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The Resurrection Shuffle | BTalk


(Episode 468; 10 minutes 53) Today, a slightly different episode of BTalk. We've run the figures to see which episodes were the most popular of all time. Okay, "all time" seems a little grand when we've not even been going for two years, but you get the idea.

You'll hear a little bit of each of the top five, including economist Steve Keen forecasting the downfall of the Aussie economy, Simon Hackett from Internode explaining why the Australian government's attempt to filter child pornography will actually make things worse, Art Sobczak from Business by Phone giving us the perfect phone introduction when calling prospects, Telstra's David Quilty and iiNet's Steve Dalby arguing about the cost of your phone line and Connie Pandos from the Ad Web agency on who should be looking after your corporate intranet.

You'll also hear an apology to anyone who believes the title of today's podcast is needlessly messianic.

Here are links to the top five podcasts in full:

DID YOU KNOW: the title for today's podcast was also a 1971 top 3 UK hit for Ashton, Gardner and Dyke. It was featured on two albums --- "The Best of Ashton, Gardner and Dyke" and "The Worst of Ashton, Gardner and Dyke".