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Woman Launches Online Campaign To Reunite Stranger With Memories Caught On Camera

FAIRFIELD, Conn (CBSNewYork) -- You never know what precious moments you'll uncover on old video tapes.

One woman in Connecticut found some priceless memories that weren't even hers.

Precious memories, and unforgettable moments as a mother welcomed her newborn into the world for the first time.

For 31-year-old mother Shawn Hood, just watching the video stirs up a myriad of emotions.

"You feel a bit of nostalgia for the birth of your own children," Hood told CBS2's Scott Rapoport.

Hood is not the mother in the video. She has never met the mother or the baby.

In fact, she said she has no idea how she ever got the video in the first place. What she does know is that there's a mother out there who would undoubtedly love to have it back.

"I am hoping I can reunite them with these memories that they might have lost," she said.

Hood said it all started about a year ago. She found a box of old camcorder tapes from her childhood, and sent them out to a digital copying service to see what was on them.

When she got them back, much to her surprise, she found moving images that were obviously from someone else's family and someone else's life.

She said she called the video company, but they told her that they only processed the tapes that she sent in.

"This is the tape and I have no idea where it came from," she said.

Hood has been on a mission -- making the video public, putting it on YouTube, and hoping that someone will recognize the family.

And that's exactly what happened.

"We eventually connected with the best friend of the woman in the video. She said, 'I know the mom in that video, and she'd be happy to reconnect with us," she said.

Hood said she hopes to have the irreplaceable images back where they belong -- with mother and daughter.

Hood said the mother is traveling at the moment, so it might be a few days before they can meet.

The video is reportedly from 2001, which means the baby is now 16.


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