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Back Stories: Surveying Sandy From The Sky

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- Wrapping up our week of Back Stories on Superstorm Sandy, WCBS Chopper 880 pilot Tom Kaminski shares a memory from the aftermath.

Tom Kaminski Covering Sandy
(Credit: Tom Kaminski/WCBS Newsradio 880)

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"I got a call from the airport, and somebody said we're able to fly. Our first thought was, well we're going to just start around the area of Perth Amboy and just hug the coast," he says. "I looked to where the boardwalk was, and the boardwalk was completely gone – vanished. The only thing that was there were the pilings that the boardwalk had rested on.

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"And I went on the air and talked about this, and I started to get choked up, because right in that spot was where I proposed to my wife.

"Not a shred of evidence that it was ever there, that it had ever been there.

"That amount of damage was really, really shocking."

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