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Benefits Of A Portable Generator

Portable generators are the perfect power source for fun-loving families that want to bring the party with them wherever they go. Also able to provide instant back-up power on a budget, portable generators offer the added boost of protecting electronics and appliances at home, in case of an emergency that knocks the grid offline. There are a myriad number of reasons why these hard-working backup systems may be the right choice for your family. Here are a few.

You Love To Tailgate – Portable generators work instantly and require no installation. As long as you can plug them in and add oil and fuel, you're in business. That comes in really handy when you're in the parking lots at your favorite stadium. Portable generators make sure the tailgating party outlasts the game every time.

Camping Is Your Middle Name – You may love roughing it, but portable generator power offers you the option of providing creature comfort at the campsite, which might just mean getting the entire family to go next time. The new generation of portable generators is also much quieter than older models were in years past. Just remember to never run them inside of your tent or RV. Portable generators are meant for outdoor use only.

Your Know How To Spend A Dollar – Storms can happen during any season, knocking out power lines and enveloping hearth and home in total darkness. At-home backup generators are a great way to protect your heating, AC, electronics and appliances but can get expensive, even after rebates and tax incentives are deducted. For families who want the added protection of backup power on a budget, portable generators strike the right mix of efficiency, affordability and power. Many models cost $1,000 or less and no installation is required, saving you additional cash.

You Want The Best for Your Family And Home – Portable generators can keep your refrigerator running, supply light and help maintain communication with the outside world when disaster strikes. Unlike at-home generators, they will need to be plugged in and gassed up. Highly transportable and lightweight, portable generators should always be outside when in use but can be plugged into multiple outlets from a high-quality generator power cord, allowing you to decide which appliances, rooms and devices you will power up, keeping your family safe and sound when the grid goes down.

Corey Whelan is a freelance writer in New York. Her work can be found at

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