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NYC's 5 Best Plates Of Nachos

New York City is not known for good Tex-Mex, so to find the best nachos in New York, we turned to the big guns.  Rachel Anderson of gave us her suggestions for 5 city venues with outstanding nachos. Here are the best plates of nachos in New York City.  By Siobhan Wallace.

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Coppelia Nachos
(Credit: Rachel Anderson/

207 West 14th Street

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Coppelia is the new Cuban 24-hour diner close to the Meatpacking district that might be serving the best nachos in New York. Crispy homemade chips, topped with beef short rib, guacamole, and rare Chihuaha cheese make this a dish to not be missed, especially late at night.

Professor Thom's
(credit: Siobhan Wallace)

Professor Thom's

219 Second Avenue

This East Village sports bar standby does a few things well, including their nachos. The stack of chips and toppings comes to your table on a cake stand and is easily enough for five hungry people to devour. To help keep your nachos crisp during the game, they keep the salsa to the side and skip refried beans altogether.

Treats Truck

Dessert Nachos
(credit: Siobhan Wallace/


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The Treats Truck doesn't always serve up dessert nachos, but if you see them as the day's special, it's worth it to track down the truck to check them out. Made with vanilla and chocolate cookies, Kim Ima covers them in chocolate, brownies, rice krispy treats, whip cream, and whatever else she has on hand.

Taco Santana

Taco Santana
(credit: Siobhan Wallace)

301 Keap Street

Below the rumbling J, M, Z in South Williamsburg you'll find this unassuming Mexican nook. They have a full line of Mexican street food, along with great cheap nachos ($5). Though not made in house, the chips are fresh and covered with an ample amount of beans, beef, tomatoes, peppers, and sour cream.

Los Arcos
(credit: Siobhan Wallace)

Café Los Arcos

255 Bushwick Avenue

Though Bushwick and Williamsburg are gentrifying, there are still Mexican holdouts like Café Los Arcos where you can get a killer plate of super nachos for $8. The towering stack of homemade chips is best eaten with chorizo, though you can get vegetarian with your choice of beans. Then dig in to the melted Jack cheese and fresh guacamole and pico de gallo.

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