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"Drive out Santos" caravan demands Congress expel embattled Rep. George Santos

Caravan demands Congress expel embattled Rep. George Santos
Caravan demands Congress expel embattled Rep. George Santos 02:13

NEW YORK -- Voters drove across New York's 3rd congressional district Saturday demanding Congress vote to expel Rep. George Santos

Organizer Casey Sabella said she believes Santos has told too many lies to continue as her representative. 

"Every day Congress doesn't do something about it is an insult to our country," said Sabella. 

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Santos acknowledged lying about his work history and confirmed he never actually got a college degree. He said he embellished his resume and apologized. 

"On your caravan route today you will be going by different locations that highlight some of those lies. You will drive past the Citibank, where he claimed to have worked," Sabella told people participating in the caravan. 

More than a dozen cars decorated with messages and signs made a stop at a Jewish center. Some voters said they were misled into believing Santos was Jewish. 

"To have somebody lie about being Jewish and lie about the Holocaust is just incredibly offensive," said Charlie Robbins. 

"We don't know who this man is," a constituent said. 

Recently, Santos drew more criticism for co-sponsoring a bill that would make the AR-15 the national gun of the U.S.

CBS2 reached out to Santos' office for a comment on the caravan, but we did not hear back. In response to previous protests, the congressman said he was not deterred and refused to step down. 

"I think a lot of Republicans that actually voted for him feel cheated," a constituent said. 

The caravan's final stop was at Santos' district office, which was closed. 

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