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"Wonderland Dreams" immerses visitors in Alexa Meade's dreamscape

"Wonderland Dreams" takes visitors down the rabbit hole in Midtown
"Wonderland Dreams" takes visitors down the rabbit hole in Midtown 02:03

NEW YORK - A sprawling exhibit on Fifth Avenue in Midtown invites visitors to get inside the world of "Alice In Wonderland." 

They become works of art themselves in a dreamscape maze called "Wonderland Dreams." 

It is immersive art to overwhelm your senses and trick your eyes. What initially looks like flat paintings are three-dimensional and alive. 

"Behind the layers of paint on the people's faces that's a real human under there," artist Alexa Meade said. 

Meade created the exhibit. She transformed model Melissa Becraft. 

"There's a lot of spontaneity in the process both while I'm painting, and as a piece develops, I don't necessarily know where it's going to end up. And my favorite part is when it's done, because my art are living human beings as my canvas. There's all sort of part of the process that can emerge - it's living breathing art," Meade said. 

You'll want comfortable shoes as you wander through room after room, more than 30 of them on two levels, on 5th Avenue at 44th street. The 26,000 square-foot venue was transformed and it took two months, and 2,000 gallons of paint. 

Some of the "Alice in Wonderland"-inspired areas are secret and tiny, with others larger-than-life. 

Becraft, freshly painted and in character, said it's like living a dream. 

"It's actually a very relaxing experience for the luxe turned out amazing and I and I never know what to expect until I look in the mirror, and I always have so much fun. It's a very whimsical experience and I really enjoy it," Becraft said. 

Meade's high-profile projects include one where she painted on singer Ariana Grande for a music video. Installations have been in galleries and at festivals. 

"I've made an art that has a political message, including about police brutality and most recently a short film about climate change. And I think art has a way to speak to people in ways that perhaps words can't get through, and speak to your heart and can have a larger impact," Meade said. 

If you want to catch attraction and see how it blurs the lines between fantasy and reality... you have between now and September 3rd when Wonderland Dreams closes.     

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