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Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, celebrating his California primary victory at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, June 5, 1968, shortly before he was felled by an assassin's bullet.

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Remembering Robert F. Kennedy, and a generation's loss | Watch Video
Fifty years ago, on June 5, 1968, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated following his win in the California Democratic Primary. Journalist Pete Hamill says America lost something vital in the gunshots fired that night at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Correspondent Jim Axelrod talks with Hamill, and with Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the eldest daughter of RFK; children's activist Marian Wright Edelman; and aide Peter Edelman about Kennedy's fight to address divisions in America, and about the future that might have been.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Pete Hamill's letter to RFK
In the early days of 1968 Robert F. Kennedy announced he would not run for the Democratic nomination for president, inspiring writer Pete Hamill to pen a letter pleading with the New York Senator to reconsider: "You should run because if you won, the country might be saved … I don't think we can afford five summers of blood." In this web exclusive, Hamill reads his letter to correspondent Jim Axelrod, and also recalls witnessing the assassination of RFK a few months later.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Kathleen Kennedy Townsend on her father RFK
Fifty years after his assassination, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy is remembered by his oldest daughter, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, who talks with correspondent Jim Axelrod about his visit to poverty-stricken Mississippi in 1967; his Irish-Catholic upbringing; and his Shakespeare contest with actor Richard Burton.

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The attempted murder of Andy Warhol | Watch Video
On June 3, 1968, radical feminist Valerie Solanas claimed her 15 minutes of fame by trying to kill the pop artist. Jane Pauley reports. 

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Installation view of "Jean Dubuffet: Théâtres de mémoire," now on display at the Pace Gallery in New York City. © 2018 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/ADAGP, Paris

ART: Jean Dubuffet: Art of the outsider | Watch Video
Post-war artist Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) was considered the enfant terrible of the Paris art world, always fighting the status quo, creating works that were deemed the product of a madman. Correspondent Serna Altschul tours an exhibition of his collages at New York's Pace Gallery which reflect a time of deep philosophical exploration towards the end of the artist's life.

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Stephen Stills and Judy Collins performing together on tour. CBS News

MUSIC: Stephen Stills and Judy Collins, playing beautiful music together | Watch Video
Anthony Mason interviews the musicians whose breakup years ago hasn't precluded them from now going on tour together, singing the songs of romance and heartbreak they'd inspired in each other.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Stephen Stills and Judy Collins on "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes"

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Stills and Collins on teaming up

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Stills and Collins on surviving their affair

To hear Judy Collins sing "Houses," from the album "Everybody Knows," click on the video player below.

Stills & Collins - Houses (Lyric Video) by Judy Collins on YouTube

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Kids play a public piano, part of the Sing For Hope outdoor art display. CBS News

MUSIC: Music of the streets: New York City's public pianos | Watch Video
Spring is in full bloom, and in New York that means pianos are popping up like wildflowers. They're the work of a group called Sing For Hope, which has placed hundreds of pianos in parks, terminals, on boardwalks and street-corners all over the city. Michelle Miller reports.

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HARTMAN: Best friends, always (Video)
A year and a half ago, Steve Hartman introduced us to a pair of unlikely best friends: widower Dan Peterson and Norah Wood, a little girl who encountered him in a grocery store and demanded a hug. He gave her one, and they've been inseparable every since, including at Norah's recent pre-school graduation in Augusta, Georgia. 

President Bill Clinton and bestselling author James Patterson have collaborated on a novel, "The President Is Missing." CBS News

BOOKS: Bill Clinton and James Patterson co-author a political beach read | Watch Video
The prolific mystery writer and the former POTUS (and thriller fan) have collaborated on a new novel, "The President Is Missing." Mo Rocca talks with President Bill Clinton and bestselling author James Patterson.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Bill Clinton on fighting impeachment
Former President Bill Clinton tells Mo Rocca that despite what he calls the voters' referendum against Republicans in the 1998 midterms, the GOP and House Speaker Newt Gingrich pushed to impeach Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky affair as an exercise of power, and that he fought impeachment efforts to protect the office of the President.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Bill Clinton on attempts to politicize the justice system
Former President Bill Clinton talks about recent criticism, inspired by the #MeToo movement, that he should have resigned from office in the 1990s following the Monica Lewinsky affair, and about how Special Counsel Robert Mueller is working against efforts by some on the right to promote criminal investigations based on politics rather than law.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Bill Clinton on his political opponents
Former President Bill Clinton talks with Mo Rocca about his relationship with those on the other side of the political aisle.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Bill Clinton looks ahead to 2020
Former President Bill Clinton reads some political tea leaves with Mo Rocca, and offers a warning about states that have refused to accept help to safeguard their elections from hacking.

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Jim Gaffigan on why he doesn't care about the Triple Crown | Watch Video
The comedian and "Sunday Morning" contributor shares his thoughts on the pageantry and hoopla surrounding horse racing's Triple Crown.

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A trolley car rumbles through a miniature street scene at Roadside America. CBS News

A SUNDAY DRIVE: Roadside America: A tiny slice of Americana | Watch Video
Just outside Shartlesville, Pa., is a tiny slice of Americana. Roadside America, a miniature town featuring O-gauge trains and handmade buildings, transports visitors to a simpler time. Lawrence Gieringer's tiny town, which opened in 1953, continues to offer surprises around every corner. Lee Cowan pays a visit.

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Week of June 4 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports.

 Badgers (Extended Video)
We leave you this Sunday Morning at First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park near Ulm, Montana, where a mother badger is keeping a close eye on her kit. Videographer: Judith Lehmberg.



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