Back-to-school health tips for parents and kids

  • ​Get an annual physical

    Doralissa Villaman, 15, receives a flu vaccination from pediatrician Dr. Amanda Porro M.D. in Coral Gables, Florida. Joe Raedle, Getty Images

    "Every pediatrician's office is chock-full of patients the week before school starts," Seigel told CBS News. Annual checkups should be done by a pediatrician before each new school year to ensure that your child's medical records and vaccinations are up to date. (You might need to provide this information to the school.)

    The American Academy of Pediatrics has a complete list of vaccination schedules, by age group, posted on its website.

    Also, be sure to schedule your child for a sports physical so they can participate in athletics. Armstrong says that sports physicals are valid for one year. "Your child won't be able to participate in sports if that is not done," she told CBS News.

    Hearing tests should also be done if you have concerns. Armstrong said that hearing screens are done regularly until about age six or seven and then every two to three years thereafter. "Hearing is less likely to go bad at a later age [in adolescence]," Armstrong said.