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Fans May Not Be Able To Attend 2020 US Open, But Seats Are Filled With Art For A Good Cause

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)- The US Open may not have its usual 23,000 people filling the seats of Arthur Ashe Stadium. But some of those seats are now filled with something impactful.

"If I sat down with you to explain that artwork, it would take hours," said artist Madina Reece told CBS2's Steve Overmyer. "But, when I'm painting, the story is right there for your eyes."

Reece always has a paintbrush in hand. It's her tool for telling stories. Now, with a bigger audience. Center Court at the US Open has fallen silent. Seats are now filled with local art like Madina's that make a resounding statement.

"The painting really symbolizes freedom and that's what I want to see," said Reece.

Madina is just 18 and one of the local artists the US Open is highlighting in their "Be Open" campaign to pursue equality by being open to something different. Some artists use digital mediums. Some paint on the streets of Brooklyn.

"The painting that I've created for the US Open is a part of an ongoing body of work featuring moms who have lost their children at the hands of police brutality and racism in this country," artist Sophia Dawson said.

Some in their home with the J-train roaring by.

Madina's piece is called "Emerge," a hopeful image of a future. Her brother is the subject but also the target audience.

"A lot of kids, they don't like sitting down and listening to you lecture them," said Reece. "They'd rather watch the painting."

Art has always been used to capture the times with a new perspective.

"We're here for them. We're trying to change the world so they will get a better future," Reece said.

"This is a great way to spotlight incredible Black artists and some incredible work and I hope that everything goes great," another artist said.

While the world's greatest in tennis show their on court power, the art behind them helps propel the conversation forward. The art will be shown in US Open broadcasts and can also be found online by CLICKING HERE.

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