Quiz: How closely have you been following the 2016 election?


It's been a busy year on the 2016 campaign trail, with plenty of surprising moments to keep people guessing.

Some candidates that were expected to be formidable frontrunners have seen themselves challenged or toppled. Other candidates that many people wrote off as sideshows have moved to center stage, challenging traditional assumptions about the mechanics of American politics.

As 2015 draws to a close, and just a few weeks before voting begins in early primary and caucus states, it seems like an appropriate moment to take stock of the standout moments of the election thus far - from the fireworks at debates to the heated rhetoric on the campaign trail.

Take our quiz and find out just how closely you've been following the 2016 election. And don't forget to tune into "Face the Nation" on Sundays to get the latest news and analysis about the 2016 election!