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Sheldon Whitehouse


Supreme Court ethics bill clears committee

With public trust in the Supreme Court wavering amid scrutiny over some of the justices' financial dealings, Democrats in the Senate Judiciary Committee are moving forward with a bill that would overhaul the high court's transparency requirements. Senate Republicans have accused Democrats of playing politics. The bill's sponsor, Rhode Island Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, joins "America Decides" to unpack the newly proposed rules.


Senator accuses FBI of withholding info

FBI Director Christopher Wray committed to greater transparency following intense questioning from Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island during a Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday. Senator Whitehouse joins "Red and Blue" anchor Elaine Quijano with more on how Congress can hold the bureau accountable. He also discusses intelligence failures leading up to the Capitol riot, and weighs in on how the U.S. can shift toward renewable energy while taking care of workers.

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