USB Type-C port and a convenient floating cantilever design that adjusts to multiple viewing angles. Also added to the keyboard is a row of 14 function keys that make it easier to control brightness and volume.

Equally important, when you're not using your iPad, the Magic Keyboard folds over the display to provide front and back protection, with a thin and lightweight design. We love that the new keyboard design also features an aluminum frame and palm rest. The only thing lacking is a place to securely store the Apple Pencil.

It attaches to the iPad using magnets and conveniently draws power from the tablet.

2024 Apple Pencil Pro

Apple Pencil Pro

The new, redesigned Apple Pencil Pro for the 2024 iPads is a pencil-shaped stylus that allows you to write, draw, or annotate files directly on your screen. It's great for note-taking, sketching, marking up documents, editing photos and more.

Compared with the previous Apple Pencils, this new Pro model offers enhanced precision and lower latency for faster response. It's also now tilt- and pressure-sensitive and provides palm rejection support. You also get new features and gestures that work with the Apple Pencil Pro, like hover, double-tap, barrel roll and squeeze -- each of which gives you more control over whatever you're working on.

The Apple Pencil uses a magnet to attach to the iPad for quick charging and convenient storage. And if you lose it, you can locate the stylus using Apple's Find My feature. Using the Apple Pencil Pro with an app like Notability, Goodnotes 6, Evernote or Apple Notes transforms your tablet into a powerful digital notebook that's terrific for handwritten notes and drawings. Some apps even transform that writing into editable text. 

Apple Smart Folio Cover for iPad

Smart Cover Folio for 2024 iPad

If you have a new iPad, you should protect it. The Apple Smart Folio Cover is thin, durable and stylish. It provides front and back protection for your tablet and comes in several colors. 

The Folio Cover also folds back and works as a stand. There's a position that's perfect for watching videos or making video calls, and another that's ideal for typing, web surfing and more.

Anytime you put the cover over the touchscreen, the tablet goes into sleep mode. As soon as you fold it back, the tablet wakes up.

The Apple Smart Folio Cover attaches to the iPad using magnets. Since each of the new 2024 iPad models has a slightly different shape, be sure you choose the right version.

Even if you've invested in the Magic Keyboard, which also can serve as a cover, there will be times when you'll benefit from the more compact design of the Folio Cover.

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Gen)

All of the 2024 iPads offer enhanced sound -- through either their speakers, earbuds or headphones. As you'd expect, the Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) are the perfect companions to all of the new iPad models.

You get features like spacial audio with dynamic head tracking, superior active noise cancellation, a transparency mode, a conversation-awareness feature and onboard touch controls. These AirPods use Apple's next generation H2 headphone chip. The dust, sweat and waterproof rating of the AirPods Pro has been upped to IP54, which makes them a bit more durable for the gym.

The active noice cancellation feature does a really good job drowning out ambient noise, even when you're not listening to audio. When you are listening to something, the ANC works in conjunction with the spatial audio (with dynamic head tracking) feature to deliver sound that's far more immersive, robust, and lifelike. 

If you're not sure which AirPods model is right for you, check out our comprehensive 2024 AirPods buyer's guide. It also includes everything you need to know about the Apple AirPods Max headphones.

Apple 35W dual USB-C port compact power adapter

Apple 35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter

The new iPads don't support wireless charging, so when it comes time to recharging, you'll need to connect to a power source with a standard USB Type-C cable (which comes with the tablet). 

One problem iPad users often face is not having enough electrical outlets handy. This is when the Apple 35W dual USB-C port compact power adapter comes in clutch.

This small power adapter allows you to charge two devices at once, using two separate USB Type-C cables when only one AC power socket is available. This is a handy accessory for travel.

Satechi foldable aluminum stand

Satechi R1 aluminum hinge holder foldable stand

If you use your iPad from a desk, you may need help positioning it perfectly for video calls and other functions. This stand makes that so much easier.  Adjust the iPad's angle to watch a video, or use the tablet with an optional Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse.

We like this accessory because it's made from lightweight but durable aluminum. It's also fully adjustable and folds flat for easy transport. This stand will hold your tablet in either landscape or portrait mode. And it comes in four color options.

On the bottom of the stand are rubber grips that keep it from sliding around. You'll discover that this stand also works perfectly when your iPad is attached to a cover or most cases, like the Apple Smart Folio Cover

Mophie Powerstation Pro AC 27,00mAh power bank

Zagg Powerstation Pro AC

When you're on a really long flight or away from a power source for a while, that's when you'll want a portable power bank.

We recommend this one from Mophie because it has a 27,000mAh battery that can recharge up to four devices at the same time.

The PowerStation Pro AC has two USB Type-C ports, one USB Type-A port and an AC port built in. It also supports quick charging of devices that support it. The unit itself weighs 2.15 pounds, but its slim design makes it easy to transport. Also built into the power bank is an LED status meter, so you know how much battery power the unit has remaining.

Logitech Keys-to-Go Bluetooth keyboard

Logitech Keys-to-Go Bluetooth Keyboard

The thing that many iPad users don't realize is that the latest iPads will work with any Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. And there are a lot of less expensive options than the Apple Magic Keyboard.

While Legitech offers several Magic Keyboard alternatives that also serve as an iPad cover, the company's Keys-to-Go wireless keyboard is a handy and portable keyboard that measures 9.53 by 5.39 by 0.24 inches. This makes it extremely portable. It'll also work with an iPhone, Mac or Apple TV.

The battery lasts up to three months before needing a recharge. And because this is a fully sealed keyboard, it's automatically protected against spills and crumbs. Plus, it wipes clean in seconds. As you'd expect, the Keys-to-Go keyboard makes typing faster, more comfortable and more accurate, compared with the tablet's virtual keyboard.

To complement the Keys-to-Go keyboard, Logitech also offers Bluetooth mice that will work with the latest iPads.

ESR for iPad Pro magnetic screen protector

ESR for iPad Pro 11 Inch M4 Paper-Feel Magnetic Screen Protector 2024

The ESR magnetic screen protector adds a protective film to help prevent accidental scratches and cracks. Made from polyethylene terephthalate, this screen protector is less than 0.33mm thick. It also provides the screen with a more authentic-feeling, paper-like surface when writing on it using an Apple Pencil.

The ESR magnetic screen protector applies easily to the display and can be removed anytime. This magnetic attachment eliminates unwanted air bubbles that could interfere with your view.

This ESR iPad Pro magnetic screen protector is available for the 2024 11-inch iPad Pro and 2024 13-inch iPad Pro, so be sure you select the right version.

Astropad Rock Paper Pencil (version 2) matte screen protector and Apple Pencil tips

Astropad Rock Paper Pencil Matte iPad Screen Protector and Apple Pencil Tips

Anyone who uses the Apple Pencil Pro will love this inexpensive screen protector and Apple Pencil tip replacement. Without hampering the touchscreen's clarity, brightness or responsiveness, this matte screen protector adds a textured surface to the display.

As a result, when you use the Apple Pencil Pro, the writing or drawing experience is much closer to using a real sheet of paper. The bundle comes with two replacement Apple Pencil tips that enhance the performance, accuracy and comfort of the stylus when it's used with this screen protector. 

The screen protector is incredibly thin and attaches to the tablet's screen using magnets, so you can remove it anytime and then place it back onto the screen in seconds. This screen protector helps eliminate glare on the iPad's screen and dramatically reduces fingerprint smudges. Any smudges that do appear wipe clean easily.

Versions of the Rock Paper Pencil screen protector are available for all of the current iPad models, so make sure you choose the correct version. This is hands down the best screen protector we've ever used on any iPad from a functionality, performance and quality standpoint. Even if you don't use the Apple Pencil with your tablet, it's still a worthwhile investment.

Pitaka Magnetic Folio Case for iPad

Pitaka Magnetic Folio Case for iPad

The new Pitaka Magnetic Folio Case, which is now available for all of the 2024 iPad models, takes the concept of Apple's own Smart Folio Cover a step further. When the cover of the tablet is folded back, it offers an innovative origami design that offers four viewing angles -- including the ability to hold the tablet up in portrait mode. 

Meanwhile, when the cover is closed, there's a magnetic flap that holds the Apple Pencil in place, or that just folds over to keep the folio closed. You also get the traditional smart cover functionality, so as soon as the tablet's screen is covered, iPad goes into sleep mode.

The cover comes in three solid color choices and is very thin (just 2.3mm) and lightweight (11.46 ounces). It offers a professional and minimalist appearance and protects the front and back of your iPad. 

The Pitaka Magnetic Folio Case is made from elegant and durable PU leather (a durable polyurethane material) with an interior microfiber lining. The integrated magnets used to hold the tablet in the folio and that keep the folio shut are powerful, yet barely noticeable. 

A version of this folio case is available for each of the current iPad models, so make sure you choose the appropriate one for the iPad you own.

Dodocase Noblessa leather iPad vase

Dodocase Noblessa Leather iPad Case

There are plenty of iPad covers that double as a stand, but only a few are handcrafted in the USA from high-quality leather to provide an added level of luxury. The outside of this case is made from Noblessa calf leather, sourced from Perlinger in Germany, a tannery that's been in business since 1864. The inside uses a soft suede to protect the iPad's screen. 

When open, the case holds the tablet in place and offers multiple viewing positioned. When closed, you get smart cover functionality, plus the cover flap protects the front back, and left side of the tablet. It also offers a place to securely hold the Apple Pencil (if you use one). When you're holding and using the iPad, the cover flips 360-degree around). 

Because each cover is handmade by an experienced craftsmen in a U.S.-based bookbindery, each takes on a unique appearance and is designed to hold a specific iPad model (with a hole in the back so the tablet's camera can be used. 

Whether you're looking to treat yourself and your tablet to a premium leather case, or you're looking for an exquisite gift for an avid iPad user, the Dodocase Loblessa Leather iPad case is, hands down, the most elegant and well-crafted option we've come across. 

Not sure which iPad model is right for you? We've got you covered with our newly-updated 2024 iPad buyer's guide. It contains the information you need about all of the current Apple iPad models and configurations. Meanwhile, to learn all about the latest tech gear and how to find the best deals, be sure to stay up-to-date by reading all of our continuously updated tech coverage.

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