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Neil Rackham

Neil Rackham

(Episode 490; 20 minutes 54) Neil Rackham, the "professor of professional selling", says that the process of selling is changing. Your customer often knows as much (or more) about your product than you do. There's a danger that, armed with that information, they will simply argue for the lowest price. Or worse, go and buy from someone else.

With complex products the whole process of selling to a corporate customer can have an extremely long sales cycle. So how do you move along the process at a pace that suits the customer, and still arrive at a successful outcome?

In today's BTalk Neil provides some useful insights, based on decades of research into successful selling, including how you need to change your message and approach at different stages in the sales cycle. The expertise required changes at each part of the process and there's too much at stake to leave all of that in the hands of the sales force alone.

Interested in seeing Neil live? He's in Australia later this month. And, of course, we'll get him back on BTalk soon.

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