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Audio Archives: Reports From Day President Kennedy Assassinated

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- To mark the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination as he rode through Dallas' Dealey Plaza, CBS News is launching a week's worth of coverage with a CBS News primetime special set to air Saturday, Nov. 16 at 9 p.m. anchored by CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer.

"As It Happened: John F. Kennedy 50 Years Later" will look back at the four days that changed America.

Schieffer was stationed in Texas working as a reporter at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in 1963. He was in the newsroom when the mother of Lee Harvey Oswald called and asked for a ride to the police station in Dallas.

Bob Schieffer Reflects On JFK Assassination 50 Years Later

He and an editor gave her a ride, and Schieffer landed his first big national news story and a place in history with that interview.

WEB EXTRA: "As It Happened" Sneak Peak | CBS News Video Archives | Bob Schieffer Reflects On 50th Anniversary | Complete Coverage From CBS News

WCBS 880 anchor Steve Scott sat down with Schieffer to talk about his recollection of the JFK assassination.

"So much about the country changed that day. I don't think we ever quite had the trust in our institutions and our leaders and our own safety as we did before all of this happened. This was the first of the series of very violent events that would mark the next 10 years," Schieffer told CBS 2. "We didn't know what it was about. It was like on 9/11, we didn't know what it meant, where did it come from. And so all of that hung over the air and then you had this great national tragedy of this young president being shot and killed."

On Nov. 22, 1963 just after 1:30 p.m. eastern time, WCBS newsman Joe Dembo broke into a public affairs program to report the first word of the shooting of President Kennedy in Dallas.

Listen To Full WCBS Radio Coverage Of JFK's Assassination:

Long-Form Reporting Of President Kennedy's Assassination

Listen To Joe Dembo's Bulletin:

Shots Fired At President Kennedy's Motorcade

Then, at 2:22 p.m. eastern time, CBS Radio Network broadcasts the news that John F. Kennedy died from his wounds. That report aired on WCBS AM/FM.

Listen To WCBS AM/FM Report Announcing President Kennedy Has Died:

President Kennedy Is Dead

John F. Kennedy JFK Assassination
Two people sit in Lafayette Park in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 25, 1963 reading the newspaper reports of President John F. Kennedy's assassination. (credit: Keystone/Getty Images)

What are you memories of the day President Kennedy was assassinated? Share them in the comments section below...

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