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Lindsey Graham


Face the Nation: Graham, Coons, McCain

Missed the second half of the show? The latest on...Sen. Lindsey Graham tells "Face the Nation" that amid the delay in Congress about sending aid to Ukraine, "we did lose momentum" on training forces in Ukraine on using U.S.-made weapons, Democratic Sen. Chris Coons, who is a co-chair on President Biden's reelection campaign, accused former President Donald Trump of "making a political issue" of immigration after Trump's influence helped kill a Senate plan, and World Food Programme executive director Cindy McCain tells "Face the Nation" that amid the continuing war in Gaza, south of Gaza is on the brink of famine.


Open: This is "Face the Nation," Feb. 18, 2024

This week on "Face the Nation," former President Donald Trump faces yet another legal setback, and with the South Carolina Republican primary less than a week away, Nikki Haley is fighting for her home state. We'll hear from both of South Carolina's Republican senators — Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham — about their recent trip to the U.S.-Mexico border, and how the death of Putin critic Alexey Navalny will impact the push to aid Ukraine.


Why Tuberville's holding up key military nominations?

Sen. Tommy Tuberville, a Republican from Alabama, continues his hold on more than 370 military nominations as a protest to a Pentagon policy that pays for service members' travel expenses for abortions and other reproductive care. CBS News congressional correspondent Scott MacFarlane spoke to Tuberville after his Republican colleagues publicly chastised him Wednesday, claiming his tactics are harming America's military priorities.

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