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Need a New Holiday Tradition? Turn That Tree Upside Down!

1010 WINS- The latest holiday trend is literally flipping people out. Instead of the usual tree, this year, people are opting to turn theirs upside down.

Kevin Y./Yelp

Malls, restaurants, college roommates --- everyone is trying it out to draw in visitors.

Department stores like Target, Home Depot, and Walmart are even getting in on the action for homeowners who want to either confound, confuse or scare their children Christmas morning.

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With trees ranging from $300 to nearly a thousand, the scariest thing might just be that mom and dad had to skip some toys this year just so they could take part in the latest trend.

While the newest style may not be for everyone it is quite the way to turn Christmas on its head!

-Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

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